Two Leaders Give Different Christmas Messages

President Man-Child whined that America was losing our sense of Christmas. Below are two short videos that compare the leadership styles of two Western heads of state. When we think of a “Christmas Message” we think (or at least I think) of invoking the sense of family, home, inclusion and the need to care for […]

It’s Mueller Time: Republicans Need To Stand Up For Country Over Party

I voted for Jill Stein in 2016 after Bernie Sanders lost the Democratic Primary to Hillary Clinton. CNN reported months ago that Jill Stein was at the same dinner table with both Vladimir Putin and Michael Flynn. At that point, my faith in Jill Stein hit the floor. I will not engage in “tribe over the […]

Birther Donny Comrade Trump Is Screwing America Because Obama Never Stood Up To The Bullies

President Trump has accused the dictator of North Korea of infecting western computers with a massive cyber-attack. I believe he is correct because this viral attack was not done by a fat kid in New Jersey. However the intelligence community has defined Vladimir Putin, Birther Donny Trump’s good “pal” as the culprit behind the massive […]

We Need Gun Control NOW

President Trump and his pals at the NRA want to delay discussing gun control. The right-wing whines that we are politicizing this event. They whine that this should be a period of prayer. Naturally, if the perpetrator was a Muslim they would have no problem calling for action. They use the perverse argument that you can […]

Right Wing NRA Has New Friend – Al Qaeda

Al Quaeda just loves right-wing Americans. Remember how right-wingers went ballistic (sorry bad choice of words) concerning Obama? Birther Donny Trump claimed Obama was not one of us. He hired his own intelligence operatives and sent them to Hawaii to look up Obama’s past.  According to Birther Donny Trump in his own words: “You would not believe what they […]

Thank You Ammo-Sexuals For The Los Vegas Shooting: How Many More Must Die?

Just imagine if these ammo-sexuals got their way in Congress to permit silencers? Police would not be able to track down the killer(s). The Los Vegas shooting would have been even worse. When will this nation stand up to these clowns? Yes, I could agree to have a registered gun inside your home if you are […]

Yo Thin Skinned Birther Donny Trump You Are Not The Center Of The World

I am really getting fed up with this narcissistic whining little baby we have as president. No, Mr. President, they are NOT “your generals”. They get their commission from the Congress of the United States you are their “constitutional commander in chief” not their owner. But then again you never put on the uniform, did you? […]

Middle Class And Those Climbing Up Come FIRST Not The 1%

Once again this nation is being subjected to trickle down economics. The Republicans want us to buy into their philosophy and the TRICKLE DOWN IDENTITY MEME that supports it. “The good of my social betters is my good. The rich have a right to be selfish because one day, with hard work (or a good relative […]

Predictions Concerning Trump, Republicans and Democrats – I Am Psychic

Yes you read correctly 🙂 Well now that I got your attention I want you to do this following experiment: Take my predictions and view them when the National Enquirer and those other tabloids do their New Years predictions. Plus I want you to compare my predictions against those of MSNBC, CNN, FOXNEWS, ABC, CBS […]

Poor Birther Donny Trump Fights Fake News

Republicans have this enormous sense of “entitlement”! They then project this character fault on to others. In psychology, this is called “reaction formation and projection.” Let us examine this charge of “fake news” by Birther Donny Trump and his fellow travelers. I believe Trump gets away with this because of several factors: Republicans, including Trump, have made […]

Republicans Are Becoming “People Of The Lie”

Republicans are being confronted with an existential crisis. The problem began prior to the Trump presidency. Republicans are a political party that celebrates ignorance. Now under Trump it is worse. They are becoming people of the lie. Republicans now have to choose. America or Trump with his lies. Alternative facts are becoming normalized. Republicans are […]

Why This Website’s Silence?

