Responding To ISIS: A Nation Or A Stateless Organization?

The world is in mourning for the horrible attacks in Paris. The issue for both France and the West is how to respond. ISIS is playing a game of psychological warfare with these attacks. The problem is that ISIS is not really a nation even though it controls some territory. This is a very important […]

On Vacation Then No Internet

Hey everyone – sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I have been away on vacation. Then one day after getting back I lost my internet connection. Just had it fixed so I will be posting several posts over the next few days. Quick News Recap: Republicans Whine About The NASTY NEWS MEDIA Oh the […]

Donald Trump Blasts Bush For 9/11

Donald Trump has just done what no Democrat dared to do. He blasted George Bush II for 9/11, and he is correct! Imagine if the World Trade Center attack had taken place in September of 2009! Who do you think would have been blamed? President Obama would have been blamed. It would have played into […]

Bernie Sanders A Victim Of Corporate News Media Biases

I believe Senator Bernie Sanders is becoming the target of the corporate news media! For to long the term “liberal news media biases” has become a part of the lexicon of American politics. The time has come that Progressives point out how the news media has a conservative bias against real Progressives! Progressives have to break […]

Oregon Shooting: Good Guy With Gun No Advantage Over Rabbit’s Foot

I urge you to read this entire post as we have a lesson to learn here about carrying concealed firearms. I find it incredible that there was at least one student at the Oregon shooting who did NOT use his gun to help his fellow students at Umpqua Community College when the massacre occurred. In fact, […]

Putin Takes A Gamble: How Will It Play With The Arab Spring And Street?

I think our nation should stay out of Syria as there is no one to back. It is ISIS vs. Assad vs. so-called moderates. But I recall that when ISIS was beheading Amerian and European captives ISIS did not capture them. Instead, they were purchased by ISIS from the so-called moderates. But regardless why this […]

Former President Bill Clinton Joins Ross Perot In Claiming GOP Threats

I just saw a video clip (see below) where former President Bill Clinton says that in 1991 he got a threatening call from the White House telling him not to run for the presidency. Former President Clinton then says the whole affair of his dealings in Arkansas then became public when he did not back […]

Hillary Clinton Opposes Pipeline As Pope Speaks Against Global Warming

Hillary Clinton has just now decided that the XL Pipeline is not her cup of tea. Oh Hillary how …..convenient! So thoughtful. Well her change of heart was thoughtful if you define “thoughtful” as listening to focus groups and doing a “balance sheet” on the pros and cons of supporting it politically. Now can you […]

The Middle Class Versus The Trickle Down Identity Meme

Our nation has been infected by a virus of the soul! I call it the “Trickle Down Identity Meme” This post has significance far beyond the GOP  debates and the 2016 election. The infection of the trickle down identity meme  damages our political landscape and is the modus operandi in maintaining income inequality. Just one […]

Less Regulation: Power To The Corporate Bullies

Republicans and their corporate fellow travelers in the Democratic Party have undermined the ability of this free society to regulate the market place in the service of the silent majority’s economic security. As the term “regulation” has become conditioned into a bad word have you noticed the proliferation of pawn shops and pay day loan […]

Where To Put Refugees Fleeing ISIS: George Bush’s Texas Estate

I find it despicable that Republicans and Conservatives want a new war while they caused the tragedy in Iraq and Syria. Germany is set to take refugees from ISIS why isn’t the United States? After all the right wingers are crying crocodile tears for them? President Obama announced we would be taking in a mere […]

Donald Trump Knows A Real President Has To Be The Pontifex Maximus

Make no mistake about it Barrack Obama could use a “passion” infusion from Donald Trump. I have to honestly admit I really enjoy watching Donald Trump. Even Chris Matthews of MSNBC is enthralled by him! I am a leftie Social Democrat, I want Bernie Sanders in 2016!  So why would I like Donald Trump if […]

Cut And Run Capitalist$ Profit From Hurting Our Troops

Through out this website I use the terms “cut and run capitalists” and “cut and run corporations” to refer to those in the 1% who place loyalty to their profits over loyalty to America. I love to employ right wing rhetoric in the service of making my left wing points! None the less make no […]

