Republicans Using Psychological Warfare

Remember when George Bush wanted to divert funds from Social Security for “Private Investment Accounts?” He wanted to play the young against the old and also try to make even those with little income identify with the richer elements of the investor class by owning stock! Well now they are at it again! They have […]

Rick Santelli Is An Idiot

Rick Santelli became the darling of the Corporate Elitists today by saying “How many of you people want to pay for your neighbors mortgage who has an extra bathroom?” Then he said to the President “did you hear the response this is America!” WRONG Mr. Santelli that was a room full of pompous over paid […]

Anti-Liberal News Media Biases

Anti-Liberal News Media
Biases Oh yes we hear the
whining conservatives all
the time talking about news
media biases! But as you
will note on this blog I keep
track of instances when
the news media is anti-
liberal. Here is an excellent
example. NBC News on
Friday night aired a story
on Iceland’s
economy. Yes the folks up
there may have been over
spending but credit card
debt is what has kept the
upper class portfolios in the
black for years in the Bush
years. Without “aggravate
demand” our economy
would also collapse.
Anyway back to Iceland!
Unlike the other Nordic
Nations, Iceland was a
capitalist’s dream
with low tax rates

News Media Biases Tarnishes Election

News Media Biases
Tarnishes Election God can
you imagine the Republican
reaction if the news media
suppressed information
about Barrack Obama
being associated with an
African – American
Independence movement?
Yet where is the
Democratic Party outrage
as the news media
suppress the connection
between Sarah Palin and
the Alaskan Independence
Party. This rabid group of
secessionists wants to
pluck a star from the flag
of our nation! Yet the news
media marches like lame
little wimps afraid to say
anything after they asked
poor Sarah Palin a “trick”
question. “What is your
opinion of the Bush
Doctrine”! Many will try to
pooh pooh the connection
between Sarah Palin and
the Alaskan Independence
Party by stating

Happy Halloween From Sarah Palin

Happy Halloween From
Sarah Palin Well the wicked
witch of the north is alive
and well! It seems Sarah
Palin received the “laying
on of hands” from a
preacher who back in his
home country of Kenya
drove some poor old
woman out of her home for
being a witch. This comes
from the respected
Christian Science Monitor!
Here in America we are
more sophisticated ways to
drive the elderly from their
homes! We do it with it
with predatory lending
institutions! Let’s be
clear here! The issue is not
Sarah Palin’s
Pentecostalism! The issue
on this Halloween is
terrorism of an alternative
religion – Wicca! If

Not Only Palin But McCain Don'T Understand The Bush Doctrine

Not Only Palin But McCain
Doesn’t Understand
Bush Doctrine John McCain
has demonstrated that he
also does not understand
the “Bush Doctrine”. As
with the “Monroe Doctrine”
a contingency is being
made public by the US
Government. If a foreign
power does X we will
respond with military
action! In the case of the
Monroe Doctrine if a nation
involves itself in the
western hemisphere we will
attack! This is public
knowledge and the fact
that it is public is what
gives the doctrine its
deterrent capability! With
the “Bush Doctrine” if a
nation is preparing to harm
us or allows others to use
their territory to harm us
then we will attack first.

Biden And That “S” Word: STANDING Up For America

Biden And That “S” Word:
STANDING Up For America
Oh the bleeding hearts in
the Republican Party want
us to weep for the poor
upper 5% who make out
like bandits while we the
Silent Majority –
America’s great
Middle Class work our butts
off every day to stay
afloat. Their sense of
“entitlement is beyond
imagination! No I
don’t deny the right
of some to become
millionaires! But the word
“socialism” does not send
fear down my spine.
Unemployment and lack of
heath care do! I want to
become an computer
programmer and do
become a self employed
consultant! I need
universal health care to do
this and for my pay scale

More News Media Biases Against Democrats

News Media Biases Against
Democrats It drives me
crazy the way the news
media can be judged to be
pro-conservative yet the
Republicans get away with
their endless whining that
the news media is pro-
liberal! Bin Laden has
endorsed John McCain for
President! Yet you hardly
hear about this in the news
media! ß—— Why would
they endorse McCain
instead of Obama? Well
McCain would continue the
vast wild eyed Republican
Social Engineering
Experiment in Iraq that is
wasting our troops and
money rather than
attacking the Al Qaeda
homeland in the Pakistani –
Afghan border region! One
can also ask why the
Democrats are not
screaming foul play at the
news media! There are

