Sean Hannity Attacks Iran Deal While Silent On Cut And Run Corporations

I am concerned about any nation getting nuclear weapons. But if Sean Hannity is so concerned then maybe he should not have undermined our one “ally” in the region that stood up to Iran. No I am not talking about Israel I am talking about Iraq under Saddam Hussein. Then there is the factor of […]

Banksters To Dems: Play Make Believe Liberal In The Corp Sandbox

When are the majority of Democrats going to wake up and realize that Americans are losing their individual freedom while the corporate collectivists continue to undermine individual freedom. We as individuals are dependant on having a job! The era of the independent farmer and city dwelling craftsperson is long over. Both blue and white collar […]

President Obama Calls For Mandatory Voting: Good Idea

Hey President Obama finally did something to really push for the Progressive Agenda. In a recent speech he advocated  mandatory voting. This is an excellent idea. And as you know I have been critical of Obama for not pushing the Progressive agenda but always playing “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of his corporate […]

Substance Over Symbol In 2016: Say No To Hillary And Yes To Bernie Sanders

For God’s sake haven’t we Progressives learned enough with the failed Presidency of Barrack Obama? Within six months I knew Obama was a wimp of the highest order who would not stand up for the Progressive Agenda. Well I was wrong! He turned the page on the banksters and Bush. He will not only not […]

Robert Reich: No To TransPacific Partnership TPP

The time has come for Progressives to say NO to Obama and his celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle in dealing with corporations. TPP is the lastest example.  I applaud Robert Reich and for attempting to educate the American public on the dangers of the TransAtalantic Partnership or “TPP”. But they don’t go […]

Brian Williams Did A Hillary Clinton But Gets Punished

Yes Brian Williams did wrong by saying he was under fire. But then so did Hillary Clinton when she claimed she landed in Bosnia and she and her party where under enemy sniper fire!  But Brian Williams will get six months in limbo from his job while Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State and may […]

Obama’s Prayer Breakfast Speech Arouses Existential Anxiety

President Obama did not attack Christianity in his national prayer breakfast speech. But he did arouse the existential anxiety of those who have a Christian exceptionalism weltanguang. Many today want to believe that Christianity is unique in the world as the religion of peace. Christianity has been a force for good in this world but […]

Deflate Gate: Freedom For NE Patriots Vs Collectivist NFL?

The recent controversy concerning the New England Patriots deflating the footballs of their opponents serves to remind us concerning what can happen if the power of the regulators is diminished. That is to say unless we want to argue Libertarian style that the “freedom” of the NE Patriots is being usurped by the NFL COLLECTIVISTS. […]

Barrack Obama’s 2015 State Of The Union Speech

Well it is that time of the year again for President Barrack Obama to give his state of the union speech. President Obama is slowly learning that his approach to the Republicans has been far to timid. I agree he was stronger this time. But Barrack Obama, to this Progressive will go down as one […]

Robert Reich Needs To Confront The Meme Of Trickle Down Identity

Recently Robert Reich did an article on Alternet concerning the growing plight of the American worker. The former Labor Secretary believes the greatest threat is the growing sense of insecurity. Well maybe he should have told his old buddy Bill Clinton not to pursue NAFTA. But the problem started even before Clinton. As Secretary Reich states […]

Justice For Zemir Begic: Where Is The News Media?

Not far from Ferguson MO a White male was murdered by a predominantly Black teenage mob. There may have also been a Hispanic youth in the mob. Witnesses say the Black youths yelled racist statements as they killed Zemir Begic. Now for those of my fellow liberals who are self loathing Whites here is your […]

So How Long Till Walmart Imports Cheap Goods From Cuba?

