Building A Nation Of Necessitous Citizens – One Temp At A Time

We are living today in an era where individual freedom is being undermined to the subservience to the corporate collectivists! They preach via our news media their doctrine of “trickle down economics”! The news media and politicians from both parties engage in debate but almost exclusively within the parameters of the world view of these effete snobs of privilege.

Remember the warning from President Franklin Delano Roosevelt!

“A necessitous person is not a free person!”

The Republicans and their fellow travelers, the corporate wing of the Democratic Party, want to build a nation of necessitous citizens. In their shinning city on the hill we each compete with each other for smaller and fewer paychecks. While they sit back with their grandiose sense of “entitlement” to enjoy the dividend check from our pain.

Their stranglehold on America is maintained by the meme of “trickle down identity”.

By this virus of the soul they make people who own stock think they are part of the 1%. When in truth they are just one firing or one hospitalization away from losing every thing they worked for.

Every middle class American has skin in this game and we Progressives must make the Silent Majority become awake!


I just viewed the video above by a group called “Vice News” that illustrates how corporations are using temp workers to avoid any sense of responsibility to those who make them rich. These so called “job creators” create positions that are filled by full time temporary workers who are temps forever! The problem is no one is paying attention to this in America. 

My Experience As A Permanent Temp Worker


I am very grateful to Vice News for bringing this to the public’s attention. I have a personal ax to grind here as I was a victim of this corporate plot against middle class America. 

  • I am not a member of a minority group.
  • I was not a blue collar worker. Now I am a union blue collar worker even though I am a college graduate with 60 credits after my B.A.
  • This is not a recent phenomena as I was a permanent temp in the 1980’s.

My experience makes me believe this problem is vast! First I would like to say there is nothing wrong with  a corporation hiring temp workers for legitimate purposes. These legitimate purposes are:

  • Replacing on a temporary basis a full time sick employee or one who is on an extended vacation.
  • Meeting seasonal personnel needs such as a department store at Christmas time.
  • Hiring a part time employee because there is no justification for a full time slot. It is not legitimate however to take a full time slot and split it in order to avoid paying benefits.

The above are completely legitimate reasons. However that is not what is occurring in America today and nobody is paying attention.

I worked for Banker’s Trust as a permanent temporary loan clerk full time. I got so sick of this I switched to a different temp agency! Guess where they sent me to work as a FULL TIME PERMANENT  TEMP?

Banker’s Trust same building and the same department!

I also worked for AIG as a permanent temp full time! Whenever I get an AIG Auto ad mailed to me it goes straight into the garbage. I did finally get to work as a regular employee for AIG in their Recruiting Department. Every year we went through what was called “Re-Org”. The very name of Maurice Greenberg sends anger through me. Later when I left they sent me a small check in lieu of my pension.


Both AIG and Bankers Trust were so cheap they each had an entire subsidiary company devoted to maintaining “In House Temps”! Why was this you ask?

Sometimes a temp could gain a manager’s attention and be “made” a regular employee. But if the temp worked for an outside agency then AIG would have to pay that agency a finders fee. So rather than do that they preferred to hire their own temps via their own in house company.

Temping For  AIG Vs. Banker’s Trust

While Banker’s Trust also exploited temp workers if you did make it to becoming a regular employee they did treat their regular employees very good. Even lower level employees got stock bonuses that they could sell after a year. AIG gave you Re-Org! I will never forgive AIG. I only wish they went under for good! Banker’s Trust also had a kind streak for burn victims. They went out of their way to hire them and I do respect them for that! They at least tried to make up for their dark side. By the way I worked for several outside agencies when I worked at Banker’s Trust so I was never hired as a regular but I do have some respect for them for the reasons above. AIG – NO WAY!

I even did temp work for the government! 

I worked as a low pay information clerk in the FEDERAL RESERVE! My entire department including my supervisor were full time permanent temps. Investors would call our information line and we would discuss T Bills. I even told them the wrong information by mistake for three months concerning which taxes applied federal or state. I had it mixed up but what the hell my training consisted of being allowed five minuites to read a brochure then “HIT THE PHONE BANK”!

I had a similar experience as a full time permanent temp working for the NYC Fire Department. Again my whole department, including my supervisor where outside temp workers.

My point is that this happened in the early 1980’s on Wall Street and it not a new to America.

Exploitation happens to white collar employees as well. My dad was not a temporary worker but a full time accountant. But he suffered from age discrimination. I could not believe what he told me when I was a college kid in the late 1960’s.

If you were a white collar worker you had made it in America! That is what I wrongly believed.

“But Dad this in America? – No way!”

I was wrong! This exploitation is not just of minorities and blue collar workers. My dad was a professional accountant. He also latter died because a hospital gave him hospital resistant pneumonia and we had to fight for his treatment as they said “he had his chance he was old!” – Today I here wackos talk about death panels. My dad was a victim of a corporate death panel!

We Progressives must make all Americans realize they have skin in this game. It is not just minorities but everyone. There is no group that corporate America will not exploit.


Freedom To Exploit Is Not Freedom In A Democratic Nation

One partial advantages of capitalism is that it rewards “innovation”!

The problem is that capitalism has a history of rewarding the “innovation” of “slavery“, “child labor“, “sweat shops” and “negative externalities” such as dumping waste on the public domain! Yet in this era of licentious permissiveness, to use the lexicon of the religious right, this seems to be just peachy fine!  This is the “freedom” that these corporate persons enjoy at the expense of the image of God – “real persons“!

This is why we need government intervention to put rules in this glorious game of competition they love to praise so much! Conservatives think government intervention is just peachy keen when it involves bankruptcy courts and sheriffs evicting home owners who fail to pay a mortgage even if the rate is usury.

Dear Reader

Where the hell is Barrack Obama and the Democratic Party as this exploitation continues? Again I would praise Obama even if he did not accomplish a single thing if he would at least stand up for “change we can believe in”. Yet all I hear from this wimp is a pathetic “meow” and a willingness to strike a grand bargain.

Sure the pussy cat Obama does stir once in a while in his litter but nothing is maintained! If he at least campaigned all over this nation for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state then I would be praising Obama. But no I will not look away and make believe that we don’t have a WIMP as our President!

Please Eliazabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have a meeting and decide which one of you will come out sparing these effete snobs of privilege. America needs you both!