Barrack Obama’s 2015 State Of The Union Speech

Well it is that time of the year again for President Barrack Obama to give his state of the union speech. President Obama is slowly learning that his approach to the Republicans has been far to timid. I agree he was stronger this time. But Barrack Obama, to this Progressive will go down as one of the Democratic Party’s greatest failures. Not because of the obstructionism by the Republicans but because of his own self-obstructionism.

Barrack Obama played “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of the Democratic Party’s big monied donors to long.

We had control of both Houses of Congress and Barrack Obama refused to rise to the occasion. Instead of being a “Pontifex Maximus” using the bully pulpit he instead chose to be a Carl Rogers style “facilitator. In an era of corporate personhood a Rogerian person centered approach is not the answer. Great leadership style for a local community organizer but not an president facing loonie Republicans.

Even some on Alternet are disillusioned with him as a Progressive, believing his speech is to little and to late. 

America’s Celebration Of Ignorance And Obama’s Failure To Confront It – His Legacy

But those mean nasty Republicans called him a Kenyan Sharia law loving Muslim who wants to impose Secular Atheistic Euro-Socialism”.

Naturally according to the right wingers that is why Barrack Obama supported Gays in the military. Because Obama wants to impose the worst type of Kenyan Muslim Secular Atheistic Nazi Euro-Socialistic Sharia Law! – that is to say. “GAY SHARIA LAW”!

Conservatives were pathetic in their contradictory slurs about Barrack Obama. But the real legacy of Barrack Obama is his failure to stand up to the loonies on the right. He waited till his administration’s twilight hours before he begins talking real “middle class economics” with some testosterone!

His solutions were half hearted. Even his touted “ObamaCare” has seeds of self destruction baked right into it. Costs are rising for health care but they were not going to explode immediately.   Because he would not fight for a public option and to allow Medicare to bargain for lower costs of drugs, his plan will now be blamed by the right wing when the explosion of costs occurs. The nimble minds that believe Fox is actually real news will believe this also.


Maybe Barrack Obama could have used Bill Maher to be his spokesman. See the video below.


Obama’s stimulus was never enough. There were gains in employment but the level of compensation for those jobs is down the scale. The problem is that Obama and the Democratic Party have been the enablers of the Cut and Run Capitalist$ who have shipped both are blue and white collar jobs off shore. All while they and their fellow travelers, the Chinese Communists, sing their new love song: “The Globalization Internationale”!

These Cut and Run Capitalists  have a never ending sense of entitlement and unless this sense of entitlement is confronted the outcome for classical Keynesian economics will be dilution. You cannot have a real multiplier effect  to increase aggregate demand when purchased goods are built in China.

Worse is that the 1%  project their sins onto the middle class. They call the victims of their off shoring and outsourcing to be “moochers”.

Why Should Millionaires and Billionaires Fear An Estate Tax?

First when raising this issue we must neutralize the meme of “trickle down identity“. That is to say the self perpetuating unconscious belief :

“What is good for the 1% is also good for America and for the middle class!”

How do we confront the meme listed above and succeed at value internalization for the general population?

By not hurting middle class Americans from passing on their wealth to their children! Do not make the middle class feel threatened – period!

We must set the Conservatives against the self interest of the middle class. Richard Nixon knew how to “divide and conquer”. He knew how to play the middle class against it’s own interest. He knew how to make us believe our interests were the same as the rich as opposed to “those effete snobs” on the left as he called us. Remember his slogan “the silent majority“?

In that era the problem was made worse because some liberals played right into Nixon’s game book by sometimes spewing bad rhetoric. Also some hippies burned the American flag in demonstrations.

NIXON LOVED THAT! That is why the term “liberal” has such negative emotions with many Americans but the word “Progressive” is better.

Dear Reader that is why you will constantly see me using right wing rhetoric that takes the flag back from the 1% and makes them unpatriotic!

Make no mistake about it. The right wing has no problem using red meat rhetoric. They do this while accusing us of dividing Americans against each other. We must use the same rhetoric against them to break the hypnotic spell of the “trickle down identity meme”. I urge you to use the same rhetorical devices.

But cannot we all live in a world without such competitive rhetoric?

Not in a world of PACS and SUPER-PACS.

Sure it would be nice to rise above the earth as did the “puer” in old time legends. But as Carl Jung pointed out the “flying boy” gets his wings melted by the sun. We must live on the earth. That requires competitive red meat rhetoric. Forget your karma and get used to it!

We Must Confront The Meme Of Trickle Down Identity

“What is good for the 1% is also good for America and for the middle class!” – Wrong!


Again let’s ask “Why should millionaires fear an estate tax?”

