Obama Meows And Backs GOP Wall Street Give Away

President Barrack Obama has backed a give away to Wall Street to avoid a Government shutdown. Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders have the guts to say no but not Barrack Obama.   Once again Barrack Obama has shown he is incapable of being the heir to deceased President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR […]

Ed Schultz Cannot Reconcile Obama And TPP

Unlike Ed Schultz I have long given up on Barrack Obama as a Progressive. Ed Schultz must have a lot of Obama bots as viewers because he tippie toes while criticizing President Obama on TPP . But then again MSNBC is nothing but an Obama cheerleader club as opposed to being a straight Progressive channel. […]

NO DCCC: Obama Has Betrayed His Progressive Base

I just received a form letter from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee asking me to sign their petition supporting Barrack Obama. As my readers know I am to the left of Obama on most issues. I voted for him in 2008. What a let down. I urge you to only vote for a Progressive Democrat and […]

Obama Delivers: A GOP Senate – Is That Change We Can Believe In?

Great work President Obama! How anyone could take a clear mandate for change and pig headedly undermine the Progressive Agenda as has Barrack Obama is beyond belief. Well what do you expect from the role model of the “testosterone free political lifestyle”? Oh but those mean nasty Republicans said such horrible things about him. So […]

Obama Resigns Bully Pulpit While Koch Dark Money Flows

Cenk Uygur wrote a post in the Huffington Post, “What Has Obama Done For You Lately“? In his article he correctly assails the President for not being a Progressive and abandoning his base. I agree with Cenk Uygur. I would like to add more details. We had control of both Houses of Congress for the […]

Talking Point: How Organized Money Corrupts Democracy Pt 1

I would like to present some talking points you can use with friends and family concerning the “separation of corporation and state”. We might actually think of this as two issues: The problem of individual big donors throwing corrupting the decision making processes of a democratic society and The problem of corporations corrupting the decision […]

Economy Is Up For 2nd Quarter But It Could Be Fluff

Progressives like this blogger, want to see “change we can believe in! We are tired of politicans who play “make believe liberal inside the corporate sandbox of their donor$”. Reuters has announced that the GDP has expanded by 4%. This sounds good after 6 years of the Obama Presidency. But the problem is that the […]

Support Wolf-Pac

I have just joined Wolf-Pac.com and I  hope my readers will do like wise. Yes I was critical before since my time is so tight getting ready for my retirement in two years. But what the heck I can at least support them financially and perhaps if you cannot support them financially I know they […]

Ed Schultz Thinks Obama’s Economy Is Doing Great: WTF

Ed Schultz thinks the economy is all peachy keen. He is a victim of “trickle down identity” not to mention he has to much psychologically invested in Barrack Obama. The metrics he cites are the stock market  because it is at an all time high plus raw job numbers are getting better! Ed Schultz preaches […]

Iraq: An Islamic Fundamentalist Love Fest We Should Avoid

Can you guess who will have more beheadings? The Shiites or the Sunnis? Yes it is going to be an Islamic fundamentalist love fest in Iraq!  A love fest we should keep America away from! But you know what is going to happen! One of our advisers will be captured and then publicly beheaded to […]

Iraq: GOP Social Engineering Experiment Implodes

Our nation saw over 4,400 American soldiers die and even more loose arms or legs because former President George Bush suffered an intelligence failure that he covered up for years. This failure caused our nation to pay for a second war on the credit card while we cut taxes for the rich that was subsidized […]

Bowe Bergdahl: What Goes?

