Base To Obama: Stop Listening To Republicans And Start Lecturing

My advice to Obama is the opposite of what Sarah Palin said at the Tea Party convention! I have had enough of Obama trying to get the Republicans to come on board. We won they lost – REMEMBER! I am sick of letting Joe Liebermann and his fellow travelers, the blue dog Democrats destroy the mandate of the American people! President Obama has fallen right into the Republican trap. They knew it would work even before he took office. How is that?

Well we had majorities in both houses of Congress. Did we use our power to de-fund the Iraq War or start impeachment proceedings against George Bush? No all you heard from Democrats was their pathetic mantra of “MEOW”! Because we have a proven track record of not being willing to cross the line in the sand made by Republicans while Bush was President and stopping the war or even impeaching him, they know they can win. Make no mistake they are winning because Americans want “action figures”! The ad below from the Democratic Party is a good start but not enough.

The Republicans have changed the rules of engagement so that you need a super-majority rather than a majority in the Senate! But it takes two to tango and Democrats are such pathetic losers, they have not played chicken with the Republicans by calling them on a filibuster.

President Barrack Obama has failed those of us who elected him because:

  • The stimulus package had just a pittance for Infrastructure and Green Technology Jobs. AIG got far more.
  • Instead of providing cover for members of Congress by lambasting the Republicans and their idiotic “Death Panel” scare tactics, President Obama joined the Democrats in Congress with their new meditation mantra, “MEOW….MEOW”.  He could have started a “stop the corporate greed campaign”! Oh no we wouldn’t want to do that! We might generate some bad karma! Pass the Tofu please!
  • We never had a super majority! We had Joe Liebermann plus some other losers. Face reality and proceed from there. Instead of trying to get the Blue Dog votes we should have appealed to the Silent Majority with an anti-corporatist and anti-globalization campaign. We should have framed the issue as “Individual Freedom vs. subservience to the Corporate Collective! No instead with masochistic fervor we engaged in the “Louisiana Purchase” and the “Corn Husker Compromise” with Blue Dog Democrats! We destroyed our creditability with the American people. Oh yes and the Democrat Congressional Response as we drifted down in the polls from Republican fear mongering! – “MEOW….MEOW……MEOW”!
  • Yes it takes time to provide jobs. But maybe a more intense economic stimulus should have been applied while we had the creditability! Regardless Republicans were able to sell the American people that we didn’t care about jobs. They became the champions of Main Street painting us as friends of Wall Street. If we had gone on a class warfare campaign things would be different. They are waging Class Warfare against the middle class. So why shouldn’t we counter attack? Oh dear that’s too harsh. Let’s sing “Kumbaya” with the Republicans! Sure right! Tea anyone?
  • Barrack Obama did not want to “point the finger”! Well now Mr. President the Republicans have given you the finger! If you do not forcefully and continually attack these Republicans for painting you as a Kenyan then what the hell do you expect? Americans hate weaklings! They want “Change” – get it! Hell you ran on it! This is not “silly season” in Washington Mr. President it is the destruction of the Democratic Party mandate! Let’s point the finger and constantly! – All I hear from Democrats is “MEOW”.  I am sick of it!

The time has come to put the real underlying issue in front of the American people. That issue is “Are we a nation of one person – one vote”! Or “Are we a nation of one dollar one vote”!

Why shouldn’t we raise the progressive income tax? My God you would think that these people actually earned millions per year! Sure we want to have incentives for people to innovate! But the progressive income tax is just reality paying a visit to those who think that they actually earned millions per year.

No I am not talking about those who saved and invested over a lifetime to become millionaires! It is just that we must have a balance. That is why the Republicans are trying to destroy Obama and the Democrats. They want to reduce the middle class to subservience to the Corporations! While they sing their Corporate Internationale and ship our jobs, technology, and futures out of this country! This is not “innovation” to reward! I just wish I didn’t hear the whine of “MEOW” from Democrats anymore!

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