American Jobs Act: Financed By Pulling The Plug On Grandma

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As a Progressive Social Democrat I will give President Obama some kudos for upping his rhetorical style in the defense of job creation. However the jobs he wants to create will be financed, in part by pulling the plug on Grandma’s Medicare! I listened to Senator Bernie Sanders after Obama’s speech on “Count Down With Keith Olbermann” and Senator Sanders pointed out that Obama wanted to reduce the payroll deduction tax that funds Medicare!

That is not a stimulus to security but only the substitution movement of “job insecurity” to “Grandma’s health insecurity” at an age when she cannot afford that! Obama also alluded to “Medicare Reform”. I resent when one of our own bastardizes the word “reform” with Republican “new speak”!

Millionaires according to the Fidelity Investments Poll stated they are insecure and do not feel rich unless they have seven million.

So Obama’s plan is to help the jobless while not making the poor millionaires feel insecure! Solution: Make Grandma feel insecure! Oh yes this is “Change We Can Believe In”!

Obama did get some testosterone but it still is not to serve what we elected him for! Yes President Obama did up the rhetoric and sound like his old self! But the problem is we have been paying for two endless wars, tax cuts to the rich and have allowed the casino banks to bankrupt this nation. Obama wants to divert our rage from this!

Senator Bernie Sanders in his speech below brings our attention back to the real problem which Obama still wants to Kumb bye ya away!

His American Jobs Act  package does also include taxes for the rich but he wanted to justify his demands that our social betters pay a little more in taxes by using Grand Ma’s suffering to balance the horrible pain the rich will feel for having a modest increase in taxes!

This is NOT “Change We Can Believe In”!

This reminds me of Jesus before Pilate. Luke 23:16 This is where Pilate tells the Sanhedrin that he found no fault with Jesus and did not want to kill him. Therefore even though he found Jesus innocent he would have Jesus “whipped” to satisfy them. We know how that ended. The Sanhedrin would not be satisfied till Jesus was on the Cross! The Republicans will not be satisfied until Social Security and Medicare are dead! The Republicans want to create a nation of “necessitous citizens! President Franklin D Roosevelt warned us that “necessitous men are not free men“!

Senator Bernie Sanders gave a good speech to Congress on the nonsense of “shared sacrifice” when it comes to a choice of hurting the rich or Grand Ma! See the video below!


Obama’s American Jobs Act Follows GOP Plan To “Starve The Beast”!

Obama will create part of his stimulus in his “American Jobs Act” by having a reduction in the Medicare Tax! By doing so he is setting the youth of America against senors and against their own self interest in latter years. He is becoming a willing player of the GOP strategy  of “starving the beast“! In the lingo of “Transactional Analysis Obama is playing the game of “let’s you and him fight“! Republicans love to set Americans against each other. They may accept his “stimulus” because it will help pull the plug on Grandma’s Medicare and set the young against the old!


Obama also called for the passage of more “Free Trade Treaties”! Sure he did the song and dance that he has done over the last few years about equity but the truth is even computer jobs are being off shored.  Jobs are declining in the computer field and yet he offers the bromide of education! What good is an education if you will not protect American white collar jobs as well?


Not only that but he is still playing liberal inside the confines of the “corporate sandbox”. Why should we Progressives even have to share any sacrifice?

For God’s sake it’s not like these people at the top earned all of their money! As I have pointed out numerous times in my posts no one is trying to stop people from becoming millionaires! But reality has to come into this game at some point! This has nothing to do with people who accumulated several million over their life time but people who make millions per year!

No one “earns” millions per year as a CEO when the President of the United States, who has more responsibility than anyone, earns a mere 400K! Yes we want to give people incentives but there comes a time when reality has to set in. If some one earns that much it is positional not merited! We allow it to happen but tax day is just “reality saying hello”!

In conclusion, while I am some what impressed by Obama’s upping of his rhetoric he has long way to go before I will vote for him instead of voting Green or doing a write in for Senator Bernie Sanders!

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