First I salute all our troops who served in both Afghanistan And Iraq. If you are looking for a hard core slant on the release of Bowe Bergdahl then I suggest you move on to another site. What I propose to do in this post is to post some questions that we as a nation […]

Barack Obama: The Legacy Of A Wimp

We are hearing calls to rally the Democratic Party vote for this November because the Republicans might take the Senate.  Maybe if Barrack Obama had not turned his back on the Progressive  base of the Democratic Party  we would not be in this situation today! Due to President Obama’s fixation with keeping his face up […]

Ukraine: Barrack Obama Or John McCain As Top Idiot

It used to be said by Republicans that the debate on foreign policy ends at our shoreline and we should “support our President” no matter which party. Just look at the video below by John McCain criticizing President Barrack Obama. Yes this was a few weeks back but Senator McCain is continuing his attacks on […]

Ukraine Vs Russia: Bush Vs Obama

I am amazed at the devotion by the West to Russian intervention in Crimea. What about Tibet? Well if we got involved seriously in that issue we would be breaking up the songfest in Beijing! What songfest is that? Why the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS and their fellow travelers the Chinese Communists singing the “GLOBALIZATION INTERNATIONALE“! […]

Chris Hayes Needs To Learn From Mike Papantonio About Obama

Let’s face it. Barrack Obama has hurt the Progressive agenda! Stop making excuses for him. Chris Hayes seems to know that. However like many Progressives he cannot deal with the fact that it is not simply Republicans vs. Progressives. The GOP has it’s fellow travelers – the corporate Democrats and Obama is one of them […]

Dick Cheney Criticizes Obama On Ukraine

Chris Matthews on his MSNBC Show “Hardball” did a report on the right wing nuts who criticized President Obama for his handling of the crisis in Ukraine. One of the featured nut cases was former Vice President Dick Cheney who criticized President Obama yet again. Chris Matthews did an excellent rebuke of former Vice President […]

GOP Darrell Issa Shuts Off Debate: Yet Obama Turned Page On GOP And Corporations

When Obama took office he announced he was going to “turn the page” on the Wall Street and GOP mismanagement of America!  Yet the GOP is using every opportunity they have in controlling the House of Representatives to launch investigations and undermine Barrack Obama. The latest being Darrel Issa shutting off debate in his committee. […]

House Votes 50th Time To Repeal ObamaCare

Yes they did it yet again. The Republican controlled House of Representatives has voted for the 5oth time to repeal ObamaCare knowing that it will not pass the Senate and certainly not be signed by President Obama! But why you ask? Because as much as I hate to admit it the Republicans have TESTOSTERONE while […]

Lindsey Graham And John McCain Vs Obama On Ukraine

Republicans Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Sarah Palin  and Rudy Giuliani have just released a detailed solution to the crisis in Ukraine. They have accused President Barrack Obama of being weak, soft and indecisive when we have a golden opportunity to have a new war. They have declared Putin to be decisive while Obama to be […]

Playing Make Believe Liberal Inside The Corporate Sandbox

There is no voice for the Progressive agenda in America! That is why our nation is having so many problems. Sure Republicans are wackos. But as I have stated so many times in this website “Democrats are playing make believe liberal inside the corporate sandbox of their moneyed donors”.  Yes Democrats can advance partial solutions […]

Obama’s 2014 SOTUS: Not Enough Red Meat

I just wanted to put my 2 cents in now that President Obama has given his 2014 state of the union speech. It would have been a decent speech IF he had been aggressive in his first five years of office. Obama’s Obstruction Of Progressive Goals In His First Two Years Lead To The GOP […]

Obama: Income Inequality And SOTUS 2014

Barrack Obama will give soon give his state of the union speech. It is speculated that he will make income inequality a key issue. I wish he had done this five years ago. Let me be quite frank.  President Obama is incapable advancing the issue of income inequality and sustaining that issue  in America for […]

Obama: Fast Track For TPP But Not On Amendment To Separate Corporation And State

Our nation is suffering from the destruction of it’s middle class. Yet Obama wants to follow in Bill Clinton’s free trade footsteps by giving us the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This has been called NAFTA on steroids.   Barrack Obama can talk all he wants about income inequality, unemployment and the loss of opportunity for American […]

Obama Care: Why It Needs To Be Stronger

Within six months of Barrack Obama’s taking office I began to realize he did not have the fire in the belly to pursue President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “Second Bill Of Rights“. But let us restrict our discussion in this article to his wimpy attempts at health care reform. The issue is not simply that Obama […]