Acorn Rejected But Not Halliburton

Frankly I am tired of these stories by Fox News concerning Acorn. I make no judgement one way or the other let the chips for where they may. My concern is why the same standard is not applied to Halliburton. After all it was a Halliburton subsidiary that has caused the deaths of many American soldiers due to bad electrical contracting in the construction of military bases in Iraq. (See video below)

We Democrats have to many important issues facing our nation and our party to get bogged down in defending Acorn. I make no judgement about their plight one way or the other. Let the courts handle that. I understand Acorn is sueing Fox News because the conservative activists who made an undercover film in one office did not mention they tried the same stunt in several other Acorn offices but where thrown out. But then again Fox News, you know the news channel that purports to be so unbiased, is always focusing on any item to smear Obama since he had a minor association with Acorn. The issue is why Haliburton is not held to the same standard?

To bad Fox News doesn’t share the same vigilance to stories that have effect our troops in Iraq. Nor does Fox News cover the funding of so-called grass roots movements like the Tea Party advocates. This latter group loves to chant “No Taxation Without Representation” yet they don’t seem to care that Middle Class Americans are being taxed to finance the K-Street operations of insurance companies! As if our lives are simply to serve the interest of the Corporate Collectivists!


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