Base To Obama – Give Us Change We Can Believe In

I voted for Obama! I am a ardent progressive. But I am sick and tired of defending him and his fellow members of the Troika Of Impotence, the other two being HarryReid and Nancy Pelosi. Be honest is this “Change We Can Believe In?”

Why the hell should the Democratic base support this Troika of Impotence! Yes the Republicans are the “party of no”. But under Obama and the Troika of Impotence the Democratic Party has become the “Party of MEOW”!

Below is a video clip from the Ed Schultz Show. I am afraid I have to disagree with Ed Schultz. The issue is not saving the Democratic Party majority in the Congress! What so we can have six more years of Obama kissing Joe Liebermann’s ass!

Obama has advanced the “Audacity of Impotence”!

  • A Health Care Reform Law that will not stop rates from rising. Where those with prior existing conditions will not be rejected but will be priced out anyway!
  • Credit Card Reform without a National Usury provision. What good is the new law.
  • It’s the economy stupid! Obama has not learned that. True if we had a “real stimulus”, which we don’t, it would still take time to work it’s way through the economy. But we gave 160 Billion to AIG and only 45 Billion to infrastructure repair. Now Obama wants to add a mere 50 billion more for infrastructure repair. Can you hear the “MEOW”!
  • Why hasn’t Obama and the other members of the Troika Of Impotence gone on a subpoena blitz so we could how Bush and his cronies wasted our money (and lives) on that great right wing social engineering experiment in Iraq? – MEOW!

Oh yes this is “Change We Can Believe In”

Obama should get his head out of Joe Liebermann’s ass! His face is turning blue from all that Blue Dog Democrat butt he has been kissing. The Democratic Base is not going to come out for this. Better to vote for a third party candidate if your local Congress person is not a real progressive. If the Republicans win so be it! Then we can concentrate on removing corporate funding and K-Street contributions to our political process while the Middle Class learns the true agenda of the Republicans who will now come out of the closet to advance their class warfare against the silent majority!

The issue is not how many pieces of legislation got passed! The issue involves two factors where Obama has completely failed in advancing the Progressive Agenda!

First is the strength and quality of the legislation! Second is his use or nonuse of the “Presidential bully pulpit”! The President has the unofficial office of “National Pontifex Maximus”. The President gets to “define the issues” and use his political capital to change popular opinion. Why didn’t President Obama go on an offensive while the Tea Party zanies went on their campaign? What the hell does he expect? He is perceived as impotent! It does not matter if he got no legislation passed! Passing legislation is not the core issue but standing for “Change We Can Believe In”.! He had the means and the supporters to rally America but he wasted it!

If Bush failed in getting his legislation passed then he would throw red meat to his base! He would provide “entertainment for the masses” by attacking Gay Marriage or some other non-issue. Let’s assume Obama had enacted a “Real Stimulus” not the weak one that he did enact. As I mentioned above it may still take some time to translate into jobs. But what a great moment to rally the Middle Class against both the Bush AND the Reagan Tax Cuts that benefit our social betters but not us! What a great moment to rally the American Middle Class against the Corporate Collectivization of America! If the Republicans blocked him then that would play even more into Obama’s hands to launch an attack!

Obama’s response – “MEOW”!

Then the Supreme Court threw Obama a great opportunity! They declared Corporations to be people and “entitled” to certain rights! When I served in the Army I did not see a “corporation” in the next bunk in my barracks! Did Obama rally the base to get a Constitutional Amendment to keep the corporations and their money out of the political processes?

Obama’s response? All we heard was a “meow”! Is that “Change We Can Believe In”? When MoveOn.Org told me to e-mail Harry Reid to thank him for voting for the Health Care Reform Bill last spring I realized something is really wrong! What I should thank Harry Reid for simply doing the right thing! Oh but if we back a third party candidate then the Tea Party Republicans will win! So what I would rather they win then see Obama kissing Ben Nelson or Joe Liebermann’s butt.

I will post an article in the next week how Obama can reverse this situation. Obama once said that he offered new leadership. He stated that Democrats were continuing the debates of the late night dorm discussions of the 1960’s and he was the new generation!

Well President Obama maybe you can learn something from us aging hippies on how to deal with these Republicans! Just look at how your pathetic mantra of “MEOW” has advanced “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN”! Obama should listen to those who were in the late night bull sessions of the college dorms of the 1960’s! If he did then he would have learned that Republicans are waging class warfare and will go to any lengths to win. Go ahead Obama give us that pathetic “MEOW” but you will not get my support unless you go on a real offensive against these right wing nuts! You deserve to be treated as a wimp for allowing the Tea Party nut jobs to tarnish the liberal agenda!

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