Birthers And Health Care: Birthers We Want Your Children

The Supreme Court says that Obama Care is legal birthers! The GOP seems to have timed the contempt vote to coincide with the Supreme Court Ruling but where they in for a surprise. While I still think Obama is a wimp for not standing up to the birthers and the tea party, at least  today I will stand behind him. Show the article below to any birthers you know. Problem is they will take it as real but that because birthers are nuts.


This is just the start. Your children will grow up our new and ever glorious Socialist Motherland of Barackastan! They will take health care as a given!

Yes Birthers this is OUR AMERICAN NOW! We want your children! They will grow up believing in their right to medical care in a land of where both straight and gay marriage co-exist.

Our NEW WORLD ORDER will be protected by a military that has heavily armed openly gay soldiers. America is no longer your home birthers! 


Yes Birthers we want YOUR CHILDREN!

We will teach them our glorious values! They will learn  “EVIL-UTION” in their classrooms!

Birthers your children will have a new role model. “Charles Darwin” will be the “APPLE” of their eye in our new and ever glorious Rodina! 

Soon and very soon indeed Americans will realize that the era of the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who ship our jobs and technology to America’s enemies are not true Americans!

Your children ….. yes “YOUR CHILDREN” Brithers shall internalize our euro-socialist values and believe that universal health care is as American as apple pie!

Whats that sound birther? That knock at the door?

Could it be Obama’s machine gun toting openly Gay soldier knocking on your door “Birther” with a warant from your local death panel?  They are coming  for you Birthers what are you going to do Birther?

Why don’t you Birthers leave OUR COURNTY now and go somewhere else? What about a place called “Kenya”! They don’t have Obama Care!

(Dear Reader after the Supreme Court Ruling I just could not stop myself 🙂
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