Boehner’s Speech: We Need “Longevity Gains Tax”

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John Boehner several years ago gave out campaign contributions to his fellow travelers from the Tobacco industry! Boehner did this on the floor of the House while the House was in the process of voting for the Tobacco industry subsidy. This from the man who talks about “Cut, Cap and Balance“! While millions of Americans continue to be addicted to tobbaco and John Boehner votes against Universal Health Care, these effete snobs of privilege have demonstrated where their loyalties lie! The short video below shows the invasion of our Capital by the agents of cancer and John Boehner being their fellow traveler!


Our Society’s Decision Making Processes Goes Up In Smoke

As I and countless other Progressives have stated we face a crises point in our nation’s history.

Are we a nation of “one person – one vote” or are we a nation of “one dollar – one vote“?

Why are corporations even part of this decision making process?

Republicans have advanced the agenda of our social betters for too long while Democrats have played “liberal” inside the confines of the “corporate sandbox”!

  • Banks are considered by Goldman Sachs highest campaign recipient Barrack Obama to be people and of equal weight in any discussion.
  • Drug companies also were considered the same way not just by Republicans but by “Pharma Reid” who was one of their biggest recipients!
  • Senator Charles Schumer received loads of money from Wall Street. Where are the prohibitions against “usury” in the financial reform act? Why haven’t these vast corporate collectives been broken up?

Instead of debating the merits of a Constitutional Amendment for a balanced budget, Democrats should be calling for a Constitutional Amendment to ban corporations from the political decision making processes of a free people. Owners can still participate but not by using corporate money.

Why should middle class Americans pick up the bill for K-Street lobbyists? That money does not come from investors but from the costs of a company’s goods and services! I want to purchase only goods and services any thing else is “TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION”!

  1. Why should those who were addicted to tobacco pay so that more can be addicted to tobacco?
  2. Why should I finance commercials for the Oil Companies every time I fill my tank?
  3. Why should any American finance the lobbyists who gave Wall Street Chuckie campaign contributions from our usury laden credit cards? Imagine what will happen if the nation defaults and the effect on credit cards and mortgages?


Constitutional Amendment To Ban Corporate Personhood

John Boehner stated in his speech:

“You know, I’ve always believed, the bigger government, the smaller the people”!

While a big government could sometimes pose a threat to individual freedom, Speaker Boehner fails to mention that in the game of life when the referee is handicapped or removed the power of the bully increases! The bully is the “corporate collective” in their war against the middle class and individual freedom!

If John Boehner believed what he said then the logic and syllogisms of his arguements would be all that is needed in the halls of Congress rather than the campaign contributions that he doled out to his fellow travelers from the tobacco industry! I would grant corporations a small tax deduction to purchase MS PowerPoint to make logical presentations to members of Congress! Let their power points come from logic not money in campaign contributions!

If Rep. Boehner is so concerned about big government and that Barrack Obama is a “nazi, communist, atheist euro-secularist who is also a Muslim” then you would imagine they would not want “water boarding” to be defined as non-torture!

If that “definition” of water boarding became part of our legal system and they believed what they say about big government, then that knock on your door could be us Progressives coming to take you away. Perhaps John Boehner should be seized for some “enhanced interrogation” concerning the role of the Tobacco industry and campaign contributions.

Boehner Wants A Life Extension Gains Tax

In their never ending quest to “comfort the comfortable” and create a nation of necessitous citizens that FDR warned us about, John Boehner and his fellow travelers want to not raise the “capital gains tax” while giving middle class Americans a de facto “LIFE EXTENSION GAINS TAX”!

They want the great Silent Majority of America, our great middle class, to work longer years to get Social Security and a reduced Medicare! All this so that we can comfort the comfortable upper 1%. You know the “job producers”! The ones who gave us an America where 47% in 2008 earned so little in their jobs that they were below the threshold to pay Federal Income Tax.

In this glorious new America of John Boehner and his fellow travelers:

  • Americans will work longer and fear old age.
  • Anti-Age Discrimination laws will be largely unenforced as the agencies that function to protect Americans will be under funded!
  • PELL Grants to college students will be cut or eliminated. Republicans will do this NOT to save money that our children and future generations will have to pay but to “insure” that your children will live their lives to serve “their children”.
  • Naturally the Republicans will still be for giving subsidies to the Tobbaco industry so that your children can be addicted and live to pay usury rates on their student loans that they will take to fund careers that have moved to China!
  • Oh yes let’s indeed thank the “job creators” for their great “innovation” for shipping not just blue collar but white collar jobs off shore. Frequently to the enemies of America! No problem, our social betters will benefit when China competes militarily against us! They will then “rediscover” their American identity while they invest in the military industrial complex. They will profit and demand your son and daughter be drafted to fuel their profits against a foreign adversary that they helped to build. NOTE: This has nothing to do with a wacko “Illuminati Conspiracy”  it is just plain GREED!

Yes this is indeed the new glorious city on a hill that John Boehner and his fellow travelers want to give America! No more concessions to these effete snobs of privilege but will Obama have the guts? His speech was more testosterone filled then before. I do give him credit for that.

But Americans don’t come home tired from work then to hear that we are to be subjected to a de facto  “LIFE EXTENSION GAINS TAX”. While we will live a few extra years, unless Boehner and his tobacco industry fellow travelers kill us, we don’t want to see a reduction in social security or medicare. We EARNED IT! To reduce these benefits constitutes a de facto  “life extension gains tax” while capital gains go free! For those whose net worth is 1 million or less I would allow them to keep their capital gains as it is a source of security now that they are retired.

The aim is not to hurt but to build a just America!

The time has come to declare the “river of capital” an asset of the society that created it – The United States Of America!

A strong progressive income tax is a means to bring this nation back to the days of President Dwight Eisenhower when we had a Progressive Income Tax of 91%. In that era we did not invest in the enemies of America for profit! Corporations “innovated” to create things of value not casinos of get rich quick schemes!

We need Senator Bernie Sanders For President In 2012!

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