Bernie Sanders A Victim Of Corporate News Media Biases

Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

Bernie Sanders (I-VT) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I believe Senator Bernie Sanders is becoming the target of the corporate news media! For to long the term “liberal news media biases” has become a part of the lexicon of American politics. The time has come that Progressives point out how the news media has a conservative bias against real Progressives!

Progressives have to break out of the boundaries set by the donor class that places them inside a corporate sandbox. Confined by this sandbox many Democrats play “make believe progressive” – advocating programs that stay within the confines of the plutocracy and advance the meme of trickle down identity!

One example is the recent Democratic debate. Imagine if it were Sarah Palin being confronted with the “in your face questions” that Bernie Sanders and to some extent even Hillary Clinton were asked. I have no problem with most of the questions that were asked.

But I would like to point out an instance where the moderator tried to “spin” what Bernie Sanders said.

Bernie Sanders said we need a “political revolution in this nation at the polls”. The moderator questioned Sen. Sanders saying Americans do not want a “Revolution”. Excuse me that is not what Senator Sanders said. He was not calling for an “armed revolution” but a revolution at the polls.

Yet right wingers talk about watering the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots. The media are to afraid to call them out.

Right Wing Corporate News Media Spin Against Progressive Values

The right wing and their corporate shills in the Democratic Party like Hillary Clinton want to equate disloyalty to the corporation as disloyalty to America!

Yet these CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS have no loyalty to America. They ship our jobs, technology and wealth offshore. Frequently to our potential enemy China because patriotism is a foreign concept to them. It is inconsistent with their never ending sense of entitlement! 

Yet we the members of the American middle class are to subjugate our individual freedom to the welfare of the corporate collectivists, both on the micro level at job interviews and on the macro level at bailing out Wall Street.

Below Bill Maher satirically illustrates how Bernie Sanders message is being distorted.


Bernie Sanders in his speeches tried to correct the mistake many Americans have concerning the success of Democratic Socialism in Northern and Western Europe.

  1. They are not walking with their heads down under the burden of socialism but are quite happy.
  2. There are no death panels in western and northern Europe only people who live longer than Americans. Yes, there is a thing called “managed care” but American heath insurance companies practice that also.
  3. Denmark which has one of the highest rates of social leveling has very happy senior citizens.
  4. These nations are democracies. Most are in NATO. Yes, we are the allies of SOCIALIST Nations! They are not our enemies but good friends.

Bernie Sanders Is Doing What Obama Refused To Do: Use The Bully Pulpit

You would rarely hear of these facts from the mainstream Democratic Party. One reason is that Barrack Obama is not a Muslim but a corporate shrill and wimp who is a failure for not educating the American public. He had the chance by using the bully pulpit as President.

Instead, Barrack Obama has done an almost seven-year celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle.

The issue is not how to best implement austerity and balance the budget!

  • The issue is how much to raise the tariff to bring American jobs home!
  • The issue is how fast can we go back to the good ole days of President Eisenhower when we had a progressive income tax of 91%!
  • Instead of how best to implement austerity we need to restore the estate tax so the children of the rich can “enjoy the benefits of good ole American competition with their peers in this land of equal opportunity! FoxNews says Progressives want a land of equal outcome while Conservatives want simply a land of equal opportunity. Well if Conservatives want a land of equal opportunity with the outcome being the independent variable why not limit the amount that can be passed on to the children of the rich. Say a maximum of $500K. Returning wealth to the land that made it all possible ensures that this will be a land of equal opportunity with the outcome being up to the individual. So what do the rich have to fear for their children under this scenario?

After all this is AMERICA – RIGHT? Where anyone with gutsy hard work can make it.

So what do the children of the rich have to fear?

Perhaps their parents know something they don’t want to tell us? Could it be that their parents doubt the mythology of our nation and the merits of hard work when both blue and white collar jobs are off shored and high tech jobs are filled by H1-b slave workers?

The Message Of The Cut And Run Capitalists As They Ship Our Jobs Off Shore

We the members of the middle class are to learn our place! Maybe if we:

  1. Lowered our salaries
  2. Gave up paid vacations
  3. Went to work on weekends
  4. Worked longer hours
  5. Gave up sick time and health insurance
  6. Got rid of that pesky government regulator OSHA that regulates worker safety then the workplace would flourish with “freedom“. Then we could unleash the forces of the glorious free market for the profit of our social betters.

Oh yes, this is FREEDOM! The joyful freedom to renounce our individual freedom in the service of the corporate collective!

These Cut and Run Capitalists speak with golden tongues about the burdens that are being placed on the future children of America to pay off the national debt that our social engineering experiment in Iraq brought about.

But they do not worry about the children of the middle class.

They worry that the children of the middle class will escape to not spend their years in low-paying jobs in the service of their children!

America To Become A Shining CASINO On The Hill

As they ship our jobs, wealth and technology offshore to America’s enemies the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS have a message to the middle class!

“I want you and You …. AND YOU to COMPETE with each other! I want you to work longer hours for smaller and fewer paychecks while I sit back with my entitlement to enjoy the dividend check from your pain!”

This is the future they envision for America! A shining Casino on the Hill. In the old days “innovation” was defined as creating “value”. Today that “value” is not making society better but how to set one group against the other. Then they cry “foul” when their game is exposed!

When are the facts supposed to come out? When the corporate super-PACs turn our election into a plutocracy in the service of the  patrician class? I would hope Senator Sanders would continue to run even if he loses the Democratic primary.


Am I just spewing hatred of the rich?


No I have no problem with anyone becoming rich! I do have a problem when they want to take away my chances of living a better life and when they want to reduce America into a wasteland in the service of their never ending sense of entitlement! 

Hillary Clinton is unacceptable because she does not want to break up the banks and she undermined blue collar and white collar jobs by supporting NAFTA and H1-b. The latter destroys the careers of American college kids who graduate with technical degrees. Hillary Clinton supported bringing in foreign computer workers to drive down the salaries of the students she now pretends to support.

Most Democrats are playing make believe progressive inside the corporate sandbox of the donor class.

Stepping outside of this sandbox is made to be unpatriotic by those who ship our jobs offshore. We are so brainwashed by the meme of trickle down identity that we will not tear off the blinders placed on us by organized money!

Win or loose Bernie Sanders is using the soap box to educate Americans in this era of organized money. Even if it means a Republican in the White House I will not vote for Hillary Clinton.