Birther Donny: Celebrating Fact Free Epistemology

America has been suffering from what I term, “Birther Epistemology.” President Trump’s latest accusation that Barack Obama wiretapped him has now caused many to stand up.  The news media were cowards for years. Conservatives had the news media running in panic, fearing that to confront the conservative liars will result in the smearing accusation of being called “the liberal news media.”

I believe the news media is not liberal but corporatist. I  support Bernie Sanders in labeling the news media as the “corporate news media“! Finally, some in the news media have started to stand up and not back down.

What this liberal blogger finds even more amazing is that some Conservative commentators on FoxNews are standing up for truth.

The video below was taken before Trump’s blatant paranoid accusations about being wiretapped by Obama. Thus I salute Conservative Shep Smith for his courage.

Birther Epistemology: Lying Is An Entitlement

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham appears to be placing country first over party. Birther Donny is doing the work of Vladimir Putin by undermining our faith in the American political process. Putin has altered the course of our elections even if he did not change the tablulations.

Donald Trump claims without any evidence that he lost the popular vote by 2.8 million because illegal aliens fraudulently voted.

Below Senator Graham disputes Birther Donny’s claim of voter fraud.


Let’s use BIRTHER DONNY’s EPISTEMOLOGY to figure how these 2.8 million fraudulent votes could take place and still not get caught.

  • Wow, FIRST they knew who to “impersonate” and not get caught.
  • They must have taken the place of 2.8 million American voters who died and are still on the rolls. To do so they had to have exact information else the whole conspiracy would get exposed.
  • How did they do this? I know ….. I know. Barack “Hussein” Obama hired them. President Obama knew who had died since he killed them with his DEATH PANELS! Wow, that is how those 2.8 fraudulent voters did it and did not get caught! Amazing!

Dear Reader, I bet Michelle Bachmann or some right wing blogger  might actually use this above parady as a defense for their hero, “Birther Donny”.


BIRTHER DONNY Says “That Sick Obama Wire Tapped Me!”

If Donald Trump was wire-tapped it would require a FISA Court order. This can only be granted on “probable cause”. That would raise even more questions about a possible Trump – Russia connection.

If it did not occur then it raises questions about the mental health of Donald Trump!

Below MSNBC commentator Lawrence O’Donnel lambasts Trump on the wiretapping allegation.

The MSNBC commentator above admits to being pro-liberal. But I am amazed by some mainstream commentators in their stunned reaction to Birther Donny’s wild wiretapping accusations.

These cowards in the news media would not stand up to the lies by the right wing for years. Now they are stunned? Donald Trump is just the last brick in a road to the normalization of fact free epistemology.

Consider these lies that the right wing spread:

FoxNews and the whole right wing crazies for years lied about former President Obama.

  1. The whole birther idiocy. So where are the investigators that Trump sent to Hawaii? Trump said, “you would not believe what they are finding.” Spit it up along with your tax returns Birther Donny.
  2. Obama was a Euro-Socialist who hated white people. Wow! So I guess that is why he wanted to emulate “Europe,” no white folks there right?
  3. Obama was a Muslim who favored Gays in the military. (He wanted to create the worst type of Sharia Law in America. Yes, you guessed it “GAY SHARIA LAW”! The fact that Muslims hang Gays did not get in the way of these rigorous fact-checkers on the right wing.
  4. Did you know that Barack Obama is a murderer? WOW! That’s right he created “DEATH PANELS.” Just consider the complete lack of fact checking skills by the proponents of these lies and the fact that they were NOT called out! All civil service workers get an alpha-numeric pay grade code. So what is the civils service job/pay scale code for “death panel member”? How is a “Death Panel Member” certified? Where can I apply to take the civil service test? Where can I purchase the Arco Test Preparation book?
  5. So why not prosecute all those death panel members now that we have a Republican in the White House – DAH?

Climate Change, Our Economy, Education, Possible 3 AM Incoming Nuke Threats: All To Be Fact-Checked By Birther Donny And His Birther Epistemology Of Excellence


These are the people who whine about our education system in America. How about teaching critical thinking skills?

It is midnight in America.

As I wrote time and time again, this is the “karma” of Barack Obama not standing up:

  1. to the Republican lies,
  2. the Republican smears and
  3. the Republican liars.

But it goes even beyond this to the failure of the Democratic Party to divorce itself from corporate interests. It is this Democratic Party betrayal to corporate interests that enabled Donald Trump to win critical voters and thus the electoral college.

Even with all of the problems we face. I am still PROUD of the fact that in 2016 I voted for Jill Stein NOT Hillary Clinton. If I had it all over I would do it again! I only wished I could vote for Bernie Sanders.

Do not fear the future. The Democratic Party needed to be purged. Do not close your eyes to the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who:

Life requires MORE than just two choices!

What is worse than the lies of Birther Donny Trump are the lies of some die-hard Hillary Clinton supporters who try to say that America’s factory jobs were lost to automation?

Then why are these factories in China? Sure automation will take a toll but force those factories back to America so they can be taxed.

Do you really think that even the majority of those who lost their blue collar jobs are going to be retrained to be computer programmers? That will drive down the salaries for computer programmers. As mentioned above programming jobs are being off-shored and those that remain are out-sourced to foreign corporations who bring in H1-b Visa workers to work as temps! Thank you Hillary Clinton.

Many mainstream Republicans and Democrats sanctioned the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who shipped our jobs, wealth, and technology to China and now cry for a military buildup after they built the monster.

There was a “niche” in the political spectrum to stop this bleeding of America. Both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump tried to appeal to this niche. Unfortunately, Birther Donny won this round.

But Hillary Clinton was not then and is not now the answer! Birther Donny will run into trouble with his anti-globalists when he attempts to allow the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS to bring home their booty from offshore tax havens.

There is one ray of hope here.

Like Bernie Sanders, I believe offshoring has to stop, and we need to bring our jobs home. A tariff is required. This will cause initial pain until the adjustment is made. At least Trump will get the blame not us.

Just imagine what is going to happen when his Walmart shoppers no longer get their “everyday low prices” that are financed by CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS exploiting low-wage offshore workers?

The solution to getting rid of Donald Trump and his birther epistemology is not a Hillary Clinton but Bernie Sanders and a left wing Tea Party movement. Progressives need to emulate the Tea Party but for our agenda. Bernie Sanders has started and organizaton called “Our Revolution”. Go Bernie Go!

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