American Exceptionalism: GOP Playing Patriot While Screwing America

Two Years ago President Obama, in a primary debate, put down the other contestants by saying “their ideas were mere replays of late night discussions in the college dormitories of the 1960’s”. Well I was in those late night dorm discussions and it is to bad Obama wasn’t around then because he would recognize the latest incarnation of the conservative game of “playing patriot”. But then again a REAL Progressive, which Obama is not, would answer these sunshine patriots of the right with some counter rhetoric!

Why don’t these same big mouth Republicans believe in making a buck in America instead of shipping their investments and our jobs overseas. Frequently these singers of the  “Corporate Elitist Globalization Internationale“ even ship our jobs and their investments to the very enemies of America of the 1960’s!  They even ship our jobs to Vietnam while our dead soldiers decay in the ground below the land they invest in! What happened to all the dominoes?

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But President Obama being the wimp that he is would never take on these right wing nut jobs! Now the Republicans are going to try to divert the American middle class away from the pillaging of America! Then we have the nuts in our own Democratic Party:

  1. The Corporatist Democrats who are beholden to corporations.
  2. Less toxic but still hurtful, the vast majority of Democrats who restrict their Progressive activism so as to not offend their corporate K-Street donors.
  3. The Masochistic Politically Correct Liberals (as opposed to Progressives).

Yes it is true that some elements in the left help the conservatives by being caught up in a secular version of “original sin”. Instead of feeling guilty for the “collective guilt” of Adam and Eve we are to feel “collective guilt” for being Middle Class Americans! You know the line!

We comprise “x” percent of the worlds population but use “x” PLUS “y’ percent of the resources… Mea Culpa….Mea culpa! That there is a disparity of in the world is true but our job as progressives is to bring prosperity to all without destroying our own.

Most Progressives have learned to stop playing the secular version of “Adam and Eve”. In fact that is why we term ourselves “progressives” rather than “liberals”! Both mean the same thing but the term “progressive” implies a more politically savvy methodology! Republicans would just love for Democrats to play that “role” of masochistic American! Ok that explains the terms liberal vs. progressive. Now….

The differences between “politically correct Liberals” vs “Conservatives”!

Politically correct liberals apologize to the enemies of America!

Conservatives have a different approach! They regard the enemie$ of America as an “INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY” to make money!

Meanwhile the progressive middle class is screwed! Our jobs are being sucked out of America while our social betters collect their dividend checks for this great entrepreneurial “innovation” of setting American middle class employees into competition with third world labor! Naturally when this attack against the American dream is carried out President Barrack Obama responds by giving these elitists an extension of the Bush Tax Cuts to the super rich! Compared to Europe yes indeed that is exceptional of America!

Progressives Need To Up The Rhetoric Against These Elitists

Democrats need to:

  • Use FDR’s lingo of the “Economic Royalists”!
  • Talk about the lack of patriotism by our social betters when they “TEAR DOWN THE AMERICAN FLAG” from our ships to register them in foreign lands!
  • Preach economic patriotism in an era of “licentious permissiveness” allows the destruction of the American dream to serve the needs of our social betters! Where Global income is redistributed and our social betters serve as the real estate agent collecting their commission at the expense of the nation that gave them birth and protection!
  • Call for “Law and Order” and demand that corporations stop their unpatriotic practice of setting up phony headquarters on Caribbean Islands to evade their taxes and “Responsibility” to the nation that gave them birth and protection!
  • Demand and end to CUT AND RUN CAPITALISM! Instead of taking our jobs overseas we must force them by taxation to stay here! We need to return to the era of President Eisenhower when we had a Progressive Income Tax of 91% and American Unions were dominant. Yet we still had millionaires who produced real goods and services not the pathetic wimps who provide derivatives and have turned free enterprise into a casino for the economic royalists!

