This nation has paid over $150 Billion just to AIG. Instead of worrying about this insurance giant and their stockholder’s  “SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT” what about the SILENT MAJORITY of America who could benefit instead from this bail-out money being spent on Universal Health Care! AIG is the company that did not ship high tech jobs overseas but instead fired many of their computer programmers to instead turn over their jobs to H1–b foreign workers! Oh but AIG has morals! They let them train their replacements first!

I used to work for AIG. They made it an institutional practice, as did many banks, to hire PERMANENT TEMPS!

Temporary employees are ethically used to cover periodic shortages in the work force. However these people were there 52 weeks per year, 8 hours a day and five days per week! As permanent temps they did not have to give them vacation, sick leave, pensions or medical benefits. The then CEO “Hank” Greenberg was not know to us as “Hank” Greenberg, as he is listed in the Wall Street Journal but as “Maurice Richard Greenberg”. He would sign his name on company documents with his initials as “MR GREENBERG!”.

Oh yes AIG had it’s annual holiday ritual called “Re-org”. This is when rumors would fly that jobs would be cut and everyone would be stressed out! This was in the so called good times!

One final note on AIG and temp workers! They even maintained their own internal “Temp Agency”. That way if a temp worker was made permanent they would not have to pay the agency fee! This practice was also utilized by many banks!

My fellow democrats need to learn an important lesson. Out-sourcing and off shoring are not just a blue collar issue! White collar employees are also subject to this. We are forced to read stupid stock reports then go to job interviews and “make believe” we give a shit! Like my interests are the same interests of the stock holders! “Profit” and Ayn Rand style “rational greed” are only for our Social Betters while employees are to subvert their “rational greed” to the greed of the CORPORATE COLLECTIVISTS!

No that does not mean we should not be team players. But I am tired of suppressing my class needs to the owners of the CORPORATE COLLECTIVE! I am tired of paying hidden taxes to my social betters in the form of added prices for goods and services or lower wages to fund their K-Street activities!

Make no mistake about it! We face an issue of two city – states! Both are contradictory and try to supress the other. Politics is but the story of their conflict!

  • In the first the motto is “One dollar then one vote!”.
  • In the second city the dynamic is “One person then one vote!” Our nation is now deciding what motto it will be that guides our Republic!

Money that goes to K-Street is funding the ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS of the social elites! Just look at how America has developed a huge trade deficit! If our guiding principle was “one person – one vote” then we would have “fair trade” not so – called “free trade”.

The time has come for the Silent Majority – our great Middle Class to stand up to these effete snobs of privilege! No more money for AIG. The time has come to NATIONALIZE AIG! God Bless America!

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