I have tried to cut the new President some slack. I wanted to see if the presidency would elevate him.  Instead he is lowering the integrity of this nation. I was for Bernie Sanders. When he lost I ended up voting Green. Some will say that people like myself gave us Trump. Even now I still […]

TrumpCare: Freedom For The Corporations

I am READY FOR BERNIE 2020. TrumpCare has unfortunately been passed by the House. Note Republicans will have no problem using the “nuclear option” in the Senate. Republicans are not wimps in pushing their agenda like Obama. Democrats had control of both houses of Congress for the first two years of the Obama presidency. Due […]

Trump Fleet Move Is Friendly Act To China

Everyone is attacking President Trump for saying the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson and it’s squadron were heading to North Korea when in fact they are heading south. Trump Does Not Want To Offend China Since They May Help Us? China is creating artificial islands in the South China Sea to create a claim to large […]

Dick Cheney: Russian Interference Is Act Of War

Former Vice President Dick Cheney said that “Russian interference in our elections could be considered an act of war”. While I do not want to launch our ICBM’s I believe a corresponding cyber-attack by our nation is demanded. I saw no such action performed by Barack Obama before he left office. I see only kisses […]

Trump And ObamaCare Versus Universal Health Care

ObamaCare did not go far enough. Especially in our nation where the third cause of death is medical treatment not the lack of medical treatment. The first two causes are cancer and heart disease. Yet despite Americans dying from visits to doctors and hospitals due to malpractice, Barack Obama wanted to kiss Republican butts and back “tort […]

Birther Donny: Celebrating Fact Free Epistemology

America has been suffering from what I term, “Birther Epistemology.” President Trump’s latest accusation that Barack Obama wiretapped him has now caused many to stand up.  The news media were cowards for years. Conservatives had the news media running in panic, fearing that to confront the conservative liars will result in the smearing accusation of being […]

Time For A Progressive Tea Party

As a Bernie Sanders Progressive, I lost some of my mojos when Hillary Clinton got the nomination. I still resent that Hillary Clinton got a preview of the debate questions. I voted for Jill Stein, and by God, I still have NO REGRETS that I did that. The Democratic Party had to be purged of corporatists […]

Putin And The Russians Did Effect Our Elections

Putin may not have interfered with the jury’s “tabulations” but he did effect the jury’s “deliberations” with it’s resulting tabulations! I will argue in this post that a jury makes it’s decision after due deliberation inside the “confines of evidence” established by law and certified by the trial judge. Using the analogy of a court […]

It Is Night Time In America

It is night time in America, my friends. We are now entering a “post-truth world” as several TV commentators have said. The lie and alternative realities have become “normalized“! I believe this occurred because we had a celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle that “enabled” these liars! Barack Obama refused to mount the bully […]

Trump Lies: The Legacy Of Obama’s “Silly Season”

Barrack Obama never stood up to the Republican bullies. Stop making excuses for this guy! President Obama’s lack of testosterone in standing up to right wing birther lies and death panel myths resulted in the normalization of GOP lies and the muting of the progressive message. Obama should have called out the news media for […]

Trump Captured The RAGE Many On The Left Felt

As a Progressive, I am deeply saddened by the turn of events. The Democratic Party under both Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton simply pooh-poohed the offshoring of America’s blue and white collar jobs. We were told that under Barrack Obama we could get “change we can believe in!” Instead we got “change corporations can live […]

Why Trump Won: It Was Not Racism

I supported Bernie Sanders and still wish he was my President – Elect. I voted for Jill Stein but would have voted for Donald Trump except for his Archie Bunker lingo. None the less I am very open to our new President. Some Good Points On The Trump Agenda He wants to build our national […]

It’s 3 AM And Where Is Hillary Clinton’s Concession Speech

It’s 3 AM and your nation has just gone through the most bitter national presidential campaign in history. We needed Hillary Clinton to address the nation to finish the role of the defeated candidate to start the healing of the nation. Where was she? Nursing her little baby feelings of hurt! This Bernie Sanders supporter […]

Debate #2 Thoughts – Can We Have Jill Stein And Gary Johnson Debate Instead

Damn I am fed up with both Donny The Wonder Boy and Hillary H1-B Clinton – Our Beloved Lady Of NAFTA. Can we have Jill Stein and Gary Johnson debate instead? At least we could have a rational discussion. Maybe what we need is for Gary Johnson to force feed both Donald Trump and Hillary […]