Bill O'Reilly And FoxNews SPIN Steve Schmidt Statements

While we already are aware about Sarah Palin’s lack of basic geography, I would like to add how Fox News distorted Steve Schmidt’s interview on “60 Minutes“!  Bill O’Reilly created a FULL SPIN ZONE in his “Talking Points Memo” on Monday when he said that McCain Adviser Steve Schmidt stated that Sarah Palin made the the Republican ticket stronger.

This is one of those “classic instances” of creating spin! Yes he said “x” but Steve Schmidt also said “x+y+z”. This was true spin by Bill O’Reilly because Steve Schmidt also stated that Sarah Palin did not know the difference between North and South Korea, that she lacked a basic understanding of civics and history! Also Steve Schmidt implied that the McCain campaign was so far down anyway that Palin did help their numbers. But we must ask at what price to America?

Naturally Bill O’Reilly did not mention that.  Steve Schmidt made these statements on the CBS program “60 Minutes“. Both Rachel Maddow and Bill O’Reilly reported on the same interview with Steve Schmidt. However the “No Spin Zone” champion from Fox News with their “fair and balanced” reporting did not mention the “minor” fact that we could have had a Vice President who did not know which Korea was building nuclear weapons and firing rockets over the pacific. First here is Rachel Madoow from MSNBC listing the full context of Steve Schmidt’s statement. Then watch the second short video from Bill O’Reilly on the same subject. Note the spin concerning what Steve Schmidt had to say about Palin. Finally we have a special video but I will leave that to the end!

While MSNBC’s Ed Schultz and others also did an excellent job reporting the full story on Steve Schmidt, I listed Rachel Maddow’s video as there is no way Republicans can claim sexism on the part of us liberal elitists!

My God Steve Schmidt even says Sarah Palin’s husband was indeed a member of the Alaskan Independence Party! This isn’t some tofu eating leftie liberal but a senior McCain adviser stating this.

Now take a look at this short video from Bill O’Reilly talking about the same Steve Schmidt interview on “60 Minutes”! Talk about a “Spin Zone“!

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Just look at the Pro-Conservative News Media Biases here:

  • Can you believe what would have happened if Michele Obama were a member of an African separatist political party?  Yet Steve Schmidt, the senior McCain staffer says Sarah Palin’s husband was a member for seven years! (see first video)  Where is the self righteous media outrage? But then again where are the wimpy leaders of the Democratic Party as they should be exploiting this!
  • Where are the news media pundits calling out Bill O’Reilly and FoxNews for being pals with secessionists?
  • Why is John McCain getting a news media free ride and not owning up to his faulty decision making. Or should we say “McCain just cannot put the dots together”!
  • Why is all the news media focus on Harry Reid. My God we could have had a woman who goes to bed with a secessionist every night as our Vice President.
  • But then again just months before her “pit bull speech” to the Republican Party Sarah Palin was addressing the Alaskan Independence Party herself!
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When are Democrats going to stand up to the “Party of No” and stop being the “Party of MEOW”! We should be screaming about this news media biases against liberals.

Bill O’Reilly and his full spin zone need to be outed!

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