Bernie Sanders Or Howard Dean In 2012

The time has come for “Change We Can Believe In”! President Obama has the audacity to attack the base that elected him when he spent the last 18 months kissing Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson and Blanche Lincoln’s butts! So how is that working out for you Mr. President? Joe Lieberman even campaigned against Obama in the last election. Now Obama has the audacity to attack his own base. The problem is that President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are “playing” progressive inside the confines of the “Corporate Sandbox”.

Their decisions are tainted by the corporate contributions that stuffed their election coffers. President Obama received the most contributions from Goldman Sachs in the year 2008! Great work Mr. President. Is it any wonder his financial reform bill does not have any provision for USURY! Then again so called liberal Senator Charles Schumer received loads of money from the investment industry.

I have had enough. We need Senator Bernie Sanders or Howard Dean to run for President in 2012!  Cenk Uygur on the Dyland Ratigan Show gives Obama a piece of his mind in the video below!

Obama thinks that by being Mr. Nice guy to the Republicans he can ride out the storm as he did in the Democratic Primaries! Wrong!

Americans respect ACTION FIGURES! Millions have been out of work and Obama and his corpocrat fellow travelers have done almost nothing to stimulate the economy or place a protective tariff around the United States. Obama should have used the Supreme Court decision declaring that corporations are persons and have the right to use our money to run ads as a spring board for a Constitutional Amendment! Americans in their pain want ACTION FIGURES not a wimp! FDR spoke about the “economic royalists” and the evils of “organized money” while Obama, Reid and Pelosi have accepted the confines of the CORPORATE SANDBOX to “play” liberal as the Clintons did before them.

This liberal has had enough of these losers! We need Howard Dean or Bernie Sanders to run in 2012. If they loose the primary they should run on a third party ticket. The economy of this nation needs to be addressed!

Progressive Talking Point!

I am so proud that my social betters have faith in me to compete with third world blue and white collar workers making slave labor wages! I am so proud that they have faith in me to prosper in competition with people making poverty salaries! I want to return the corporate elitists’  faith in me! I believe those who earn far more than the President of the United States can prosper under the framework of Republican President Dwight Eisenhower when we had a PROGRESSIVE INCOME TAX OF 91%!

I am sick of wimpy CORPOCRATS who are afraid to pass Middle Class income tax relief! These wimps may even continue the entire Bush era tax cuts! Now we are to buckle down to continue two more years of being wimps! I would rather see the entire Congress fall into Republican hands! Nancy Pelosi was afraid to launch investigations into the Bush Administration getting us into the Iraq war now they can learn from the Republicans how to use the House!

The issue is not how many laws Obama could get through. The issue is that he is such a wimp along with Reid and Pelosi –  Corpocrats! Why didn’t we impeach Bush? After Obama took office why didn’t they investigate how Bush got us into Iraq? Americans want ACTION FIGURES not WIMPS!

Below is a short video you will love. It is from the “Frank Factor”. Here he makes a prediction before Obama was elected! He is 100% correct!

This guy above is on the money! Or maybe I should say the Democratic Party is on the money as “Corpocrats”! I have had enough! Obama dares to attack the people who put him in office while he looks the other way at those who called him a Muslim, terrorist, communist, nazi and elitist!

We need Howard Dean and Bernie Sanders in 2012!

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  1. I would absolutely be on board with either of these two men. I was deeply saddened when the media chose to attack Howard Dean the last time around. I look around and wonder how different it might be today if he would have been elected.
    I am sickened at what has happened in this once great country. I have been saying the same thing as I saw posted here. I want someone who will fight and not back down everytime there is a conflict. Our country needs someone with some stones to go on the attack for the middle class instead of cowering down and selling out.
    Yet, I have not heard anyone in the Democrat party trying to get either of these two Democrates to run. They both have been vocally standing up for the American people who happen to be the backbone of the country. Is there any hope?


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