Al Qaeda Loves Republicans

Recently Rachel Maddow mentioned on her show that Al Qaeda told their American recruits to purchase guns in America at local gun shops and gun fairs. The reason being that it was easier to just buy the weapons in America then to transport them from Al Qaeda bases in far off regions! People who are on the FBI Terrorist Watch List can make gun purchases here and some have done so. Why even have such a list if they can make purchases. This raises three issues in my mind.

  1. While those on the FBI Terrorist Watch List don’t have to go through a background check to buy a gun those who risked their lives as 9-11 First Responders do have to go through a back ground check to get money for their hospital bills. They have to prove they are not terrorists!
  2. This story was not covered on the national news media!
  3. We can wiretap and regulate communications but not weapons.

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9-11 First Responders Insulted Once Again

How can we allow those on the Terrorist Watch List to not have a back ground check while those who risked their lives to protect us and now suffer from their brave and patriotic acts are required to prove they are not terrorists themselves before they can receive financial aid? Where is the public outrage? This is not just the fault of Republicans but Democrats have allowed the WTC First Responders to be burdened with this insulting requirement.


Has Obama Caused Progressives A Testosterone Reduction?

Where is the liberal outrage! Why aren’t liberals screaming ANTI-LIBERAL NEWS MEDIA BIASES? Yes we know Obama is a wimp but I am not talking about the Republican wing of the Democratic Party but about REAL liberals and Progressives!  Why have Progressives allowed the news media to get away with so much Pro-Conservative News Media Biases! We had to endure year after year of the Iraq War with talk about the dangers of pulling out to the civilian population yet coverage of DARFUR was at a minimum!

With the exception of a few Progressives, the myth of the news media being slanted to the left is allowed to continue! WHY?


Right Wing Worries About Sharia Law Not Gun Shows

Amazing isn’t it how Newt Gingrich and his fellow travellers can spew their fears to the informationally challenged that America is going to have Sharia Law imposed on us while terrorists can easily buy guns at local gun shows!

This Progressive Social Democrat however is not entirely against the NRA! We may well need patriotic Americans to own fire arms when the corporate plutocrats have Backwater patrolling our streets in the near future. Further I believe the Constitution does indeed provide for a balanced ownership of firearms by the citizenry as the final line of defense for our democracy! It must be remembered that in those days the state militias where composed of men who could meet the call and had THEIR OWN FIREARMS to do so.   There was no National Guard and today some states also maintain a militia that is independent of the National Guard. New York State even has it’s own navy!

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