Brian Williams Did A Hillary Clinton But Gets Punished

Yes Brian Williams did wrong by saying he was under fire. But then so did Hillary Clinton when she claimed she landed in Bosnia and she and her party where under enemy sniper fire!  But Brian Williams will get six months in limbo from his job while Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State and may get the presidency!

If The Issue Is Trust Why Should We Trust Hillary Clinton But Not Brian Williams?

Below Cenk Uygur raises the issue of the news media in general being unworthy of trust since they looked the other way when Bush lead us into Iraq.

But let us not forget our beloved lady of NAFTA, Hillary Clinton! She claimed to be under sniper fire when she landed in Bosnia with her daughter and others. The claim was a pure fabrication.

Below is a humorous short video concerning Hillary Clinton landing in Bosnia. The problem is that she may be our next president.



I guess the news media have a blind spot to Hillary Clinton. Then again you would think they would do some rigorous questioning of Hillary Clinton concerning TPP. Hillary Clinton has not been as outspoken a supporter of TPP as Barrack Obama but she has some ties to this trade deal.

Well this just in!

Adolf Hitler has something to say about Brian Williams. Time for a laugh now because if we Democrats give Hillary Clinton the nomination we will be putting in office another corporate Demorat rather than a real Democrat like Elizabeth Warren.

Why does the news media turn away from the dangers of yet another free trade deal? We need Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders in 2016.