Banksters, Golden Parachutes and Unemployment Insurance

Once again the conservatives and the banksters  play the “politics of envy”! They do this while reducing their cognitive dissonance with the defense mechanisms of reaction formation and projection! They cite themselves and their patrician sponsors as the poor victims! Yet they are practicing the very tactic they decry. They next “project” their sins on to their victims!

Feeling Warm And Safe With “Trickle Down Identity”

As I have stated in this site before the issue is not simply trickle down economics but the meme of  “trickle down identity“! The conservatives have become experts at using  “trickle down identity” to lull Americans out of obtaining a sense of “middle class consciousness“!

They ask us, “You save your money don’t you?”  Yet look at the vile folks who did not provide for themselves in the event that they would be unemployed! As if you can provide for over a year of unemployment with the income we earn from the sublimation our individual needs in serving the corporate collective!  They ask us!

Do you pay income tax?

They then make an issue that 51% do not pay income tax. Many liberals get side tracked on this issue. Pointing out that those folks still pay sales tax and other taxes. I say so what?

That just proves that in this great land of free enterprise to many Americans are so poor they don’t earn enough to pay taxes even though they are working!

We need to RAISE SALARIES so they meet the minimum tax guidelines. Note the issue here is not simply unemployment because if we had 51% unemployed we would have a revolution as that would be twice the depression rate. The point is the 1% are blaming the victims of their economic policies!

Just visit your local Walmart to see those who do not pay their income tax. They are paid dirt cheap. Yet this is the shining city on the hill that conservatives hold out for Americans!  Imagine people being paid so poorly they do not earn enough to pay income tax! –  Only In America!

Do you fear poverty?

Then hate the poor and middle class who are unemployed!

Do you fear illness?

Then hate the sick! Just look at those vile people who fill our emergency rooms with out health care.

Do you secretly fear living in America and becoming sick even with Obamacare and your policy?

Most Americans know or secretly fear that our ever glorious health care insurance companies do NOT pay for all your bills even with Obamacare! Besides there is the issue of your income when you are sick!  No problem! Why not divert yourself by hating those who are already sick with health benifits like yours that you fear are not enough. Obamacare means we have health insurance. But so what it doen’t cover all expenses and it doesn’t cover your loss of income especially when you need it most! So go ahead and divert yourself from these fears! Hate the sick!

Where is Obama and the Democratic Party? To busy getting their Goldman Sachs contributions I am afraid! Wow Obama sent the unions in Wisconsin a “tweet” supporting them! What a pathetic little mealy mouth pussy cat! Just like the majority in the Democratic Party who will not call for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state. Repealing Citizens United is not enough because the situation was bad even before that. Just look at the state of the Democratic Party even before Citizens United.

Era Of Licentiousness Permissiveness For Banksters

When I was younger the conservatives and their fellow travelers would crowd the air waves talking about this “era of licentiousness permissiveness”.  The good ole hippie era!

Apparently if you prefix the word “free” to the word “market” then  that is wholesome!  But if you prefix the word “free” to the word love then it is an era of licentious permissiveness and the conservative remedy was “law and order”!


We need to end this raping of America by the banksters and their fellow travelers in both the Republican and Democratic Parties! We need to adapt right wing rhetoric in the service of the progressive agenda!

We Need LAW AND ORDER On Wall Street

Instead the philosophers of permissiveness all wail and whine as if the freedom of the banksters to rape America is tantamount to individual freedom! These BLEEDING HEARTS in the Republican and Democratic Party need to have a sense of values!

They talk about hard work yet engage our nation in casino gambling to make a quick kill! They talk about loyalty to the corporate collective as being in our individual self interest. Yet they off shore our jobs, technology and wealth. Further they do this off-shoring to America’s potential enemies! All the while these CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS sing the “Globalization Internationalie”! In their lexicon of privilege they call this “patriotism”!

They whine that we should not extend unemployment benefits because we would be rewarding unemployment! Yet they reward a decline in aggregate demand! With out aggregate demand sending customers to businesses there are no jobs to be created!

The Republicans believe it is fine to reward banksters with golden parachutes and huge sums of money and stock as a reward for their horrible performance! They don’t seem to worry that the banksters will not return to work! We must ask why would we want them back?

However this is the crucial issue here. We have a double standard. Where is the RAGE in the Democratic Party for these attacks on the middle class and this blatant class warfare against the 99%?

Instead we have a testosterone challenged President leading the his fellow Democrats in the “Charge of the Castrati Brigade“! Yes I am aware that Barrack Obama is starting to up the rhetoric. But I believe you should never underestimate Barrack Obama’s “Audacity of Impotence” even in the face of victory!

We have a Democratic Party that has become domesticated by the corporations when it should be the rule of law that domesticates the corporations! We have the rule of the market with it’s “one dollar – one vote” domesticating the rule of a free democracy with our rule of “one person – one vote“.

Dear reader you will witness me writing avidly in new posts against Mitt Romney! But do NOT construe this as support for the wimp Barrack Obama! We progressives need to vote third party in this election. But do vote!

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