Bernard Madoff: Role Model For Era Of Corporate Permissiveness

Yesterday I read that Bernie Madoff wants to keep $69 Million and his penthouse apartment! Maybe we should follow ancient Babylonian law and have separate tables of punishment based on social class! I heard one bleeding heart on Fox News try to argue his case! Well I have an idea for Mrs. Madofff. Assuming she is not part of this and she has to now figure out what to do since her lavish lifestyle looks like it is in jeopardy I have a solution:

In his book, “Success Through A Positive Mental Atitude“, Insurance tycoon W. Clement Stone, speaking about earning riches in America says, “Got a problem – GREAT!”.  So using the pick yourself up Horatio Alger philosopy I would amonish Mrs. Madoff to remember this is a free market economy! Why not try working like other senior citizens as a cashier at WAL-MART? Hey thank God this happened to her in America and not some awful socialist country like Sweden! Do you remember “George Sanders” who long after retirement started with a DREAM in this great environment of our FREE MARKET Capitalist System and went on to become the world renowned “Colonel Sanders”!

Hey if he can do it then anyone can do it – RIGHT? So join the rest of us Mrs. Madoff.

Look at the results of what Bernard Madoff did to others who placed their life savings in his trust. No I do not wish Mrs. Madoff harm unless she was a part of the scheme.

My point is what about the SILENT MAJORITY of Americans who have to EARN A LIVING! The President of the United States, with all his responsibilities over global nuclear war and climate change, recieves a mere $400K per year! The time has come when we have to ask,

  • Who are these people to command such salaries as corporate CEO’s, earning millions per year and to have such wealth”?
  • What contribution have they made to our society?

The time has come for America’s Silent Majority to stand up, our great Middle Class, and to say enough is enough!



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  1. Well to all the greedy people that wanted to invest to be more greedy!!!! You got what you deserved. You probably are the same people that cried broke before you actually really were. So now your really broke like the rest of us. Welcome to the real world.