Biden And That “S” Word: STANDING Up For America

Oh the bleeding hearts in the Republican Party want us to weep for the poor upper 5% who make out like bandits while we the Silent Majority – America’s great Middle Class work our butts off every day to stay afloat. Their sense of “entitlement is beyond imagination! No I don’t deny the right of people to become millionaires! But the word “socialism” does not send fear down my spine. Especially not European style socialism. Instead Unemployment and lack of heath care send a shiver of fear down my spine! I want to become not just a computer programmer but also a self employed computer consultant! I need universal health care to do this and for my pay scale not to be undercut by importing low salary H1-b foreign tech workers to destroy my dreams! If there were a shortage of tech workers let the “free market” take care of it via higher salaries! The corporations have no problem manipulating for government intervention in the free market to lower my pay scale as a tech worker!
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In the video above Senator Joe Biden leads the Silent Majority in “STANDING UP FOR AMERICA”! Naturally the effete snobs of privilege would prefer profits from off shoring and they resent this call to patriotism!

The human body has two nervous systems: sympathetic and parasympathetic that compliments each other. Many things in life do not have clear cut solutions but compromises to bring about a “homeostasis” of competing desirable values! The progressive income tax is one side of the compensation homeostasis of the body of society! While we want to encourage the future Bill Gates of America to create we must also look at the top and ask a fundamental question that more and more Americans are now willing to ask:

“Why should someone earn more money than me especially when it is hundreds of time more than the average Joe makes? What contributions to society are they doing that warrant such compensation?”

Oh dear me now I did it, I broke a taboo of our internalized culture! Let me ask you a rhetorical question! Would you favor giving African Americans a check of $50,000.00 dollars for the uncompensated work that their ancestors did as slaves? Well most of us would favor the “sentiment” but not the actual act. I also would not favor giving such a check as we believe people should reap the rewards of their own merits rather than the ones of their ancestors. Yet Cindy McCain inherited somewhere around $36 – $88 million dollars from her ancestors. So in her case hours worked from past ancestors are still paying off today! Again we are trying to balance the right to pass on wealth with the dictates of a free society where one’s advancement is the result of ones own merit and all can have an equal shot at being wealthy!

We do not want our society to get involved with the relative compensation of one citizen vs. another as this is a competitive aspect that we prefer to believe does not exist! However are we willing to believe that executives who make millions per year are contributing to a free society in proportion to their compensation? This is where progressive taxation is just society’s way of saying “Time For A Reality Check”! That is because it really is a MYTH that a multi-millionaire makes a greater contribution to society that a member of the SILENT MAJORITY – America’s great Middle Class!

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We live in an era of licentious permissiveness (I love to use Republican Speak) where loyalty to the nation that gave wealth to corporations and investors is considered ethically relative in relation to making a profit! We see our jobs; technology and even corporations off shored, frequently even to the enemies of America while those higher paying jobs that remain in the technology area are filled by foreign H1-b Visa workers. AIG was a prime example of using H1-b employees to destroy the careers of computer professionals! These corporations frequently renounce their American identity to term themselves “multinational” while they sing their new “Republican Party Globalization Internationale” at the expense of the nation that give them birth, incorporation, protection and profits!

Yet where are these BLEEDING HEARTS of the Republican Party when this massive WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION program is taking place from the “producers” in our society to the upper 5% via the instruments of Globalization, H1-b Visas and predatory debt practices by both mortgage lenders and credit card companies! The latter that use fees and higher rates to insure that many never will pay off their cards! America’s Silent Majority is starting to realize that CLASS WARFARE has been going on all the time! We go to job interviews and we have to parrot that we read the company’s annual report and find it so wonderful that we want to commit a life time of service to the CORPORATE COLLECTIVE while they make no such commitment to us! As if the needs of the Corporate Collective are the individual’s needs also! Corporations are allowed to have desire for profit and greed. The employee is to pledge his life long commitment without a reciprocal one in return from the Corporate Collective!

The initial job interview is not a test of ones skills but of ones internalization of the Corporate Collective’s needs over the individual! Like I give a shit that they made x amount last year as it may be because they paid their employees less! I am not to have greed and the desire for profit rather I am to subvert my needs to the corporate collective! Don’t change what I am saying here. Being part of a “team” is essential when seeking employment. The issue is the one sided aspect of the relationship! Is it any wonder that “trickle down economics” was so successful in the political arena! We are indoctrinated to serve our social betters from the time we seek employment! Ah yes the Republican Brave New World! Let the rich upper 5% of the world unite and let us sing with them “The Republican Corporate Globalization Internationale” as we ship American jobs, wealth, technology and our futures overseas while our social betters reap the rewards of this WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT!

Instead of talking about how many days into the new year we are paying taxes maybe every American employee should receive with his paycheck a note telling him at what day in the new year his total compensation will equal the first day of compensation of the corporate CEO!

Let’s join Joe Biden and use that “S” word proudly. TIME TO “STAND” UP FOR AMERICA! This November 4th is SILENT MAJORITY DAY! Time to take our nation back from these effete snobs of privilege whose loyalty is to profit before country! 



  1. Certainly an interesting viewpoint. However socialism does have to deal with corruption due to lack of natural competition.

    Of course, there’s plenty of corruption with a capitalistic system, too.