American Jobs Act And The Longevity Gains Tax

Scanned image of author's US Social Security card.

Using it latter than 65 is a Longevity Gains Tax

President Franklin D Roosevelt said that “necessitous men are not free men“!  That is why even those that have a job today are not “free men”. Because the specter of unemployment is constantly in front us! This puts management in the driver’s seat while the Republicans whine ever onward about “Freedom”! Make no mistake about it. This is not freedom for Middle Class Americans!

The American Jobs Act is a weak! It is comprised of two components! The first is a weak stimulus that at least will be paid for by taxing the rich. The second part is a tax cut that will spur middle class Americans to buy more. That is fine but not when it is the Social Security Tax that is being cut rather than the Federal Income Tax.

To Build A Nation Necessitous Citizens

This is the future of America if the Republicans continue and Democrats don’t stop “playing” liberal inside the monied confines of the “corporate sandbox”!

FDR warned of a nation of necessitous citizens which destroys freedom! Republicans have a different definition of this! They call it a “Business friendly environment“!

Barrack Obama is transferring a necessitous existence from the unemployed to Grandma with his “American Jobs Act”!

This is the “freedom” that their Tea Party morons go marching America toward!

The Joy And Ecstasy Of Serving Our Social Betters Is Our Freedom!

The problem is that they are succeeding and Barrack Obama is playing right into their hands! Just think of all the future give-a-ways President Obama can furnish the Republicans with four more years!

Middle Class freedom is being undermined in the following ways:

  1. Social Security and Medicare funds were raided periodically before Obama! Now Barrack Obama wants to perform a de facto raid by giving a Tax Cut, not on Federal Income Tax, but on the Social Security Payroll Tax. Then you wonder why the talk about needing Social Security and Medicare “Reform”. That word “reform” is just “Barrack speak” for diminishing the safety net!
  2. By doing the above Barrack Obama is playing right into the hands of the GOP. Americans will like this tax reduction even though it will hurt us in the long term. This plays right into the GOP policy of “Starving The Beast“! The “beast” is what they term the safety net!
  3. This will set young against old. While the Bush Tax Cuts stay in place!
  4. Private pensions have been under attack for years. Now we allow the super rich to use our economy as a casino! Thus middle class Americans who hold stock portfolios for their retirement now lack security these will be there for them! It is even legal to sell investments then bet against them after you fool middle class Americans to buy them for their future!
  5. Before Obama we have seen a new tax levied against the Middle Class! Instead of taxing “Capital Gains” the creative Republicans and the Corporatist wing of the Democratic Party have extended the age when you can collect Social Security!  It should be called the “Life Extension Gains Tax” or “Longevity Gains Tax“! This because they raided the Social Security fund! But they had no problem giving the Bush Tax Cuts!

Below Dylan Ratigan discuses with guests how our pension system has been under attack!  (If video not visible hit your browser refresh button)

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The question is “what will Barrack Obama do about this?” Well we have his answer in the “American Jobs Act“! That is to set the young against the old!

The very sight of Barrack Obama telling Congress to “pass this bill now” is a pathetic joke! What happened to the “shovel ready programs” that the first weak bill was supposed to create? Why didn’t he follow up with a stronger one instead of buying into the Tea Party deficit reduction mantra?

We spent 160 Billion to save the casino called “AIG” while we spent a mere 45 – 60 billion on infrastructure in the last stimulus! What is worse is that now Americans think we tried a stimulus and that it failed. They now buy the Tea Party line that the issue is the deficit! All because we have a President without testosterone!

President Obama knows his bill is not going to pass. That is not the issue. The issue is that if this wimp, along with the other corporatists in the Democratic Party, had been forceful when we had a majority then perhaps we could have had a “real stimulus”! Instead we undermine Grandma’s Social Security and Medicare to have a weak  American Jobs Act which combined with the prior stimulus is still weak!

Do Not Be Fooled By The American Jobs Act

We could fund massive infrastructure repairs with:

  • A progressive rise in the tariff! This by itself would pull jobs back to America! Oh but then Obama would not get corporate funding for his campaign!
  • End the Bush Tax Cuts now!
  • End the Reagan Tax Cuts now!
  • End the Kennedy Tax Cuts now!
  • End the Halliburton enrichment program called the “Iraqi War”!
  • We won in Afghanistan! Bin Laden is water logged. Poppy production is through the ceiling and funding the Taliban! Can we come home now?

Obama’s campaign for the jobless is now depicted as “political” since he never seemed to realize people are suffering from being without a job AND those that do have jobs are also necessitous citizens!

This is the new 21st Century  “FREEDOM” that Obama and his Republicans friends are inflicting on the American middle class!

The joy to serve our social betters! To subjugate individual freedom to the Corporatist Collective!  To work longer if  we have a job while their gains skyrocket! Our age of retirement is to be even extended more by Obama! But don’t touch the golden parachutes of our social betters!

No Capital Gains tax increase but a de facto longevity gains tax increase on Americans by extending the age we can get Social Security and Medicare! But then again what would we do with that extra leissure time? We are the working class and they are the leisure class! That is why it is important to not increase the capital gains tax but have instead a de facto Longevity Gains Tax!

We Middle Class Americans need to know our place! That is why it is so important that Progressives don’t run a challenger to Barrack Obama!

No way! I say DUMP THE WIMP!

We need Bernie Sanders or Howard Dean for President in 2012!

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