President Obama has announced we are normalizing diplomatic relations with Cuba. Many Republicans are going ballistic. But I bet many are calling their stock brokers so they can cash in on future factories that will be built in Cuba. Just think of all the money to be made on the misery of those people and […]

Obama Meows And Backs GOP Wall Street Give Away

President Barrack Obama has backed a give away to Wall Street to avoid a Government shutdown. Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders have the guts to say no but not Barrack Obama.   Once again Barrack Obama has shown he is incapable of being the heir to deceased President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR […]

Hillary Clinton Wins Poll Of Millionaires But Liberals Want Warren

Well now “Our Beloved Lady of NAFTA”, Hillary Clinton was the choice for President in 2016 by millionaires. She beat out Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie. But how can this be you ask? Well the reason is, I am sure, because Barrack Obama cannot run in 2016! I am sick of Democrats playing […]

Ed Schultz Cannot Reconcile Obama And TPP

Unlike Ed Schultz I have long given up on Barrack Obama as a Progressive. Ed Schultz must have a lot of Obama bots as viewers because he tippie toes while criticizing President Obama on TPP . But then again MSNBC is nothing but an Obama cheerleader club as opposed to being a straight Progressive channel. […]

Michael Brown Vs Trevon Martin

I am a European style Social Democrat to the left of Obama but I have to disagree with the slanted views of AlterNet concerning Michael Brown. Are we Progressives all to be like children in a Sunday catechism class and bow to rote dogma? I love AlterNet and similar left leaning websites. But I disagree […]

NO DCCC: Obama Has Betrayed His Progressive Base

I just received a form letter from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee asking me to sign their petition supporting Barrack Obama. As my readers know I am to the left of Obama on most issues. I voted for him in 2008. What a let down. I urge you to only vote for a Progressive Democrat and […]

Immigrating To A Nation Of Law And Mercy

I want to find a way to allow all of the current illegal immigrants a means to become legal.   Americans have a good sense of fairplay and also an intuition that can catch BS. Let us review first how we got into this mess and I will use my own family. My maternal grand parents […]

Obama Delivers: A GOP Senate – Is That Change We Can Believe In?

Great work President Obama! How anyone could take a clear mandate for change and pig headedly undermine the Progressive Agenda as has Barrack Obama is beyond belief. Well what do you expect from the role model of the “testosterone free political lifestyle”? Oh but those mean nasty Republicans said such horrible things about him. So […]

Question: Did Insurance Have Any Role In Sending Ebola Victim Eric Duncan Home?

I cannot understand how Eric Duncan, the first person to develop Ebola in America could have been sent home with a fever of 103 degrees! We were told that that his travel history from Western Africa did not make it into the database that the doctors viewed! But the information was available to the nurse […]

ISIS Close To Baghdad And Kobani

ISIS is closing in on Baghdad with their dream of restoring the Caliphate. Shiite Iran will not allow this to happen. However the claim by ISIS leader to be the new Caliph is even heresy to Sunni Muslims. So where are the Muslim armies lining up to stop all this from occurring? Not to mention […]

Obama Resigns Bully Pulpit While Koch Dark Money Flows

Cenk Uygur wrote a post in the Huffington Post, “What Has Obama Done For You Lately“? In his article he correctly assails the President for not being a Progressive and abandoning his base. I agree with Cenk Uygur. I would like to add more details. We had control of both Houses of Congress for the […]

Don’t Let ISIS Behead Our Economy

I just love how all the right wingers are set to jump into Iraq again. When questioning many of them I find they are not even aware of the differences between the former Iraqi Government and Iran! In the science fiction movie and tv series “Star Trek” the United Federation of Planets is governed by […]

Scotland: The Referendum Is Important To Americans Pt 2

The referendum is over but the results are of lasting importance to us in America and particularly to Progressives. If Scotland voted for independence their citizens would be free of the somewhat more conservative south in their quest to achieve a “more just society“! As I stated in the prior post I believe that issue […]

Scotland: The Referendum Is Important To Americans Pt 1

What is occurring in Scotland is of vital importance and relevance to American Progressives! First a confession. I am of of Scottish background! I am proud of my heritage!  But I believe Americans with Scot roots have made their choice to live here and should respect those who have are closer to the facts and […]