Affluenza Teen Verus Hero Teen In A Culture Of Entitlement For Effete Snobs Of Privilege

Many Americans (this blogger included) believe the rich “Affluenza Teen” who fled to Mexico with his mommy should receive “treatment” for his “affluenza“! There are treatment facilities in Singapore that could handle his disease of “affluenza”. The treatment is called “canning“.

This teen killed four people in a drunk driving spree and claimed in his defense that his uncaring attitude was due to “Affluenza”!

Compare his rampage with that of another teenager, Zaevion Dobson who acted as a human shield protecting three girls from guns shots. The local police chief actually was moved at this sign of bravery as was President Obama.

Unfortunately Zaevion Dobson lost his life defending the three girls, while the affluenza teen will continue to walk the earth after killing four people. Perhaps what the affluenza teen needs is a good dose of “Singapore Therapy” or caining!

Affluenza Transmitted In Our Culture By The Trickle Down Identity Meme

We live in an age of licentious permissiveness where America is becoming a shining casino on the hill for the indulgent speculators while those who work for a living and those who want to invest in real growth creation are punished.


This disease of affluenza is running rampant in our nation.

  • Corporations are running amok shipping jobs overseas while shareholders feel they have an “entitlement” to greater dividends from the pain of working Americans. America is becoming a shining casino on the hill for these effete snobs of privilege.
  • These cut and run capitalists who are infected with affluenza want to benefit from American aggregate consumer demand while their offshoring is destroying the incomes of Americans. These CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS are becoming enablers of China’s military buildup that will one day threaten the American Homeland.
  • Banksters feel they have an “entitlement” to issue “payday loans” with usury rates that would make a mafia boss look like a Mother Theresa. They call this in their language of entitlement “innovation“. But it is not the type of capital innovation that made America great.

Our nation is suffering not simply from “trickle down economics” but are blindsided by what I call the “trickle down identity meme”.

We are numbed into believing the mythologies of the 1%. Like the prisoner on the gallows who wears a hood, we are not aware that the trap door is about to be pulled under our feet. Many who own stock are lulled into believing they are part of the elite. When in effect their wealth could vanish with a job loss or major health crisis in their family.

Meanwhile, the parasitic extraction process continues.

First, the movement of wealth and opportunity to a tiny fraction at the top continues while our individual economic security is threatened! Second, the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS continue to enable the military growth of China. This is a national security issue but the bleeding hearts for our social betters look the other way while they falsely believe they are elites themselves! With the hood on their heads they fail to realize there is a noose around their necks. They are not part of the billionaire class only their lackies!

Our nation must learn the lessons of history or suffer the consequences! That is why we need:

Senator Bernie Sanders For President!