Banksters To Dems: Play Make Believe Liberal In The Corp Sandbox

When are the majority of Democrats going to wake up and realize that Americans are losing their individual freedom while the corporate collectivists continue to undermine individual freedom. We as individuals are dependant on having a job! The era of the independent farmer and city dwelling craftsperson is long over.

Both blue and white collar jobs are being off shored by the cut and run corporations that fund our nation’s politicians. While unemployment is falling income is not rising. We are becoming a nation of necessitous men and woman who now must work past 65 to get social security and watch as pensions become an extinct species.

Americans are working longer hours and yet we have nothing to show for it. All this while the bleeding hearts in the GOP wail about the need to help the cut and run corporations. But where are the Democrats? They are collecting their corporate welfare check!

As I have quoted FDR before, “necessitous person are not free persons!” But wait our beloved champion of “change we can believe in” has an answer.

Barrack Obama supports TPP which is NAFTA on steroids. Yet few politicians speak up about TPP. They have to much corporate money in their mouths to talk up. This is the future of the Democratic Party!

Are we Progressives so intoxicated by the fact that we have a Black President that we are closing our eyes to the way Barrack Obama is selling out Progressives? Is TPP the price we have to pay for not daring to criticize our African-American president?

I mentioned before that I voted for Barrack Obama in 2008 but in 2012 I voted Green.

Banksters Are Mad At Elizabeth Warren And Bernie Sanders

Recently the banksters have threatened to withhold cash to candidates unless they shape up and support them. This money is our savings! We are being taxed to support candidates who off shore! We are being taxed without representation to support the corporate interests.

Just like a interview after college we have to make believe the corporate interest is my interest. This is what I term”trickle down identity“. Trickle down identity is worse than trickle down economics.

We can expect corporate butt kissing from Republicans. But the Democratic Party had a real opportunity after the 2008 election to open the books on the Banksters involvement in the 2008 crash. But the only response we got from the corporate cash driven Democratic Party and Barrack Obama was a pathetic “MEOW”.

Stop making excuses for Barrack Obama and the majority of the Democratic Party!

In a prior post I applauded President Obama for announcing support for “mandatory voting“.

Like Dah was there any follow up? Let me be clear.

If Obama pushed for a law in support of mandatory voting and did some arm twisting but it still failed I would be praising Barrack Obama for the testosterone to do lest the right thing.

But has Obama:

  • followed up and made speeches,
  • rallied the troops of the base or
  • gone before Congress to demand “mandatory voiting? –

“MEOW” as ever the Obama war cry. Lead by Barrack Obama the Democratic Party response to the corporate take over of America has been a pathetic “MEOW”.

Can you believe it? I actually praised Obama in my last post. I thought maybe since his presidency is coming to an end he is worried about his legacy.

The Legacy Of Barrack Obama

Against the forces of the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS Barrack Obama has lead the charge of the castrati brigade.

And then people wonder why we lost both houses of Congress? – Pathetic!

Barrack Obama is a wimp plain and simple. How could I ever, as i did in the last post,  get hope that this wimp would rise to the occasion and stand up against the corporations?

We Need Elizabeth Warren Or Bernie Sanders In 2016 – either via the Democratic primary or a third party!