Ah The Karma Of Political Correctness

While I am a Liberal Democrat and fully support Barrack Obama, I am somewhat amused that John McCain has “harnessed” the winds of “Political Correctness” to reduce Barrack Obama’s lead in the polls! For years we have had to learn the lexicon of Political Correctness, now the Democrats are reaping their Karma! We cannot disagree with a woman else we are sexist pigs!

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Barrack Obama while Black is part of a minority group that is only 10% of the population while woman make up over 50 percent! John McCain with one stroke has made the Democrats sink in their own quicksand!

The time has come for Barrack Obama to stop arguing like a lawyer and start kicking ass! Americans like “ACTION FIGURES” not a Democratic Party imitation of Bob Dole! Most Americans feel so overwhelmed by life and their economic situation that they gain a sort of “vicarious sense of empowerment” by Sarah Palin shooting zingers at the Democrats. So what they are undermining their own middle class interests! Oh dear did I say something bad? I used the term “middle class interest”! Dear me I better go and meditate! Oh dear I got angry at the Republicans! Oh Mother Goddesss no, am I going to come back in the next life as a Republican?

<stopping now to meditate and relieve my red karma from my charkas!>

Ok I am back now! But meditate on this:

If our own Democratic Candidates cannot kick ass and defend our goals how can they be trusted to defend America? Barrack Obama better get going and start kicking butt. This is CLASS WARFARE don’t shy away from it! Ok not all upper class folks are bad. Some remember what it was like to struggle and contribute greatly to liberal causes! But the time has come to FIGHT! Damn finally the Democrats are using the term “Middle Class” like Nixon appropriated the term “Silent Majority”! But that is only the start. The disparity in incomes must be advertised! Obama should make McCain be the responder!  SEIZE the initiative Obama or you will Kerry away!

In this era of licentious permissiveness when corporations can shed their American identity, becoming Multi-nationals, even moving their headquarters to remote islands so as to avoid their share of taxes to the nation that gave them birth, succor, protection and profits, America’s Silent Majority – our great Middle Class demand an end to profits without responsibilty! Stand up for America! Stand up for Social Responsibility for Corporations least we become victims to the new “COLLECTIVISM” which is to say “Corporations”! When Corporate Collectivists get more power Individual Freedom is diminished! Time for Barrack Obama to kick ass!