Bernie Sanders Is Gone: So What Is A Progressive Blogger To Do?

Damn, it is almost a month since I wrote a post. YES, I am in mourning over the defeat of Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton, “Our Beloved Lady Of NAFTA”. I urge my readers not to get caught up in defending Hillary Clinton when the mud starts to fly from the Republicans. Why do I say this?

Why do I say this?

Because we got all wired up for Barrack Obama and he did NOTHING to advance Progressive values. We had eight years of trickle-down economics that screwed our nation. We never learned the evils of austerity. Instead, the myth of evil government intervention in the marketplace is running unchallenged. This was the job of Barrack Obama, and the wimp walked away from the challenge. Too many Americans forget how deregulation got us into this mess. Instead, many Democrats get fired up defending a personality like Obama or Hillary Clinton when the issue is loyalty to our ideas, not personalities.

Beware Of The HALO Effect And “All Or Nothing Thinking.”

Many people pick a candidate then refuse to look at both the positives and negatives of their candidate and the opposing candidate. People then “make excuses” and see supporting a candidate as “all or nothing”! 

They then get all fired up in defending “their candidate” even when the views espoused by their candidate are at odds. Don’t forget the “Obama-BOTS.” I voted for Obama in 2008 but in 2012 I voted Green.

My point lets look at all our options over the next few months. Could a President Trump advance some Progressive Values and be contained when he went against our values”? I believe to see some value in President Trump. I believe he could get into serious fights with the Republican Party as they are for TPP while Trump is not.

Senator Bernie Sanders has made the decision that Hillary Clinton would be better than voting for Trump or Jill Stein. His belief runs like this:

  • Trump would be worse.
  • Hillary Clinton has made some concessions to the left.
  • We can still contain her if she goes for TPP or other Corporate friendly projects if we keep united as a progressive movement.

I would argue that the same could be said for backing Donald Trump. I am not yet endorsing him or Jill Stein. I will over the next few months REJECT the HALO EFFECT and post barbs on ALL the candidates. So one post may seem pro-Hillary while another appears PRO-Trump. The reality is I want to attack ideas and advance Progressive ideas REGARDLESS of the candidate.

Donald Trump Does Have Some Sound Ideas

Watch the video below.

  • Trump has stated hands off social security and the safety net. Obama was willing to have a “Grand Compromise”.
  • Trump attacked Mitt Romney for his 47% remark. This is not widely known, but it is true.
  • Trump has mentioned that Americans have NOT seen their real wages go up for decades.
  • Trump and Bernie Sanders can say the word “Tariff.” Hillary Clinton seems to think that having good paying jobs is a throwback to times of nostalgia! Barrack Obama said our jobs are not coming back, “that ship has sailed and is not coming back.” He said that last year on the Chris Matthews show.
  • Trump, like Bernie Sanders, is against TPP. Obama is for it and Hillary Clinton appears to favor it secretly as she was a supporter of TPP in the past.
  • I don’t want to see anyone deported. I believe the sensible thing to do even if Trump is not elected is to BUILD A WALL AND GIVE A FULL PARDON TO THOSE HERE! Trump has a point – WHEN IS IT GOING TO END? If you are not for a wall then be HONEST you are for unlimited migration, but I will discuss that in another post. The point is that the above compromise would end the problem, and Trump does NOT have the support in Congress to deport as even his party is against it.
  • To argue for a wall is NOT racist. What about “immigrants”? You know the folks who follow our law and wait years for that precious paper to come telling them they can now board a boat or plane? If you call “ILLEGAL ALIENS”  “immigrants” then what do you call the folks who wait on line and who are still waiting on line following American law? – CHUMPS!
  • Trump like Hillary Clinton could be contained when going in the wrong direction.
  • President Trump could split the Republican Party. Why do I say this? Imagine how Senator Cruz and his Tea Party friends will interact with Trump when Trump wants to spend billions rebuilding our infrastructure.
  • Trump has made one of his key points the problem of money in politics. Hillary Clinton made speeches to Goldman Sachs.
  • Frankly, I don’t care about Trump University students being shafted. They wanted to flip houses and snub their noses at the rest of us. Instead, I  worry about American college kids graduating only to find computer jobs offshored. Then to make things worse Hillary Clinton bringing in H1-b Visa workers at lower pay to undermine the high-tech job market. As I wrote in prior posts, Americans high tech workers even had t train their replacements. All so Hillary Clinton can continue to get money from Siliocn Valley. Stop closing your eyes to the way she and Barrack Obama shafted us.

Progressives Need To Watch Trump As The Democratic Party Must Be Purged Of Corporate Shrills

Hillary Clinton I am NOT afraid of a Donald Trump presidency. I worry instead about a corporate takeover of the Democratic Party.

I will be calling out both sides in the coming months to the election. I have not made up my mind only to the effect that I could not vote for Hillary Clinton but will instead vote for Trump or Jill Stein.

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