Bill Maher: Re-elect Obama Because He Is Black

As a social democrat I just cannot wait till Barrack Obama gets re-elected so we can cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and continue Barrack Obama’s testosterone challenged response to the Tea Party driven GOP! Bill Maher seems to feel that if we do not re-elect Barrack Obama then it would mean that Blacks are not capable of being president. I thought racism is when you judge someone by their skin color rather than their performance! (Below is a short video clip from Bill Maher). Note if it does not appear then hit your browser’s reload button.

Re-elect Barrack Obama or vote third party?

Oh Barrack I want so much to join you so we can make the “hard choices” and compromise ever more with Republicans! After all we middle class Americans need to know our place in this Brave New World where corporations are persons! President Obama, is the 2008 Goldman Sachs PAC winner receiving the largest donations from the nice people at Goldman Sachs!

But wait those mean nasty Republicans never gave our hero of “Change We Can Believe In” a fighting chance!

Yes that is true but Obama is a wimp who does not use the bully pulpit! We had control of both Houses of Congress and a super-majority in the Senate. I would still support Obama even if he did not get one piece of legislation passed. My problem with Obama is that he is a wimp who plays make  believe liberal inside the corporate sandbox. He accepts their limitations and does not want to offend his corporate sponsors! Doubt me? Then answer the question below.

Question: Why didn’t he strong arm corporate Democrats and push for real reforms?

Answer: Barrack Obama is a wimp! Better to vote third party even if it results in a President Romney! You do realize that Democrats can also filibuster? If Obama is re-elected we will have trickle down testosterone deficiency in the Democratic Party!

But then again he is just like Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer! Well I refuse to play “make believe progressive”! Stop defending this wimp!

Join Barrack Obama And Play “Make Believe Progressive”!

Barrack Obama knows his place in the new Brave New World where corporations are people! That is why I think every Democrat should follow along with President Obama and Wall Street Chuckie Schumer!

Let’s make believe we had real financial reforms!

Barrack Obama’s reforms have made credit card companies disclose out right their high interest rates without outlawing the practice of usury! Oh yes this is CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN! That is why we need to re-elect Barrack Obama to show that we middle class Americans KNOW OUR PLACE in this Brave New World of corporate personhood!

Economic debt slavery to serve our social betters is what real progressives should rally around! Re-Elect Barrack Obama and let’s show the world we middle class Americans know our place!

Our battle cry shall be:

“Barrack Obama – making the middle class strong with usury, free trade agreements, and off shoring of both blue and white collar jobs!

Let’s Make Believe We Had A Real Job Stimulus!

Stop making excuses for this wimp! Racism is when you judge by skin color rather than job performance! We NEVER had a real stimulus package and even if Obama where to push for one when we had control of Congress the stimulus would not be effective without some type of tariff!

Obama should have issued a “recall” on the Cut and Run Corporations and investors  that flee America, the nation that gave them birth, protection, incorporation and profits  for our potential enemy –  China!

But instead Obama wants to play “make believe progressive” inside the CORPORATE SANDBOX of his monied corporate contributors! Yeah this is “Change We Can Believe In”!


Let’s Make Believe Obama Is Fighting Against Corporate Personhood

The fact is that before the Supreme Court even made it’s ruling Barrack Obama was practicing “corporate personhood” by allowing the leaders of the Health Care Industry to participate in direct discussions! He was afraid they would mount ads against his bill as they had done with the Clinton Bill!

This is why we have an Occupy Wall Street Movement! These few individuals who run these giant corporations are being given power way beyond their numbers! Instead the “numbers” are the cash they can put out! Who pays for that cash by the way? We do in the form of our insurance premiums and drug costs!

We are being forced to finance the political agenda of the 1% when they use our insurance premiums and drug costs to finance their K-Street operations and super-PACS. Middle class Americans are being forced to submit to “taxation without representation”. Where is the outrage from Obama?

Why isn’t Barrack Obama calling for a Constitutional Amendment to separate corporation and state? Can you hear the pathetic “meow” of Barrack Obama while playing liberal inside the corporate sandbox of his donors?

Republican members of Congress have the right to sit with the President and talk because they represent real people. But if we had a separation of corporation and state with real campaign financing from the treasury then even the Republicans would be more pliable since they would not be as much afraid of the far right wing.

Obama And The Brave New World Of The Corporate Plutocrats

We are seeing the subjugation of the middle class!  Barrack Obama’s testosterone challenged leadership is the reason it is succeeding!

President FDR said that

“Necessitous men are not free men”!

The 1% are building a nation of necessitous citizens where in the value of a dividend check has higher value over the value of a pay check! Add to this the problem of “trickle down identity” that makes those who own some stock believe in the fantasy that they are beyond the middle class when in effect if their jobs ended tomorrow they would fall fast.

We need a president who will use the bully pulpit.

But Barrack Obama is looking the other way as we are being converted into a nation of necessitous citizens!

Sure the kitten meows when pressed but never takes decisive action such as calling for:

  1. A constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state.
  2. Ending free trade. Only last fall he signed another free trade treaty!
  3. Calling for the end of “usury” by credit card companies, mortgages and student loans. Yes on the last he just made some progress. To bad these students will see their white collar jobs off shored or diminished at home.
  4. Real health care instead of the phony system he passed.
  5. The recall of Wisconsin Governor Walker and going to that state to stand with the unions!
  6. Laws to make union membership available to all, both blue and white collar employees!
  7. A real job stimulus! Because of Obama people will now believe that Keynesian economics does not work. But we never had a real stimulus.
  8. Elimination of not simply the Bush Tax Cuts but the Reagan and Kennedy Tax Cuts as well!


If you believe this is “Change We Can Believe In” then you are going against Dr. Martin Luther King who wanted Black people to be judged as “individuals” and by their individual deeds rather than their skin color! You are putting your head in the sand if you believe Obama fought for “Change We Can Believe In”! Again the issue is not how much legislation he could get passed but that he gave up when we had the majority in Congress rather than arm twist.

Obama Groupies Have To Face Facts

Because Obama treated corporations as people we now have a health care law that forces Americans to buy a corporate product when they should have the option to opt into a real public option plan.

True the issue is not just Obama but many Democrats who are also play “progressive” inside the monied confines of the corporate sandbox of their sponsors!

Obama did not give us a “starter house”. It will never be completed even if we Democrats had 110 Senators in a Senate of 100 because corporate power is to extensive and Obama does not want to use the bully pulpit to call for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state.

Occupy Wall Street Stands For Change We Can Believe In

The time has come to stop putting our heads in the sand and support the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Obama has turned his back on “Change We Can Believe In”.

If you still believe Obama gave us real health care, financial reform, a job stimulus and support for unions then listen to the short video below.

Sure Sarah Palin is a nut job. But what is worse is Progressives playing “make believe” and believing that Obama is one of us!

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