Health Care: Advancing A Progressive Middle Class Agenda

Once again the Republicans and their fellow travelers are attempting to destroy the economic security of the American Middle Class by attacking our President! Just look at how they spin the term “freedom”! They whine and wail that “our children will not be able to pay off this “terrible burden” that Universal Health Care will […]

Obama's Reduction in The Polls

The reason that President Obama is facing the end of his Presidential honeymoon is because Democrats have not been aggressive in fighting the Class Warfare being waged against the Middle Class by the efite snobs of privilege. George Bush and his fellow travelers have waged a Social Engineering Experiment against the American Middle Class. They […]


This nation has paid over $150 Billion just to AIG. Instead of worrying about this insurance giant and their stockholder’s  “SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT” what about the SILENT MAJORITY of America who could benefit instead from this bail-out money being spent on Universal Health Care! AIG is the company that did not ship high tech jobs overseas […]

Republicans Blame The Middle Class

We hear our “Social Betters” today in the Republican Party looking down on the middle class by pointing out the rise of credit card debt as a cause for the current financial meltdown! Then these same advocates of laizze faire capitalism extol the virtues of of tax breaks for the wealthy while the disposable income […]

Jim Cramer For Commerce Secretary

Yes I am a flaming anti-corporate liberal. If Barrack Obama wants to add a Republican to give him straight from the hip advice and who believes in infrastructure spending then JIM CRAMER is my man! Yes I know he is a corporate type but he is really for spending on infrastructure and is criticizing Obama […]

Tom Daschle’s Taxes: It’s A Patrician Kind Of Thing

Tom Daschle’s
Taxes: It’s A
Patrician Kind Of Thing Yes
I am a liberal soy eating
liberal. Yes I know many
are starting to wonder
what the hell is going on
now with President Obama
and the Democrats first
choosing someone for
Treasury Secretary who
had tax problems! Now we
have the Health And
Human Services Secretary
nominee, Tom Dasccle kind
of forgetting to pay a mere
$128,000.00 dollars not
because he was low in
funds but because he kind
of forgot about it! I took
the unpopular position to
keep Trojans in the
Stimulus package in a prior
post and then in my next
post I wondered
“where’s the beef”

Recovery Bill Or Pork Barrel – Where’s The Beef?

Recovery Bill Or Pork –
Where’s The Beef?
I am a rabid economic
liberal who voted for
Barrack Obama. I do not
believe this Stimulus
Package has enough
strength to stop the crisis
we are in. I believed the bill
would push money into
Infrastructure Repair,
Alternative Energy
Research, and an improved
Electric Grid. What I see
instead is a huge pork bill!
If you read my last post I
support, and still do the
small inclusion of funding
for Trojans. Preventing
teen pregnancy and the
increase of both Welfare
Mothers and gangs of
teenage boys without
fathers is worth the
investment. So I am not
swayed by conservatives

Trojans Before Golden Parachutes

Trojans Over Golden
Parachutes Well I for one
am for the inclusion of
Trojans in the Economic
Stimulus Package! I feel
that Trojans are getting a
bad wrap in regard to the
Stimulus Package?
That’s right and I
am not joking! Aside from
the fact that Trojan makers
are workers increasing
their factory workforce is
good for America did any
of these wild eyed
conservatives ever think
about what happens in an
economic down turn?
People go for cheap
entertainment – sex! What
we don’t need now
is more teenage pregnancy
ß— teen Video here. Hey
there is no perfect
economic plan. Let’s
say the Obama package