  1. In America we do not have a nobility – right. Your wealth is the product of your labor and ingenuity, not your blood. After all they don’t want their kids to be “moochers”  but instead to enjoy the reward of that gosh dog gone darn it virtue of “Yankee competition”! RIGHT?
  2. This is America God damn it!  Where everyone with gosh dog dammit  hard work and ingenuity can rise to the top.  – RIGHT?
  3. They talk about “equality of opportunity” vs the evil concept of “equality of outcome”. Well then inherited millions kind of changes that opportunity for their kids now doesn’t it?
  4. So why don’t the rich want to put their kids future where their mouths are or do they know something we don’t?
  5. Actually they do! Working hard and being smart is not enough. Both of those qualities are required to enter the “lottery of chance” that makes one rich. No I did NOT say those who become rich got there merely by chance. I said working hard and being smart gets them into the door where the lottery takes place.

The rich generally do fear estate taxes. They whine that the national debt is to high and they are the champions of America’s children who will have to pay that debt off.

No they don’t give a krap about America’s children or the middle class.

They want your child to live his or her life in the service of their child! While you and your children have to work longer hours with less pay and benefits and past 65.

They fear equal opportunity for your children!  They talk about the value of “competition” but do not want their trust fund babies to have to compete with your children on the same level, if at all! They want your children to live their lives serving their children. This is their “shining city on the hill”!

Obama must:

  • Up the rhetoric to open the eyes of the Silent Majority.
  • He must accuse the news media of bias like Nixon did. Only they need to be called out on “corporate news media bias“. Which they spew.

The self centered “sense of entitlement” that guides the agenda of the 1% (not all)  is working toward a different outcome for America. A plutocracy where we live in levels near poverty creating ever increasing opportunity for the stock market.

Americans are becoming tired of their lives being mere commodities in the idle speculative games of the rich and of the Democrats that enable this system.

Obama did make some good steps in his speech. But unless certain underlying assumptions are confronted and brought to the surface the meme of “trickle down identity” will continue to block “change we can believe in”.

What is best for our social betters is not necessarily what is best for America or the middle class!

Below is an excellent analysis by MSNBC commentator Krystal Ball on Obama’s SOTUS/

You can find more material from Krystal Ball and her MSNBC program “The Cycle” by clicking this link.

Democrats Must Forever Preach The Lessons Of History

We need to return to the “good ole days” of Republican President Dwight Eisenhower when we had robust unions and employment while we also had a 91% progressive income tax!

But the bleeding hearts for the 1% will say that would take away the “incentive for innovation“!

What “innovation”?

Shipping our jobs, technology and the opportunities of America’s young to China by the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS? All while they join with their fellow travelers the Chinese Communists to sing the Globalization Internationale? All the while China grows as a threat to America?

No the “meme of trickle down identity” must be confronted.

What is good for these effete snobs of privileges is not what is good for America!

Yes I grant that Obama has made some good tax proposals that are at least in the right direction. He also stated he would be going around the nation making speeches to support these plans. But he must be more confrontational.

Well he is starting to push back. Listen to his retort to Republicans clapping when he said he is done running for office.

I wish he would have asked them “where are the death panels”?

I urge him to break the spell of the “trickle down identity meme” by exposing it’s assumptions and how it plays out in our nations’ life.

Obama must separate in the public’s mind:

  1. An increase in capital gains tax, inheritance taxes and the progressive income tax is NOT an attack on the middle class. Rather it is a defense and has precedence, FDR and Eisenhower had robust progressive income taxes. It can result in a decrease in middle class tax.
  2. The advance of the stock market is not necessarily an advance for America or the middle class. Yes pension funds use the markets as do individual middle class Americans. But that presumes your company will still have pensions. It presumes your employer will compensate you with an income to be able to purchase stocks and not have to sell them due to a personal crisis.
  3. Reducing the power of the government does not equal an increase in the freedom of the individual. We are no longer independent yeoman farmers. We are subservient to the new collective. The corporation!  The government is the referee in this game of economics. If the referee’s power is reduced or is altered by campaign contributions the game is changed and the freedom of the individual is damaged.
  4. Free speech does not mean those with more money have the right to more speech! It does not mean for members of Congress to be working large parts of their day talking to dark money contributors. To his credit Obama did make some mention of this in his speech. But will me hammer away at this for his last two years? Will he push for a Constitutional Amendment to separate corporation and state? There is where he should aim for a legacy! 

Here Is A Legacy Mr. President Worth Fighting For

I hope Obama will now use his last days in office to push for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state along with a voucher system for candidates that would match small donor contributions.