Sarah Palin: The Weak Underbelly Of The GOP

Sarah Palin: The Weak
Underbelly Of The GOP As
I have mentioned in this
blog before I cannot
understand how Sarah
Palin’s association
with the Alaskan
Independence Party is not
being blasted all over the
news media! Damn if this
had been Obama the
whining Republicans would
be screaming about news
media biases! Now in the
final stages of the
campaign we hear John
McCain hiding behind Sarah
Palin while she does his
dirty work accusing Barrack
Obama of not loving
America enough to
associating with terrorists!
Bill Maher in the video
below, while a comedy,
does an excellent job
illustrating the issue of
Sarah Palin and the
Alaskan Independence
Party! <<ß------you tube I

McCain Says Cut Budget To Save The Rich

McCain Says Cut Budget To
Save The Rich John McCain
is playing the “Patriot
Game” and placing the
welfare of the upper 5%
over the class interests of
the Silent Majority – our
great Middle Class! While
speaking to NBC’s
Brian Williams, John McCain
said the nation’s
elected officials needs and
agenda America’s
Corporate Class above the
money allocated by our
constitutionally elected
officials. Let me make one
thing clear! I don’t
like earmarks in general
though what is an earmark
to one could be a vital
necessity to another! None
the less I would be more
willing to spend millions of
dollars that were allocated
by our constitutionally
elected representatives to

News Media Biases Against Democrats

News Media Biases Against
Democrats Well you might
be surprised to learn that
Senator Joe Biden is alive
and well! The way the
mainstream news media
has been tamed into a
wimpy puppy dog at Sarah
Palin’s feet and if
they so much as dare bring
up her false statements
about the about the
“Bridge To No Where” this
party of whiners then say
the news media is being
unfair to them! The time
has come for Democrats
not to simply forcefully
respond to Republican BS
but to go on the offensive
and list instances of Pro-
Republican news media
biases! Yes Virginia there is
a Joe Biden and he is alive
and well. But the way

Imagine If We Had Privatized Social Security

Imagine If We Had
Privatized Social Security
Well Monday the stock
market fell 504 points!
Thank God this nation did
not allow it’s
citizents to remove funds
from Social Security to
palce in “Private
Investment Accounts” as
John McCain and his fellow
traveler George Bush
wanted! Certainly it is good
to take disposable extra
income and invest it. But
that presumes one will at
least have the “pittance”
that is provided by Social
Security. John McCain and
his fellow traveler George
Bush are waging
“Psychological Warfare”
against the Middle Class.
They want your pittance to
be a means by which you
can then “identity” with the
upper class so that their
licentious tax cuts for

Pro-Republican News Media Biases

Pro-Republican News Media
Biases Yet again more pro-
Republican News Media
Biases! Senator McCain has
stated that he would follow
Osama Bin Laden to the
gates of hell. Yet he will
not go after him in this
world in his Pakistani
mountain hideout! Barrack
Obama has stated over a
year ago that if we had
creditable intelligence as to
the location of Al Qaeda in
their new Pakistani
homeland we would attack
them even without
permission from Pakistan.
(See video below). Oh the
self righteous
conservatives and even
Hillary Clinton attacked him
on this. Yet this week
President Bush has said the
same thing! Well I guess
that puts to rest the
Republican argument

Barrack Obama Right Again!

Barrack Obama Right
Again! Well it seems U.S.
officials want our troops to
pursue terrorists across
the border into their safe
haven in Pakistan! I find it
amazing that Fox News
gives provides this
information without
crediting Senator Obama
for saying this long ago!
Instead of this wild eyed
neo-con Republican
EXPERIMENT in Iraq that
was supposed to be self
funded by Iraqi Oil
revenue, our nation has
wasted time and lives while
Al Qaeda formulates new
attacks against our
homeland! This reminds me
of the story of the police
who came to the aid of a
motorist on a deserted
road late at night. The
motorist lost his key.

Republicans Attack Science And The Constitution

Republicans Attack Science
And The Constitution Fox
News recently reported
that the Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA)
has told it’s
employees not to talk to
not only reporters but also
barred them from talking to
Investigators and even
their own departmental
investigators! I applaud
Fox news for actually
breaking it’s loyalty
to the Republicans and
reporting this! This blogger
loves to use “Republican
Speak”. You know that self
righteous cultural pollution
of our American Heritage
by those who put their
my GAWD look what I just
said! Well let me not simply
attack this arrogance of
the Bush Administration but
use the delightful” horse
shit lingo” that their ads

Yet More Pro-Conservative News Media Biases!

