Bed Time For Sarah Palin

Oh poor baby Sarah Palin. Did that nasty liberal biased news media finally become too much for the “Pit bull Hockey Mummy” from Alaska? What drives me crazy about Sarah Palin is the way the news media where too scared to pursue her ties with the Alaskan independence Party and her ties with a witch hunting pastor who gave her the laying on of hands. Please note that while I am an Episcopalian I am not making fun of Pentecostals! I understand most of you reading this are not aware of Sarah Palin being a “PAL of Witch-hunters and Alaskan Secessionists”!

But then again the news media never had the guts to do follow ups on her relationship to the Alaskan Independence Party! With the exception of a few Journalists on CNN and MSNBC, Sarah Palin got a free ride with the news media. Below Keith Olbermann talks about Sarah Palin’s hypocrisy and her relation to both the Alaskan Independence Party and her witchdoctor hunting pastor! (Keith gets into this fully about four minutes into the video but I recommend you watch it in full.

Concerning Sarah Palin’s being a pal of Secessionists, she was wrongly accused of being a “formal member” of the AIP (Alaskan Independence Party). That she was not a formal member, as it was originally alleged by some, has been taken to dismiss the entire issue of her ties to the Alaskan independence Party! Well not so fast! You see her husband was a member for seven years and she even sent a video address to their convention last year just a few months before she became the Republican nominee for Vice President. You can view it on the Alaskan Independence Party website below.

The AIP Goal is secessionist from America. Their own website states this as their ultimate goal.

Their founder Joe Vogler did not want to be called an “American” but an “Alaskan”. See the video below.

Oh poor Sarah Palin, such a martyr for the Conservative Cause! Those nasty people in the news media even asked her a question about the “Bush Doctrine”! Being the great foreign policy expert that John McCain said she is, why is such a question considered to be biased?

Yes this is Sarah Palin the one who constantly accused Barrack Obama of being a “pal of terrorists”. Yet to criticize her would result in accusations that the news media is biased! Hell this woman got a free ride! The news media never questioned her about her ties to the Alaskan Independence Party.

God imagine if Barrack Obama’s wife where a member of the Black Panthers? Imagine if Barrack Obama addressed a convention of Black separatists? The news media went on and on about the nutty Rev Wright but barely mentioned John McCain’s ties to Rev. Hagee or Rev. Parsley! But even worse was Sarah Palin and her love of a minister who conducted witch hunting in Africa! (See top video). Yet you never heard about him in the news media!

Well let me close this post with a little humor! The “Ballard of Sarah Palin” see above! These effete snobs of the Republican Party accused Barrack Obama of being a “elitist”! Yet now they wail and whine like babies that the upper 2% is going to have to pay more taxes. They call these people the “producers”! Hey what do these parasites do to earn more money then the President of the United States? Do they have more responsibilities than the President of the United States! The time has come for America’s producers, our great Middle Class to stop being a Silent Majority but a vocal one! Let’s take back our nation from these effete snobs of privilege!

Good night Sarah and good riddance!


  1. eventhough there are lots of criticisms against Sarah Palin, i still admire her. she also did a lot of things in the area of politics specially in Alaska.