Afganistan And The Trauma Of The Politically Correct

Well this liberal Euro style Social Democrat does not believe in the orthodoxy of corporate greed nor the masochistic “I hate America” political orthodoxy of the politically correct. Just think of the dilemma of some of my liberal friends when the issue turns to Afghanistan! Now for the advantage of getting re-elected the Afghan President has pushed a law that sets back the rights of woman in his country. True the law only effects the Shiite section not the larger Sunni section of Afghanistan.

My anti-Bush credentials are impeccable. Just read this blog and you can see that for yourself. But I do enjoy showing my fellow liberals their tendency to create a new orthodoxy.

Just what is a politically correct liberal to do in the case of this set back in Afghanistan? On the one hand they do love to blame America for all the world’s troubles. Well then not everything is the fault of America there is also that nasty nasty religion, you know “Christianity!” Ah yes they actually advocate “having dominion over the earth”, as stated in the Book of Genesis! After all Islam is a religion of “peeeeeeece” which is the mantra of the politically correct.

I know, I know, I know the Muslims did not generate the disparaging of woman they LEARNED IT FROM US CHRISTIANS! Yes that’s it! – Wrong!

Now we have been told that we are not going to get involved in “nation building”. So we will hold our noses and fight in Afghanistan and fight for our national interests like we did in Vietnam. George Bush, I am afraid to say, actually learned the lessons of Vietnam and tried to insure that if we fought in the third world we would not back some one like General Ky whom we backed in Vietnam. But that also has it’s problems as we have learned.

Yes I am for pulling out of Iraq and was only for removing Saddam Hussein not the nation building that followed. George Bush slowly realized he could not do it and our model of democracy in Iraq slowly was lowered.

But my point is this! What are we to do in Afghanistan? Should we blame this new law on Bush? No we really cannot since he is out of office. Maybe we should adapt the liberal idea of CULTURAL RELATIVISM in relation to the Muslim treatment of woman! You know the idea that right is not right and is only due to our stupid American ethno-centricism! “Bad, Bad Bad American”!

As I said I am a liberal Euro style Social Democrat. So don’t try to rationalize your cognitive dissonance between liberal ideals on the one hand and the masochistic blame America philosophy of the politically correct for everything on the other. Sometimes the Republicans do have it right. There are people out there in this world who do not care what type of “karma” they generate. North Korea and Iran’s leaders are among them!

We are fighting EVIL in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Not to mention Iran and North Korea! China and Russia are not that cool either. We could see one of our cities go up into a mushroom cloud because we did not take Decisive action! Oh dear but that would be like “having dominion” and we liberals would love so much better to live and wallow in guilt being “reactors” rather than proactive in world affairs!

Yes there is an axis of evil! No I do not believe in Satan but I do believe in fighting what is evil! I am proud that our nation has, as yes Donald Rumsfield said, “Shock and awe military technology”. I am not ashamed that my nation has it and I don’t want others to have it.

We need to take out Al Qaeda! I believe in the Bush Doctrine (OH MOTHER GODDESS FORGIVE ME!) but Bush misapplied his own doctrine by wasting Americas’s resources by “staying “ in Iraq. We need to:

  1. Use our superior technology to wipe out Al Qaeda.
  2. Allow COVERT CIA operations to take out the beloved leader in North Korea. (What you want them to have nukes and a second Korean War).
  3. Stop the Cut and Run Capitalists from selling our military technology to America’s enemies!
  4. Pressure Afghanistan to liberalize their laws.

The time to be decisive is now! America does not need the Republicans to be the torch holders of defending American Values! If we liberals do not then the Republicans will regain their prestige with the American people and our nation will never enjoy the fruits of a American stlye Euro economy!