Benghazi: GOP Will Not Turn The Page Like Obama With Iraq

Do you remember when President Obama took office and many of us on the left were demanding a full accounting of how we got into Iraq? We lost thousands of troops and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians also died. We financed the war on the credit card and now Republicans seem to think the enemy of a balanced budget is social security and medicare. But then again they seem to have convinced even President Obama that social security and medicare need to be on the table.

We never found WMD and we were lead to believe we would not be drawn into nation building. We were told the war would finance it self from Iraqi oil. Now Americans seem to forget Clinton left office with a surplus and we got into our financial woes not from an orgy of welfare but an orgy of war and tax cuts to the rich.

Yet Barrack Obama wanted to “turn the page”.

Just like he did with the banks and “to big to fail”.

Well now Mr. President it seems your chums in the GOP are not willing to “turn the page” when the issue is Benghazi. I believe we should not turn the page on Iraq, the banks or Benghazi and I don’t care where the trail leads us.

We lost in Benghazi the lives of our diplomats. I believe in pursuing the truth no matter where it leads.

The facts are:

  1. Libya was unstable.
  2. The whole Muslim world is unstable.
  3. 9/11 was a day the terrorists would like to use against us.

Therefore we should have had contingency plans to protect our diplomats.

See the video below from MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnel.

Sure the Republicans are using this against both Obama and Hillary Clinton. But I still would like to know why this problem in Benghazi was not foreseen and precautions taken.

Then again our staff abroad is less protected by the USMC and instead by Halliburton militias. Under Bush we “outsourced” the defense of our diplomats. Not all but a lot of the work has been taken from the Marines. I believe that is a mistake.

I wonder will Hillary Clinton be as much of a WIMP as Barrack Obama in dealing with Republicans?

But then again you see dear reader I am a Progressive not a corporate Democrat. So while I agree this is a tragic situation in Benghazi, I have no love for the wimp Obama.

While Hillary and Bill Clinton made it possible for my computer career to be destroyed as they created “free trade” and imported cheap foreign technical labor to outsource what they did not off shore, I still believe at least Hillary Clinton would say “no” to cutting social security and medicare.

But do not expect this liberal blogger to rise up in the defense of either Obama or Hillary Clinton. I suspect these investigations into Benghazi will prove Hillary Clinton has more testosterone than Barrack Obama. She already snapped back at one committee questioner. So she may have more testosterone than Obama.

But then again even a pussy cat has more testosterone to stand up to Republicans than does Barrack Obama. I am seriously thinking of changing my registration to the Green Party. While I voted for Obama in 2008, I voted straight Green in 2012.

In my opinion even if Obama tried his best in Benghazi, I have no desire to defend him when he will not defend the progressive agenda.

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