Barack Obama: The Legacy Of A Wimp

We are hearing calls to rally the Democratic Party vote for this November because the Republicans might take the Senate.  Maybe if Barrack Obama had not turned his back on the Progressive  base of the Democratic Party  we would not be in this situation today! Due to President Obama’s fixation with keeping his face up then Senator Lieberman’s ass instead of taking on the banksters, the Tea Party took up the populist rage about bailing out banks. Next we lost the House due to Obama’s refusal to mount the bully pulpit and do a full scale attack against conservatives.


Throwing Away Populist Rage Against The Banksters: Obama Was The Tea Party Enabler

How can one politician take a clear advantage with loads of populist rage to back him and then just go ass kissing to the banksters and corporations instead? Americans put Barrack Obama in office because we wanted “change we can believe in” not “change that his corporate donors can believe in! Well that is exactly what Barrack Obama has done. Stop making excuses for this WIMP!


Obama could have used his oratorical skills to be a great “Pontifix Maximus” using the Presidential bully pulpit as FDR did.

Obama could have pushed for:

  • In depth round the clock investigations of the banksters along with the how the Republicans misused intelligence to undermine our economy with the Iraq War. Instead Obama responded with “meow”. That is why the Republicans are using Benghazi because they have nothing to fear from Obama.
  • Pressed for an end to credit card usury and payday loans. He could have pushed to make them illegal. But no that would upset his fellow travelers the banksters.
  • Pushed for the INVASION of the Cayman Islands to bring the criminal CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS back to America to pay their taxes.
  • Demanded laws to be passed that would have forced companies to bring back our industrial base to America along with our white collar jobs so that both union workers and college graduates would have a future. But no the wimp gave in to the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who are now in China singing their “Globalization Internalitonale” with their fellow travelers the Chinese Communists. The result is that this year China will pass the American economy by. Special thanks also go to the Clinton’s for NAFTA.
  • Demand and push for vigorously a Constitutional Amendment to separate corporation and state. He could have done this BEFORE the “Citizens United Ruling”. Just reversing Citizens United is no where near enough. Our nation was infected by money before this ruling. Click on this link to see my proposal for a Constitutional Amendment.

For God’s sake if you are a Progressive stop making excuses for Obama. Even the jobs he did create are low scale. When asked to support the unions in Wisconsin all the wimp did was send a last minute “tweet” of support when he had pledged to march with the unions. What a wimp! Stop being dishonest and making excuses for this wimp!

Watch the video above about “SHAFTA” (Southern Hemisphere Asian Free Trade Agreement) and how it will steal our future while Obama kisses corporate butts.

We Have Gridlock Because Obama Was A Wimp And Allowed The Republicans To Win The House

But don’t worry Obama’s role modeling of the testosterone free lifestyle will have reprocussions for the Senate election this year.

Our nation went through an enormous crisis that placed Barrack Obama into office. Yet this wimp does not say or do anything that would compromise his relationship to Wall Street. Americans are witnessing pensions becoming an endangered species! But what the hell I would rather live my old age with insecurity rather than my social betters have a reduction in their dividend checks! Meanwhile America’s youth are accumulating large debts from college tuition, training for jobs that are in China and India.

What you ask? “Shouldn’t the Democratic Party be calling loan forgiveness, increases in PELL Grants to all American college students and returning white and blue collar jobs back to America?”

No! Instead they want to give us the TPP which is NAFTA on steroids.

So let’s rally the voters to come out and vote in November so the wimp Obama can give us:

  1. TPP and ship what ever jobs off shore that the Clinton’s did not do with NAFTA.
  2. A Grand Compromise so we can all feel peechy keen and sing “Kumb – Bye – Yah with the Republicans as we undermine Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and what few environmental safeguards we still have left in America.
  3. Debate on how best to implement “austerity” instead of returning to the 1950’s when we had a progressive income tax of 91%. Yes I realize most did not pay at that rate but the effective rate was between 50% and 70%. Compare that to now!


Obama’s Legacy: The False Belief That We Tried A Left Solution And It Did Not Work


We never had a real stimulus and unlike the days of FDR there is no “virtuous echo” to give us the “multiplier effect“! That is because if someone does get a job they will be buying products made off shore in China. In the old days they would be buying American products and the good effects of the stimulus would then increase aggreagate demand thus more jobs! Not so today with the bleeding from off shoring, plus we never had a real stimulus.

