“Rhetoric” And The Psychology Of Fighting The Right Wing

We Progressives need to up the rhetoric to compete with the Tea Party and their corporate patrons! We should not shy away from this terminology! Testosterone is called for to counter act the war on the middle class! This post category is devoted to the Psychology of fighting the right wing! You might call it “Progressive Talking Points” but I believe the outright term “Rhetoric” is better!

This new website category, “Rhetoric”  will contain articles that are not time sensitive but will remain relevant  several years from now! I will give illustrations of terminology I believe we Progressives should use to up the Rhetoric against the right wing! The articles will be updated as needed. I will also list similiar posts in the wider category of “must reads”.

The excellent and humorous video below by swiftwarning.com presents excellent illustrations how Conservatives have used rhetoric against Liberals.


One of my undergraduate majors was “psychology”! I attended college in the late 1960’s and early 70’s while the Vietnam War was raging! It was during this period that the term “Liberal” became wrongly psychologically conditioned and associated in American culture with “impotence” and even “masochism”! Some of this conditioning was achieved by “Liberals” ourselves in laying ourselves open to slander by the right wing! More about that in a future post!


GOP Rhetoric Destroyed The Term “Liberal”

This “pairing” of the term “Liberal” with the twin concepts of “Impotence” and “political masochism” is still potent today! That is why we use the term “Progressive” instead of “Liberal”! Sometimes President Obama continues the work of Spiro Agnew and Richard Nixon by being a role model for “Impotence” in the public’s eyes! But more of that in another post!


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I believe “Progressives” must embrace an aggressive propaganda style to fight the well-financed advance of corporate interest that pervades our society!  This battle for the soul of the electorate will intensify since the largely impotent Democratic Party has not advanced a constitutional amendment to outlaw “corporate citizenship”! Republicans will have larger war chests and Democrats will become even more under control of their patrician sponsors!

While most of us do not find former President Bill Clinton to be a real Progressive, he did start the process of de-conditioning the work of Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew! Richard Nixon stole the term “Middle Class” in the political lexicon. Today Democrats use that term profusely, thank God! This very website is a continuation of the “lexicon shift” begun by the Clintons! This website’s name, “Middle-Class-Populist.Com”.  Is a perfect example!  The prior name for this site was “rantingbaldhippie.com”!

Some of my readers may not be aware of the subtle humor that is part of my writing. This is especially true if you are younger or where not politically active during the Vietnam Era.

It is critical that we Progressives arm ourselves with “Right Wing Rhetoric” but frame it with paradoxical intention to serve the Social Democratic Agenda! Let me list some examples in my own writing that are of “Shock Value” in attacking the self-righteousness of Republicans and Conservatives! Many of these terms were from the Nixon era but we can now use them to “Re-orient” the American electorate!

Lexicon Of Right Wing Terminology For Progressive Reframing

  1. Middle Class”: This was a term that Nixon and Agnew loved. They would frame it as “Middle Class vs. Welfare cheats. We can use the term “Middle Class”  vs. the top 1%.
  2. Silent Majority”: A classic Nixon term. We need to use this term to drive a wedge between those who “work” for a living vs. the top 1%. However those who are rich and are Progressive should not be alienated. This is important also!
  3. Law and Order” when referring to corporate tax evaders and the need to punish them.
  4. Bleeding hearts” those who don’t want to practice “Law and Order” in punishing corporate tax evaders!
  5. Era of Licentious Permissiveness” – another Nixon era favorite! Apply this to this era where anything goes when it is to serve the interests of the corporation!
  6. Corporate Collectivism vs. Individual Freedom” – ah yes Ayn Rand mockery!
  7. “Philosophers of Permissiveness”: Reframe as those who support corporate tax cheats and the off shoring of American Jobs even at the expensive of being patriotic to America by doing their duty to their native land.
  8. “Effete Snobs of Privilege”: This term was used against college students to drive a wedge between the college educated and blue collar union workers. We must use this term to “Combine” both the college educated and blue collar workers against the top 1%.
  9. Cut And Run Corporations: This is a play on words of the term “cut and run” that the Bushies used to challenge the patriotism of Americans who opposed the War in Iraq! Use this term to undermine the patriotism of those who ship jobs to overseas, frequently to America’s enemies and/or to evade corporate taxes to America! The land that gave them birth and profits! Progressives need to attack the patriotism of the right wingers. Stop having moral qualms about doing it back to them.
  10. The vast “Right Wing SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT in Iraq: This is a reframing of the classic Nixonian “terminology but to serve the Progressive agenda. Remember many Americans have the intelligence of Sarah Palin who loves to “celebrate ignorance”! Thus strong rhetorical usage is justified.
  11. American Exceptionalism Preservation Tax: We should use this term instead of the term “inheritance tax” or what the Republicans call the “Death Tax”. After all America is supposed to be the land of “equal opportunity”! That is what makes us “exceptional” without a nobility!  No one intends to guarantee an “equality of outcome” only an “equality of opportunity”! If we eliminate funding for college students so that the rich can pass on their millions then we are undermining “American Exceptionalism”!
  12. “Life Extension Gains Tax” or “Longevity Gains Tax”: This is a term we should use in terms of what Republicans want to do in terms of eliminating Pensions, Medicare and Social Security! Conservatives want to tax people for living longer rather than tax the top 1% with a capital gains tax!
  13. “Job Exporters”: This term should be used to confront the Republican term “Job Creators”. Recently it became public that 47% of American households earn so little they are below the threshold required to pay Federal Income Tax. So much for the “Job Creators” that the Republicans talk about. No they are “Job Exporters” and those jobs that remain are becoming close to slave labor in terms of compensation! What has happened to “pensions”? What have the “Job Creators” done with good jobs that have pensions?
  14. “Freedom To Serve Our Social Betters”: We must hammer into the American electorate that what the Republicans call “Freedom” is merely the absence of the referee in the marketplace so that the corporate bully can destroy the “freedom” of the average American. If you believe my spin is class warfare then you need to take a strong look at what has happened to the average American over the last few decades!


Rhetoric: Spin Or Be Spun In Politics

I suggest my fellow Progressives stop worrying about their “karma” and instead concentrate on being aggressive in driving a wedge between the American electorate and the right wing’s corporate agenda! We need to make a blow for the America’s Silent Majority! (oops just did some spin)!

We must understand that war is being waged against the middle class. Because of the recent Supreme Court decision things are only going to get worse!

Besides we had large majorities in both houses of Congress and an alleged Democratic President yet no public option! Unions were about to have “card check” and now they are fighting for their lives!

President Obama’s terminology for this turn of events is “Change We Can Believe In”! I have had enough of this wimp! If you believe that his performance as President advances “Change We Can Believe In” then you are the spin doctor not me!

Senator Bernie Sanders For President In 2012!

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