Bachmann And Cantor’s Hypocrisy On Job Creation

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Michelle Bachmann

The next time your right wing friends want to lecture you about the “Job Creators” you might want to show them this clip below from the Rachel Maddow Show. It seems that our beloved Michele Bachmann actually believes that Government¬† does create jobs! In fact Tea Bag lady Michele Bachmann believes it so much that she demanded stimulus funds 16 times from the Federal Government for job creation in her district.

Your Republican friends may say:

“So what, after all the stimulus was passed and it is only natural for Michelle Bachmann to want to bring some of the benefits home to her own district!”

As Rachel Maddow brilliantly illustrates in the video below they are missing the point. Michelle Bachmann in each of her 16 requests actually lists on the the request the number of jobs for each project that would be created by the Stimulus JOB CREATOR law. This proves she really does believe the Federal Government does indeed create jobs. But she only wants it to occur in her district so that she can be re-elected to prevent job creation in everyone else’s district.

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 Michell Bachmann Is A Hypocrite

The whole point is that she and her fellow travelers in the Republican Party have stated that the stimulus was a job killing bill. Now she actually lists for each of her 16 requests the number of real jobs each of the 16 infusions of Federal funds would create in her district.

Michelle Bachmann realizes it is not a job killing law but a job creating law!

Rachel Maddow expanded on this story which was originally in the Huffington Post. The requests did not come just from Michelle Bachmann but also from other Republicans including John Boehner and Eric Cantor.

Progressive Talking Point: The Job Creators!

You might want to ask your right wing friends if the “job creators” are doing such a great job then how come for the tax year of 2008 47% of American households earned so little they did not have to pay Federal Income Tax. It is not that these people were unemployed! They had jobs, naturally provided by the “job creators”!

The good jobs, both blue collar and white collar, are going overseas. This so that we middle class Americans can best serve our social betters! You know the “job creators”! Maybe if we would just work for minimum wage the “job creators” would keep those jobs here.

The ‘job creators” just want us to know our place! Thom Hartmann has stated something very interesting that Robert Reich also mentioned in the NY Times earlier this week.

They said 400 people own more than the bottom 150 million in America!

Is it any wonder that aggregate demand is down and that our economy cannot create real jobs with an income so curved to our social betters? Well maybe we should just all know our place!

I have a better idea:

Senator Bernie Sanders For President In 2012!



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  1. If you’re going to call yourselves “job creators” doesn’t that mean you have to take responsibility for the lack of jobs? I just finished a blog post about how I think we can motivate these “job creators” to do their duty. In a nutshell, it involves tying a new top marginal tax rate to the unemployment rate (and has a carrot and a stick).