Bring Back Keith Olbermann

Gosh golly Keith Olbermann made some campaign contributions to three candidates! For God sakes it’s not like Keith Olbermann was pretending to be Walter Cronkite! Keith Olbermann is by his own admission an “advocacy journalist”. Besides Keith Olbermann is just like a corporation he can make contributions! Well maybe not since he could not keep the secret! But then some “news” corporations don’t care!  For example the so called “fair and balanced” FoxNews, makes massive contributions to Republicans and their entire so called “news channel” is just a Republican Party soap box! Please sign the petition at Bold Progressives to reinstate Keith Olbermann!

I actually heard one FoxNews member invite every small Tea Party group to tell them of every event they were holding so they could cover it! Perhaps MSNBC is trying to appear different than FoxNews by having outright disclosure of Campaign contributions to compete with Fox in an “image war”! That is fine and understandable. But Keith Olbermann should be given a mere slap on the wrist compared to what goes on at FoxNews on a daily biases!

FoxNews has presidential wanna bees Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee not to mention that bastion of logic Glenn Beck who hosted a Washington DC Rally! Agreed it is better for MSNBC members to be forthright in terms of campaign contributions but Keith Olbermann should not be crucified for a minor violation.

How MSNBC and FoxNews Should Handle Keith Olbermann Situations

As a proud progressive and liberal I believe both MSNBC and  FoxNews can better serve their goals by the following methods.

  • Each show should announce it is a News Commentary and/or Analysis from either the liberal or conservative viewpoint!
  • Identify shows that are “strictly news” as news. On both channels after 4 PM no show meets that criteria! That’s fine just call them commentaries or news analysis shows and list the host’s political self identification!
  • In America today we have a new “genre” of TV Programs with both “Countdown” by Keith Olbermann and “The O’Reilly Factor” being examples of that genre from opposite viewpoints and worldviews.
  • It is a joke to call FoxNews a pure news channel. MSNBC is also not a pure news channel. I only watch MSNBC because I am a liberal. I am honest! Both are examples of a new genre of TV programming and both equally are advocates on opposite sides. My point is that MSNBC also needs to identify itself as part of this new “genre”. While it doesn’t have the word “news” in it’s name it none the less leaves itself open to the same criticism that honest folks have about FoxNews! Both have a view point and that is fine! Just be open that it not pure news so that low information voters understand there is “rah rah” involved!
  • I love the way both now have taken a similar slogan. “Lean forward” (MSNBC) and “Move Forward” (FoxNews). As a liberal I wish MSNBC took the Fox slogan it is more “active” in this age of a passive so called liberal President! Then again FoxNews has Carl Rove and the NLP crowd!

The bottom line is that if MSNBC wants to be open and differentiate itself from FoxNews bys suspending Keith Olbermann then they should also be open that they are a primarily liberal channel! This from a liberal!

MSNBC, as does FoxNews, have contributors from the opposite side of their primary focus. It is perfectly fine for Fox to be conservative and MSNBC to be liberal. Both however should state that this new “genre” of “news analysis/commentary” exists and that they do indeed have a primary focus. News shows should be labeled as such and commentary likewise with the prospective of the show listed on EACH SHOWING! Keith Olbermann should not be MSNBC’s scapegoat!


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