It’s 3 AM And Where Is Hillary Clinton’s Concession Speech

It’s 3 AM and your nation has just gone through the most bitter national presidential campaign in history. We needed Hillary Clinton to address the nation to finish the role of the defeated candidate to start the healing of the nation.

Where was she? Nursing her little baby feelings of hurt!

This Bernie Sanders supporter REFUSED to be intimidated by the fear of Donald Trump. I proudly voted for Jill Stein. I don’t care what the consequences are. I will not support a Democratic Party where my small donations to Bernie Sanders get “Trumped” by the 7 million by George Soros to fix the primary for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton To Pathetic To Address Nation At Her Defeat

The fact that she is going to make a concession speech later today is beside the point. There is no reason for the delay since she already accepted the outcome as she made a phone call to Trump. I at least applaud her for that. If she did realize she lost, then she should have addressed the nation and her supporters ( I was NOT one of them).

Hillary Clinton with her silver tongue that garnishes Goldman Sachs speeches at $200,000 a pop did not want to stay up at 3AM to give a “freebie” to the nation and her supporters.

Poor little whiny Hillary had to go to bed at 3 AM! She used the 3 AM theme in her ads as the person who would be there for the nation in the wee hours!

Free Trading Hillary Clinton Reaped Her Just Reward

You see Hillary all your contributions from your corporate free trading partners could not stop the wrath of those who saw their jobs and futures off shored to China. This same China that will now become a military threat to America. You Hillary Clinton and your husband were the enablers of these CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS!

Ross Perot warned America!

In the video below Ross Perot did not shy away from using the bully pulpit. He did so in a forceful but kind friendly manner. Here was a billionaire with class! He warned America what would happen with free trade.

Instead of the calm, polite and heroic Ross Perot we now have a President Elect Trump. I blame Barrack Obama. This pathetic loser was elected on a platform of “change we can believe in“.

From day one Barrack Obama resigned from the most important role of an American president. That is to be the “preacher – in – chief” or “Pontifex Maximus.” As I have warned in this blog before.

Americans will vote against their own self-interest but NEVER against their own “self-concept“! We see ourselves as ACTION FIGURES not wimps. Trump realized this and that is why he will now become our President.

Obama’s Legacy Of Testosterone Defiency: Donald Trump As President

Obama never stood up to the bullies. He stood by when we had control of both houses of Congress.

  • He would not push for a Public Option. Surprised now that his ObamaCare is a failure?
  • He had his head up Joe Liebermann’s ass so long he did not notice the rise of the Tea Party.
  • He never talked back to the lies of death panels and birtherism. He called it “silly season”. What a pathetic looser! And you wonder why we now have President Trump?

I fear that Obama will now

  1. team up with establishment Republicans and Hillary Clinton members of Congress to pass TPP.
  2. Grant Hillary Clinton a premature pardon.

I predict that President Trump will need the support of Bernie Sanders to push his rebuilding American infrastructural and ending free trade. More on the future Trump presidency. I don’t feel depressed.

It’s 3 AM say “goodnight Hillary!” – Thank God!


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