The result is Americans seem to believe Keynesian economics was tried and failed.  That is the real legacy of Obama. Americans believe this because  the stimulus was not strong enough and our economy bleeds with off  shoring thus reducing the multiplier effect!

But don’t worry dear reader that that is where our champion of “change we can believe in” enters the picture.

Obama is pushing for TPP to appease his corporate buddies. Yes the future looks bright thanks to Obama with TPP and the promise of a “Grand Compromise” to under cut the work of FDR even further. Perfect set up for Hillary Clinton “Our Lady Of NAFTA” to fill in after Obama leaves.


Oh yes “Change We Can Believe In”! HELL NO!

What A Real Democrat Would Have Done If Elected President

If we had a real Democrat in the White House he (or she) would mount the bully pulpit. Not to give “one” speech but to bombard the airwaves by setting the national agenda.

A real Democratic President would:

  1. Make sure Americans realize that we tried “trickle down economics” under Bush and it failed. This message must be repeated again and again with red meat rhetoric and the news media must be attacked as pro-conservative if the message is not carried. The national agenda must be based around this not “how to best implement austerity”!
  2. Turn the public rage against the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who off shore our jobs to China and have assisted that nation to now be the largest economic power in the world. Make it a PATRIOTIC ISSUE. Wave the flag and call these CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS traders!
  3. Called for countless investigations of the Banksters and they wrecked our economy.
  4. Draw constant public scrutiny as to how the Republicans got us into the Iraq war for no reason.
  5. Educate the American public on the need to increase “aggregate demand” by reducing income inequality.
  6. Do round the clock calls for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state. Keep organized money out of politics.
  7. With all of the above wage a war on the news media. Call them “Pro-Conservative” or the “Corporate News-media”. Do this daily round the clock till it stuck. Also up the rhetoric while doing all of the above.

Stop making excuses for this wimp Obama. If you continue to make excuses for him then the Tea Party will capture the public rage rather than allowing Progressives the ability to harness this rage.

We need Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders In 2016!


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  1. I love your blog and I am putting it on my toolbar so I can refer to it and write a few articles based on the inspiration I receive from your own. I feel like The Prez has kind of changed focus lately too. One of the scariest things for me is what seems to me to be his willingness to sign the Trans Pacific partnership agreement because that thing would definitely be a job killer big time and we do not need any more of the trade agreements that cause the offshoring of our jobs.

    • BrianDude says:

      Thanks John. I must confess Obama has been a total disappointment to me. What scares me the most is that he is completely unwilling to address the need for a Constitutional Amendment to separate corporation and state. Such an amendment was needed even BEFORE “Citizens United”. If money in politics is not addressed our democracy is lost.

      Obama has failed to mount the bully pulpit. In an era when the Koch brothers will get their message across we need a President who will pound the Progressive agenda night and day then attack the news media for being to conservative!

      The great failure of Obama is that many will believe that we tried “change we can believe in” and that it failed! No Obama has failed and it is NOT because of the House is GOP. We had control of both Houses when Obama took office so there was no need to compromise. Many now believe that Keynesian economics does not work and want to use austerity. This is Obama’s fault and the reason we lost the House and could lose the Senate.

      I am tired of H1-b workers being imported to undermine the careers of American college grads and Hillary Clinton being at the lead to destroy my career. That is what jobs remain in America. So now I work as a blue collar union worker.

      But where was Obama when we needed him in Wisconsin? The last moment he sent a “tweet”. I will not contribute to the Democratic Party unless it is for Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. I will no longer dishonor my gut reactions. I will no longer make excuses for Obama. When he speaks I simply change the channel. I really mean this. It would have been better if Romney won. That is because Progressives would be free to attack. He never gave us financial reform. Why not just out law usury and pay day loans rather than make the paper work shorter and clearer?

      Look at how his “turning of the page” has been laughed at by Republicans. We had a chance to “Channel” the public rage and we gave it up under Obama. I will never forgive him for that.

      It is nice that in his 6th year Obama is pushing against coal but that should have been in his first. I THANK GOD that in 2012 I did NOT vote for Obama but solid Green. I do not care if this results in a GOP victory. I will not compromise any longer with corporations.

      Thank you again for your comments and compliments.