Cut And Run Capitalists Creating Even More Pollution

We are all aware of the loss of blue collar and now white collar jobs to off shore locations while the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS continue their “innovation” of pursuing slave labor and then tax havens for their “innovation”. But a recent article in the NY Times opened a new door for investigation. Globalization causes […]


Because the corporate news media and their fellow travellers in the Republican Party have a fixation on ISIS we are being bombarded about the need for giving up more of our personal freedom and privacy to advance national security.  Strange isn’t it that in Darfur over 200,000 innocent people died yet we have a few […]

American Economy Slips To China But Stock Market Highest Ever

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the stock market hit the highest point it has ever hit in history! So where are the jobs? They are in China, India and Singapore. Yes the last employment report had a slightly better unemployment rate but that is because a large number have given up looking for […]

Chinese Sea Challenge: What About The Cut And Run Capitalists

China has challenged us at sea! She has harrassed our naval ship, USNS Impeccable! Last year she shot a laser  beam at one of our satellite and temporarily blinded it. I am a Non-PC Liberal. I expected this. Now we have to wonder if the “CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS” who cared more for free trade […]

Straight Talking Flip Flopping McCain

Straight Talking Flip
Flopping McCain John
McCain has now done a flip
flop on the mortgage crisis!
Fearing the wrath of the
Middle Class because banks
are getting bailed out of
the crisis they put
themselves in and not
wanting to appear a
hypocrite, the “straight
talking” John McCain has
done a flip flop. But then
that just adds to his
already great record of
“Straight Talk”! Dan
Abrams in the video below
speaks to an issue I have
raised in this blog for
months! The issue is PRO-
“right” folks! The news
media is just as frequently
distorted to the right as it
is to the left!

CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS “Toying” With American Children For Cheap Chinese Goods

In this era of licentious permissiveness, where CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS can ship American jobs overseas, we are beginning to reap the rewards of their Iscariot ways. Our children are being exposed to lead in contaminated paint on imported Chinese Toys! This after our pets died from contaminated Chinese pet food. But don’t fear we […]

China Tests Anti – Satellite Missile – The Product Of CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS

I would consider myself a liberal democrat but this blog will be NON-PC. While Bush and his fellow travelers continue to waste American lives and our economic resources China has successfully shot down one of its own satellites. We Americans had better take this very seriously. We are financing the rise of the Chinese military […]

China Tests Laser Against Our Satellites: Some Inconvenient Truths For Both Democrats and Republicans

I am a NON-PC liberal Democrat. I believe we should search for the truth no matter what side of the spectrum it takes us! I first learned that China was testing lasers against our spy and communication satellites from watching the Lou Dobbs Show on CNN. Below are some websites where you can get more […]

CHINA AND THE INTERNET – "To Catch A Free Thinker"

Well it seems that the government of China is at it again. They are trying to limit the usage of Internet Cafés by Chinese students and also preventing the free flow of ideas. DEFINITION: In China their idea of an internet café would be a kind of “Mao Bucks”! Ah yes can you […]