Anti-Liberal News Media Biases

I am fed up with the anti-liberal news media biases that I witness every day in the mainstream news media. Then the GOP has the audacity to say that we have a news media that is slanted to the left. What planet are they living on? Consider these two recent events.

  1. Recently Harry Reid attacked the Koch Brothers for funding the politicians that gave us the fiscal crisis we are facing. Yet most Americans are not aware of the influence of the  Koch brothers and their fellow travelers on American politics.
  2. President Obama just stated that raising the debt ceiling does not mean increasing government spending but instead is an “authorization to pay what has already been spent and voted on by Congress”. Yet most Americans don’t understand this and we have a news media that is not educating the American people on this distinction! Below is an MSNBC clip but they are not the mainstream news media.


Why were the two events I mentioned above not the center pieces of the nightly news programs?


Why We Have Anti-Liberal News Media Biases in America Today


The answer is several fold. Consider the following factors:

  1. I applaud Harry Reid and President Obama for making those statements but did they follow up and push the news media like Richard Nixon would do if he felt slighted by them.  No instead we have the same pathetic “meow” from the testosterone challenged Obama and Reid.
  2. Conservatives have brain washed America into believing that the news media is pro-liberal. This occurred after the Vietnam War when some newscasters after years of reporting massive casualties on the North Vietnamese side actually started to wonder about the validity of the statistics. Especially since North Vietnam was such a small nation to be able to sustain the alleged weekly kill ratio. They were accused of not being patriotic. Thus the myth of the liberal news media was born.
  3. Currently there is a war being waged against the economic security of the middle class by the effete snobs of privilege. Yet Democrats by and large will not up their rhetoric in the same manner that the Republicans have no problem doing. When Democrats are docile the news media does not want to be the ones to stand up to Republican lies least they be attacked as “pro-liberal”.
  4. The news media have allowed the Republicans to “frame the debt crisis issue”. Many Americans believe the issue is the poor vs the needs of the middle class. That is exactly the selling point of FOX NEWS and the Koch brothers. The news media does not want to penetrate behind the curtain to see how our political decision making processes have been corrupted by corporate contributions while the real issue is the war on the middle class by the 1%.
  5. The news media have not really focused on the loss of higher paying blue collar job to off shore locations. Instead they merely focus on somewhat better job rates. But the improving unemployment rate does not translate into an improving income. That is because the new jobs are more skewed to be Walmart type  jobs while better paying manufacturing jobs have been off shored.
  6. But the news media have betrayed the American people by not reporting the news on another front. The news media have performed a total  “black out” of coverage concerning WHITE COLLAR job loss to off shoring and out sourcing. As Dylan Ratigan has stated there is a an “extraction process” taking place in America.
  7. Yet despite the off shoring of computer jobs and the importing of cheaper H1-b Visa workers to undermine the careers of computer science majors in America, the news media continues to speak of the need for high tech training and to allow politicians like Obama to discuss high tech training as a remedy. Yet both the news media and Obama know the real issue with high tech jobs is that corporations want to undermine the opportunities of American college grads. Both political parties are by and large the paid stooges of these corporate collectivists.
  8. We live in an era of licentious permissiveness for  our new “corporate persons” that do not have responsibly to the nation that gave them birth, protection and profits. Yet the news media looks the other way as these CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS extract our jobs, technology and wealth to China while the dividend checks flow to these effete snobs of privilege. Then they wonder why American students don’t take the heavy course work to enter high tech careers.
  9. Pay day loans at usury rates continue while the news media makes it appear that real financial reforms have taken place. We still live with the dangers of big banks using our savings to play their casino games while both the Republicans and the Democrats are in their employ. Where is the news media on this?
  10. The idea of fixing the national cash flow by returning to the good old days of President Eisenhower, when we had a 91% progressive income tax, strong robust unions and economic nationalism are never discussed by the news media “talking heads”! 

Democrats Need To Get Some Testosterone

Below is a short clip from Independent Senator Bernie Sanders speaking as a real democrat should in the face of this crisis.

Again I do praise Obama and Harry Reid for their statements above. But  they must use “red meat tactics on a daily basis”.

If they do not then the news media will continue to be afraid to present hard hitting analysis of the current crisis.

The News Media Is Afraid To Perform Critical Analysis Because They Are Afraid Of Conservatives And Democrats Lack Testosterone

While I do fault the news media for not doing a more probing analysis I cannot blame them fully because Democrats are wimps.

Then again how can the Democrats be anything other than wimps when all members of Congress have to devote half their time to fundraising!

The advocates of destroying individual freedom in the service of subjugation to the corporation have won! They have won because they can tap the corporate treasury to fund their agenda with political contributions while we literally have pay this hidden tax when we purchase their goods and services!

The corporate news media is now domesticated as are most Democratic Party politicians.

Hard to be a real liberal when you are playing make believe liberal inside the corporate sandbox of your rich donors. But without robust advocacy by liberal Congresspersons the news media has now been cowered into being testosterone challenged wimps just like the Democrats.


Barrack Obama Cannot Wait So He Can Compromise On Social Security

Just look at the big payoff we can expect “if” Obama wins the fight with the Republicans! Then he can have his pathetic “Grand Bargain” and give away the legacy of FDR.


Why not instead call for the repeal of both the Reagan and Kennedy Tax Cuts?


Democrats are such pussies because their corporate donors make them play make believe liberal inside the moneyed confines of the corporate sandbox. All the while as a nation we continue this lie of a pro-liberal news media biases!

Most Democrats have become such pathetic wimps! I am so happy that in 2012 I did not vote for Obama but instead voted for the Green Party. Do I regret this as the Republicans are now in control of the House? Hell no!

If you believe that victory is beating the Republicans so the wimp we have for President can:

  1. Undermine social security in a grand compromise
  2. Sign more free trade laws.
  3. Call “the continuation of to big to fail” as “financial reform”.
  4. Never even call for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state.

Then you might as well go and join the Tea Party! That is not change we can believe in. Only when things become worse will Americans rise up and say “enough”. So go ahead let the GOP default on the national debt.

Only when things become dire will this nation choose a new third party alternative and stand up to the anti-liberal news media biases in this nation.


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