Yet More Pro-Conservative
News Media Biases! It
seems that CBS that great
bastion of liberal news
media biases if you were to
believe the ever whining
Republican right, has
edited their coverage of
John McCain so as to not
reveal perhaps one of his
“senior moments”! Senator
McCain seems to have
misplaced the time line of
the “surge” and a political
deal with an Iraqi Sheik!
What is worst is that CBS
seems to have covered it
up. (See Video Below).
What I find even more
troubling is that Democrats
have repeatedly pointed
out that much of the
reduction in violence is due
to political wheeling and
dealing with the various
Sunni Sheiks and even

Pro-Conservative News Media Biases against Obama

Pro-Conservative News
Media Biases against
Obama I am sick and tired
of the whining effete snobs
of the Republican Party
who attack Barrack Obama
for being one of the few
who wants to win the War
on Terror! John McCain
and his fellow travelers in
the Republican Party
attacked Barrack Obama
calling him “inexperienced”
when Obama stated we
cannot allow Al Qaeda to
grow uncontested in their
mountain redoubts on the
border. Barrack Obama
stated that if Pakistan
would not act he would!
Now it seems the Bush
Administration is coming
around to Obama’s
inexperienced ideas! (See
the Video below) Yet the
news media allow McCain
to make stupid charges
against Barrack Obama
that he would

Iraqi’s Want Time Table For Withdrawal

Iraqi’s Want Time
Table Why does the news
media not have a field day
with the Iraqi Prime
Minister’s recent
announcement that his
government wants a time
table for American troop
departures! Gosh golly that
is what the Democrats
want also and Barrack
Obama has not yet even
visited Iraq so he could get
one of those staged photo
opportunities that the
Republicans create when
they go! The above video
from MSNBC’s Keith
Oberman Show really hits
the point! John McCain is a
flip flopper! He said we
should leave if the
government of Iraq says it
is time to go! Well they
want us to set a departure
date and schedule!

Straight Talking Flip Flopping McCain

Straight Talking Flip
Flopping McCain John
McCain has now done a flip
flop on the mortgage crisis!
Fearing the wrath of the
Middle Class because banks
are getting bailed out of
the crisis they put
themselves in and not
wanting to appear a
hypocrite, the “straight
talking” John McCain has
done a flip flop. But then
that just adds to his
already great record of
“Straight Talk”! Dan
Abrams in the video below
speaks to an issue I have
raised in this blog for
months! The issue is PRO-
“right” folks! The news
media is just as frequently
distorted to the right as it
is to the left!

Hillary Clinton: The “Come-back Chick”

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Fox News: Fred Thompson Insomnia Cure

Well we have heard the self righteousness of the conservative’s with their right wing ranting about so called pro-liberal news media biases! Well tonight right before the Iowa Caucuses, Fox News the so-called darling of the right wing, apparently has someone else in mind for as their ideal candidate to win the Iowa Caucuses. Please […]

Mitt Romney – Can He Get In Bed With The Christian Right?

I do not believe there should be a “religious test” to be President of the United States. But then some in the Christian might say otherwise! I find the news media is treating Mitt Romney’s religion with kid gloves! If the Christian Right find religious doctrines to be important to their vote then let’s supply […]

Conservative News Media Biases Update

In this era where Conservatives whine and wail at every possible slight by the national news media no one is asking: Why is there an almost complete blackout on the anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination? Oh these crock’s of the right wing who love to play “professional victim”, ranting and moaning that the news media […]

NBC Has Pro-Conservative News Media Biases

Oh the bleeding hearts of the right wing! Whenever the new media does not follow their agenda and advance their priorities they label it “liberal news media biases”! Those of you who are old enough to remember the 60’s might recall a rage of the time called “Transactional Analysis” with such books as “The Games […]

CBS Pro-Conservative News Media Biases: The False Charge Of Partisan Politics Against Reid

Today on CBS’s program “Face The Nation” Bob Schieffer interviewed Democratic Senator Harry Reid. He grilled the senator as to why Democrats did not go along with some Republicans who want to end the war in a piece meal fashion. The implication stated overtly and covertly was that Reid was being partisan at the expense […]