GOP And FoxNews Versus Donald Trump

We seem to be having a karmic cleansing in American politics these days. The Republicans are having an in-war between FoxNews and Donald Trump while on the Democratic side Our Beloved Lady of NAFTA Hillary Clinton is being opposed by Bernie Sanders. Then there is the BLM group interupting Senator Bernie Sanders of all people! […]

Joe Biden As A Presidential Candidate

I was for Joe Biden in 2008 and I still believe he would have been a FAR better President than the wimp we have today. I call Barrack Obama a “wimp” not because I back the loonies on the right but because Barrack Obama never stood up to them. But I don’t want to side […]

Cut And Run Capitalists Creating Even More Pollution

We are all aware of the loss of blue collar and now white collar jobs to off shore locations while the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS continue their “innovation” of pursuing slave labor and then tax havens for their “innovation”. But a recent article in the NY Times opened a new door for investigation. Globalization causes […]

Just Returned From Vacation

I have been away on vacation. Seems “The Donald” has been occupying the news lately. Meanwhile is it just me or does Hillary Clinton seem to be a stick in the mud? Corporate mud I am sure but I don’t see any enthusiasm for her at all. I am openly for Senator Bernie Sanders. At […]

Hillary Clinton And Obama Join GOP To Undermine American High Tech Jobs

Disney World just reversed their attempt to fire their high tech employees and replace them with foreign H1-B workers. But other companies have not reversed their decisions.  What was worse is that Disney wanted their American workers to train the people who were going to replace them. All this while Barrack Obama surrenders our industrial […]

TPP Is A Dream Act For Cut And Run Capitalists: Obama Is For It

Progressives need to stop making excuses for this wimp Barrack Obama. TPP is a “Dream Act” for corporate persons.  We are witnessing the destruction of America in the service of the 1%! America is becoming a wasteland in terms of hope! Yet Barrack Obama with Hillary Clinton are the fellow travellers of the Republicans in […]

Cut And Run Capitalists And Obama Preach Austerity Of Hope

Our nation is seeing it’s future off shored while the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS enable China. The Republicans are calling for cuts in medicare while their corporate sponsors hold 2.1 trillion dollars off shore. So where is our beloved testosterone powered champion of “change we can believe in” – President Barrack Obama?  Fighting to the […]


Because the corporate news media and their fellow travellers in the Republican Party have a fixation on ISIS we are being bombarded about the need for giving up more of our personal freedom and privacy to advance national security.  Strange isn’t it that in Darfur over 200,000 innocent people died yet we have a few […]

Chris Matthews Should Listen To Elizabeth Warren Instead Of Obama

It is beyond amazing how Chris Matthews criticized Elizabeth Warren concerning TPP in his recent show. Chris Matthews interviewed President Obama only a two weeks before and would not confront Obama’s idiotic support of TPP.  He then lined his tuesday night show with a corporatist “cheerleader squad” from both the GOP and corporate wing of […]

Adding Quick Points

Wow sometimes I write long! I will continue to write longer posts on the same frequency but will be adding a new category called “quick posts”. Yes i realized I said this almost two years ago but sometimes I just cannot help being long winded. But that is ended. So long for some fast points […]

To Hillary Clinton And Obama: American Jobs Matter

Corporate America does not need the GOP when it has such friends as Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton. President Obama’s interview with Chris Mathews includes some disturbing aspects of Obama that have not been addressed.  The Huffington Post just ran an article stating that Republican billionaires love Obama’s TPP trade deal.  Yes we know TPP […]

Entrepreneur Ben Cohen Sets Ed Schultz Straight On Hillary Clinton’s Weak Amendment Idea

On The Ed Show corporate entrepreneur Ben Cohen gave a great evaluation of Hillary Clinton’s weak suggestion to separate corporation and state. The video below on MSNBC even calls Hillary Clinton’s remarks on the possible need for a constitutional amendment as “strong words”. Yeah right. But Entrepreneur and co-founder of the ice cream chain “Ben […]