Bowe Bergdahl: What Goes?

First I salute all our troops who served in both Afghanistan And Iraq. If you are looking for a hard core slant on the release of Bowe Bergdahl then I suggest you move on to another site. What I propose to do in this post is to post some questions that we as a nation […]

Wars Done: You’ve Got Record Opium!

Senator John McCain continues to preach for a continuation of the vast costly right wing social engineering experiment in Afghanistan. Today on “Meet The Press” he outlined Republican talking points concerning the war and American foreign policy! Senator McCain just does not get it! Maybe he had a consultation before going on the air with […]

Muslims And Christians Face Issue: Book Or Human Life?

I abhor the killing of two American servicemen due to the regretful burning of Koran’s. I agree that apologizing was the correct response.  That apology should still stand BUT  Human life comes before a book!  Therefore no further apologies should be made. Not only were our service men killed but many civilians! Imagine if Christians or […]

Staying In Afghanistan Hurts Our National Security

A wise General chooses his battlefield and realizes that he does not have unlimited resources. He also knows where his strength and weaknesses are! We have wasted lives and treasure in Iraq to pursue the Republican’s wild eyed Social Engineering Experiment and Halliburton enrichment program! While the war in Afghanistan was, in my view, totally […]

General McChrystal Must Go

First we had companies that were to big to fail, now do we have Generals who are to big to fail? General McChrystal may be  important to our war effort but he is dispensable! I do not believe army generals are to be puppets of the President. But there is a Constitutional forum for a […]

Afghanistan – A Definite Maybe

Image via Wikipedia I could not post after hearing President Obama announce the troop increase in Afghanistan as I am still perplexed. Well this is just another fine mess that George Bush and his fellow travelers have gotten us into!  I absolutely believe the invasion of Afghanistan was the right thing to do! But the […]

Afganistan And The Trauma Of The Politically Correct

Well this liberal Euro style Social Democrat does not believe in the orthodoxy of corporate greed nor the masochistic “I hate America” political orthodoxy of the politically correct. Just think of the dilemma of some of my liberal friends when the issue turns to Afghanistan! Now for the advantage of getting re-elected the Afghan President […]

CIA Stiffens Afghan Resistance To Taliban

CIA Stiffens Afghan
Resistance To Taliban Well
the Republicans are on
their way out and with the
rebirth of Camelot the CIA
has found a new way to
protect America without
the usage of torture. It
makes you God Damn
PROUD to be an American!
No water boarding was
used to convert Afghan
tribal leaders to support
our cause but good ole
“American Ingenuity”,
inspired back into our CIA
no doubt by the election of
Barrack Obama as our
President. These new
techniques by the CIA will
really “stiffen up”
Afghanistan resistance to
the Taliban! Hopefully the
program will be expanded
by the CIA in Afghanistan
under our new
leadership! Oh sure George

Support Our Troops – Bring Them Home

Support Our Troops – Bring
Them Home Why is it that
John McCain does not
support Senator Jim
Webb’s GI Bill? The
answer is that he wants to
hold the carrot in front of
our brave troops so they
will serve more tours of
duty in the Republican
Social Engineering
Experiment in Iraq! If the
troops were to get a GI Bill
after serving their initial
three to four year
enlistments many would
not re-enlist and that is
public knowledge even
admitted by George Bush!
QUESTION: What is similar
to Iraqi Weapons of Mass
Destrucition (WMD) and
why? ANSWER: George
Bush’s completed
service record in the
National Guard. Like Iraqi
WMD neither can be

Republican Social Engineering Experiment Moves Up To Four Thousand Dead and Counting

Republican Social
Engineering Experiment
Moves Up To 4000 Dead
While George Bush and his
fellow traveler John McCain
lecture us on the virtues of
the coming “One Hundred
Year War” our nation sadly
passed a grim milestone.
We have now lost over
4,000 dead. These are the
military regulars and
reservists who did not
emulate their Commander
in Chief by not attending
their required National
Guard Meetings but instead
took the call up to active
duty. Some even serving
four tours in Iraq. Mean
while lets look at the great
“fruits” of the Republican
would like to continue for
one hundred years! (See
the Video Below) Look who
is landing

Report Finds Homeland Security A Mess

Report Finds Homeland
Security A Mess Well it
appears that while George
Bush and his fellow
travelers continue to
involve our nation in their
“social engineering”
experiment in Iraq, our
national preparation level
has sunk to an all time low!
Well look at the bright side
at least our nation’s
ports are not being
managed by the United
Arab Emirates. Thank God
George Bush was not able
to advance the cause of
upper class “portfolio
security” ahead of “port
security”! Our Army
Reserve and National
Guard are being bled dry in
Iraq years after “Mission
Accomplished” while opium
production is reaching all
time high levels in
Afghanistan and that
nation falls further into Al
Qaeda control

Return On Idiocy: Bush’s Side Tracking Of The War On Terrorism

Yet again President Bush tries to make the case that the war in Iraq is the same as the war on terrorism! What drives me crazy is some of the guys I work with have a knee jerk reaction in support of this President! The same President Bush who bragged to his college professor that […]

Bush’s Glorious Crusade to Make The World Safe – For Afghan Opium

Ah yes it is summer time in Afghanistan. You remember Afghanistan, where under Bush, we allowed Osama Bin Ladin to escape into the mountains of our dear friend Pakistan! With friends like that who needs enemies! But then again where are we going to get the resources for our H1-B Visa program so corporate America […]

Iraq – Iran Lovefest 2006! Pass The Afghan Opium!

The time has come to stop Bush from his policy of “cut and run” from the war on terrorism. Recently the Iraqi Prime Minister has visited Iran. You know that nice country that imprisoned our diplomats years ago and never apologized! The same Iran that wants nuclear weapons. The Iraqi Prime Minister has stated to […]


North Korea has nukes. She has built even more while we got side tracked in Iraq. Now she is testing ICBM’s and Iran is going into the nuclear game. Afghanistan is experiencing a rise in Taliban activity. Next door in Pakistan they are making peace with the terrorists. (SEE Christian Science Monitor article on peace […]


President Bush in a recent radio address said the following: “If we give up the fight in the streets of Baghdad, we will face the terrorists in the streets of our own cities. The security of the civilized world depends on victory in the war on terror, and that depends on victory in Iraq, so […]


As we all know the weak government in Lebanon has no real control over it’s own territory. Hezbollah is conducting it’s own private foreign policy by rocketing Israeli towns and kidnapping two Israeli soldiers. Worse is that Hezbollah uses the innocent civilians of Lebanon to act as human shields. President Bush has demanded that as […]