Bush Intervention Destroys Operation Chaos

George Bush who is so incompetent that he cannot win a war in the same time that we won a World War, now has undermined Rush Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos”! By opening his big mouth he has forced Democrats to join hands around Senator Barrack Obama. Even Hillary Clinton, who was a fellow traveler with George Bush on the Road To Bagdad has been forced to come to Obama’s aid! Senator Clinton has now to distinguish between a trait that one union leader praised her for humorously, “Testicular Fortitude”, to downright “Bunker Naivete”. See the hilarious video below! Perhaps Hillary Clinton will accept Rush Limbaugh’s script for her and use the mountains of West Virginia and Kentucky as a “National Redoubt”.! (See Video Below).

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Since Hillary Clinton has defended Obama in his position, that talking to one’s enemies is not the same as appeasement, she has undermined two of her arguments against Senator Obama!

  1. That he is not Presidential and capable of being Commander In Chief.
  2. That he is an appeasr. Senator Obama has proven that he is not an appeaser nor a roll over to Republican attacks.

With the news focusing around Bush vs. Obama and George Bush’s third term surrogate John McCain, the Democratic Primary process has been put into the background and Obama is now perceived as the party standard bearer! Well that is unless Hillary Clinton “Bunkers Down” as in the video above!