Bernie Sanders Victim Of Pro-Conservative News Media Biases

I am fed up with the unchallenged belief in this society that the news media is biased in support of  liberals. Conservatives such as the walking think tank, Sarah Palin have accused the news media of asking “gotcha questions.”

Sarah Palin was asked such sinister questions as:

  • Did she support the “Bush Doctrine” that sent us to war in Iraq. One would expect her to know what this doctrine is about as her son was being shipped off to Iraq to defend this doctrine.
  • What newspapers does she read? (Wow a real Gotcha Question)
  • Why does she believe that being the governor of a state next door to Russia constitutes foreign policy experience?

FoxNews and the gang all rose up in support for poor dear sweet Sarrah Palin, the victim of that nasty liberal news media. The reporters who asked Sarah Palin those questions were merely doing their job. Just like FoxNew’s own Megyn Kelly who confronted Donald Trump with his contradictions.

Don’t you find it fascinating Donald Trump is afraid of Megyn Kelly being a moderator at the GOP debate? FoxNews believes that Megyn Kelly was just doing her job (and she was), but they don’t seem to extend the same right to reporters from other news channels when they confront contradictions in candidates!

Senator Bernie Sanders Gets “GOTCHA QUESTIONS” From Chuck Todd But Does Not Complain

Durning a recent interview with Chuck Todd on “Meet The Press,” Senator Bernie Sanders was asked  “gotcha questions” by Chuck Todd.

In the video below:

  • At the 1:20 mark Chuck Todd confronts Senator Sanders saying he did not answer the question.
  • Then he tries to smear Senator Sander’s agenda as hopeless! Thus building Hillary Clinton’s narrative as the pragmatist.
  • At the 3:20 mark Chuck Todd confronts Bernie Sanders with a contradiction concerning a statement the Senator made about the Democratic Party not being capable as a vehicle for change. The Senator acknowledged he has softened on that position.



Maybe Bernie Sanders should have stormed out of the Chuck Todd interview screaming “anti-liberal news media bias”! But he didn’t because Chuck Todd was just doing his job. However Progressives might be advised to feint victimhood just to counter the Conservative’s allegation of news media biase.

The Mythological Origins Of Pro-Liberal News Media Biases

To my knowledge, this mythology began during the Vietnam War.

Week after week the death tolls would be reported with thousands of North Vietnamese deaths and less than one hundred Americans.

One day a CBS reporter wondered aloud during his report how that could be? After all North Vietnam had a small population base compared to America. President Nixon went ballistic. He then authorized his VP to go on a pit bull attack against the news media.

Durning the whole Vietnam War, the news media played into the right wing scenario. They would only cover protests with flag burning then follow it with flag-waving conservatives.


Thus framing the choice was just as the conservatives wanted the question phrased:

Patriotism or treason! Age of permissiveness or law and order!

Remember it is not just the “answer” but the “question” that confronts our society that will determine our nation’s direction. This has been one of my major criticisms of Obama. He has not used the bully pulpit to set the “questions” that our nation should face. Instead, he allows the Republicans to set the issues. Example:

Instead of raising the question of returning to the progressive income tax rates when President Eisenhower was in office to 91%, Barrack Obama allows the question to be “how to best balance the budget in an era of austerity.” President Obama allowed the GOP to set the question and his agenda was to give a more humane answer to the amount of austerity this nation would accept. The idea of returning to good ole days when we had a strong economy, strong unions, tariffs and a progressive income tax of 91% with robust inheritance taxes never even crossed Barrack Obama’s  mind. -“MEOW”!

The issue is the NEWS MEDIA allowing the GOP to set the all important QUESTION rather than simply answering a question that should not be the topic!

Donald Trump Goes Ballistic At Fox News: But Will Progressives Use This Fight To Destroy The Myth Of Liberal News Media Biases?

Donald Trump has been in a running battle with FoxNews’ Megyn Kelly. All she did was to confront him with his contradictions.

The issue is will Progressives confront FoxNews concerning their lies false accusations about a pro-liberal bias in the news media simply for asking “gotcha questions“? That is the news media’s job. Just like their own Megyn Kelly asked Donald Trump “gotcha questions”?

In the short video below “The Young Turks” enjoy a good laugh about this right wing internal fight.

Roger Ailes, the head of Fox News has defended Megyn Kelly (as he should) but “The Donald” does not like Ailes’ statement:

 “We learned from a secret back channel that the Ayatollah and Putin both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president — a nefarious source tells us that Trump has his own secret plan to replace the Cabinet with his Twitter followers to see if he should even go to those meetings,”

I agree with Mr. Ailes statement. I just wonder why they did not say the same thing about Sarah Palin when she attacked the news media for simply doing their job!

The definition of a “gotcha question” = simply pointing out a contradiction in the politician’s statements and/or knowledge.

Now FoxNews has to tell us why the above is fair when they do it but not fair when every other news channel just does their job. Including the reporter way back in the Vietnam War who I mentioned at the start of this post!

I would urge Senator Bernie Sanders to scream that MSNBC is “pro-conservative” since they asked him “gotcha questions”! Meanwhile back at the White House President Barrack Obama is saying:

“Ah gosh, golly cannot we all just be friends? This is just SILLY SEASON in politics! – MEOW!”