The Danger Of Believing In American Exceptionalism

The issue is not patriotism! Republicans don’t own the flag! If Obama knew about the 1960’s then he would know the only way to fight these “effete snobs” is to use their rhetoric and attack them and their patriotism constantly!

The issue is the lack of a self examined life at the level of the national political system! Republicans and their Corporatist Democratic Party fellow travelers want to destroy the Greek Ideal of a “Self Examined Life”! They want to instead give us a “self consciousness” based on K-Street and Fox News!

Our democracy is being stolen from us! The recent Supreme Court decision is a call to arms! But Barrack The Wimpy Hearted doesn’t have the testosterone to fight it! Do you realize that you are being taxed against your will to support the agenda of these elitists? Every time you make a purchase, part of those proceeds can be used by our social betters to further their K-Street operations. This is “TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION”!

We must not allow the conservatives to block a self examination of our nation. We are behind in education, health care and life expectancy compared to the rest of the world!

But we are number 1 in military spending! By some estimates exceeding the combined total of every nation on earth! What I find amazing is that the conservatives have this weird definition of patriotism!

To be patriotic you have to live without awareness! Psychologist Nathaniel Branden, who is a follower of capitalism super hero Ayn Rand, stated that being “conscious” is a prerequisite to self esteem! Being conscious is not unpatriotic. But they don’t want us to become aware of the way our nation is being turned from a democracy to a plutocracy!

FLASH: we are not the only ones on this globe who value democracy! Germany (just one example) is a strong democratic nation. Below we see parents and children singing their national anthem that honors “Unity, Justice and Freedom”! If they can switch from singing “Germany Over All” then why must we measure patriotism by believing we are better than every one else! Listen to the pride they have in their national hymn. By the way they follow it by singing the European Anthem. They honor their nation by extolling their values not their exceptionalism!

We are not the only ones who value Democracy! Above the Germans extol Democratic virtues and no longer sing “Germany Over All”. If my memory of German is correct the anthem is as follows:

Unity, Justice and Freedom For The German fatherland.

Let us all strive for this purpose

Brotherly with heart and hand.

Unity, Justice and Freedom are the blessings of happiness!

Shine forth in these blessings glory!

Shine Forth German Fatherland!

Shine forth in these blessings glory!

Shine Forth German Fatherland!

We must value as a nation the virtue of being conscious not automatons in the service of the CORPORATE COLLECTIVE!

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  1. Good work.thanks all,happy new year…

  2. Phenomenal article, I have been wanting to tackle this subject for a while but haven’t managed the task of articulating my feelings on it as you have.

    This is an extremely important subject for liberals (I still prefer that term to progressive), and you have the right idea. I believe you’re one of the first people (I’ve heard) to advocate for giving the conservatives a taste of their own rhetorical medicine. I’ve been conscious of this for a while mainly because I grew up in a family that is ENTIRELY conservative (every single member of my immediate and extended family are, what I refer to as, Bush conservatives) such that their intense patriotism has rubbed off on me, but not their conservative ideology. Because of this, I have been aware of how powerful Obama, and all liberals, could be if he, and we, would just come out and say “Americans are, by their very nature, better than non-Americans in every way” whether or not this is true or he believes it. All liberals need to start doing this. Personally, as a liberal, I really admire Obama’s take on American Exceptionalism, especially the line (and I’m paraphrasing) “I believe in American Exceptionalism in the same way I’m sure Germans believe in German Exceptionalism…” and etc…, but me, and people like me, are not who he needs to impress; I truly believe that many Republicans would become Democrats if the dems could just mirror this rhetoric.

    • Thanks Neil (and Flash). Neil I can relate fully. I have many conservative relatives. Some who read my site (HEY SEAN if you are reading here 🙂 Then there are the visits to some close relatives that I spend a week visiting and they subject me to hours on end of FOX NEWS!!!! GOD OF ALL MERCY HELP ME! Thank God they don’t do that anymore!

  3. Awesome site people. This is really good stuff…


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