McCutcheon Ruling: No Obama This Is More Than SILLY SEASON At SCOTUS

The recent Supreme Court McCutcheon ruling shows American democracy is growing soft. The Silent Majority have been put to sleep by the corporate news-media! We as a nation have looked the other way for far to long as the economic royalists have corrupted the decision making process of our society. The time has come for […]

Building A Nation Of Necessitous Citizens – One Temp At A Time

We are living today in an era where individual freedom is being undermined to the subservience to the corporate collectivists! They preach via our news media their doctrine of “trickle down economics”! The news media and politicians from both parties engage in debate but almost exclusively within the parameters of the world view of these effete snobs […]

Progressive Talking Points: Income Inequality pt1

Barrack Obama is finally starting to talk about income inequality. That is when he is not devoting his time to Machiavellian machinations in support of a fast track for TPP or his pathetic dream of a “grand compromise” that undermines the work of FDR. But Obama aside in this series of posts I want to […]

Playing Make Believe Liberal Inside The Corporate Sandbox

There is no voice for the Progressive agenda in America! That is why our nation is having so many problems. Sure Republicans are wackos. But as I have stated so many times in this website “Democrats are playing make believe liberal inside the corporate sandbox of their moneyed donors”.  Yes Democrats can advance partial solutions […]

Obama: Income Inequality And SOTUS 2014

Barrack Obama will give soon give his state of the union speech. It is speculated that he will make income inequality a key issue. I wish he had done this five years ago. Let me be quite frank.  President Obama is incapable advancing the issue of income inequality and sustaining that issue  in America for […]

Obama: Fast Track For TPP But Not On Amendment To Separate Corporation And State

Our nation is suffering from the destruction of it’s middle class. Yet Obama wants to follow in Bill Clinton’s free trade footsteps by giving us the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This has been called NAFTA on steroids.   Barrack Obama can talk all he wants about income inequality, unemployment and the loss of opportunity for American […]

Obama Care: Why It Needs To Be Stronger

Within six months of Barrack Obama’s taking office I began to realize he did not have the fire in the belly to pursue President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “Second Bill Of Rights“. But let us restrict our discussion in this article to his wimpy attempts at health care reform. The issue is not simply that Obama […]

TPP: Cut And Run Corporations Sing Globalization Internationale

The CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS are singing their “Globalization Internationalie” while Barrack Obama has become their enabler and patron. Ross Perot said that NAFTA would cause a huge “sucking sound” as American jobs would be extracted out of America to benefit the few! Because of this job extraction we are living in an era where […]

Corporate Collectivists Whine About Entitlement

Have you ever wondered, as I have, why does our society continue to permit the rich to place our nation at risk with their bizarre casino game  called  “derivatives“? Our nation is still at the mercy of these effete snobs of privilege and their grandiose sense of entitlement to use our bank savings, pension funds […]

The Joys Of Competition In The Service Of The Corporate Collectivists

I am tired of the cliche of the “Joy of Competition” from those who want to undermine individual freedom at the profit of corporate power. We see this “celebration of the subjugation of individuality to the corporate collective” each time an unsuspecting young person leaves college and goes for a job interview.  I will be […]

Nanny State: Corporations Know Best

Right wingers love to lecture us about the danger of the so called “Nanny State“! Yet we live in an era of licentious permissiveness where Cut and Run Capitalists ship our jobs and technology overseas and frequently to the enemies of America. We have created a “nanny state for corporations” while the freedom of the […]

Big Corporate Farms Are Moochers

It seems the Republicans never seem to tire about their “entitlement” to let the government subsidize the corporate class while the middle class gets screwed. The original purpose of the farm bill in FDR’s time was to control the price of farm products, striking a balance between the needs of the small farmer and the […]

Cut And Run Corporations Vacation From Responsibility

If you believe the bleeding hearts for these CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS over at FoxNews, our nation is turning into a land of “moochers” where 47% don’t pay federal income tax. Yet they defend these CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS who ship American jobs overseas. They even believe these moocher corporations and investors  have an “entitlement” to […]

Hagel And Iran: Or Cut And Run Corporations And Iran

I am fed up with the attacks on Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel by the right wing. He was smeared as a anti-Semite. Apparently to have some sympathy for Palestinians is to much for the purists. But former Senator Hagel has now been attacked for being soft on Iran. Might I suggest that instead of worrying […]

Michigan’s Right To Work Law, The GOP And Union Envy

In a prior article I introduced the term of “union envy“. As a college graduate I found myself resentful about unions.  This changed when I could no longer tolerate being a “white collar worker” at AIG. In this post I would like to contribute some thoughts on how unions can fight back and modernize. These […]

Super-PACS: Taxation Without Representation

“Mother Jones” magazine like many Democrats and Progressives have warned us that Super-PACS could be the means by which foreign corporations could play a behind the scene roles in the political affairs of our government. I believe we face a far more insidious threat to our democracy and way of life by corporations that force us to contribute […]

Banksters, Golden Parachutes and Unemployment Insurance

Once again the conservatives and the banksters  play the “politics of envy”! They do this while reducing their cognitive dissonance with the defense mechanisms of reaction formation and projection! They cite themselves and their patrician sponsors as the poor victims! Yet they are practicing the very tactic they decry. They next “project” their sins on to their […]

What Financial Reforms: A Progressive Prospective

I am a Progressive and I will not make excuses for Barrack Obama! What burns me up is to hear Obama devotees give their endless litany we have financial reforms in America due to Obama! What reforms? The speculators are free to destroy our economy once again! Oh but now we have a small insurance […]

Free Enterprise Unchecked: Tobacco In Indonesia

We hear it all the time! Just “unleash the free market and life will be just wonderful!” Well if you believe that take a look at Indonesia! Recently I watched an episode of “Vanguard” on CurrentTV. You can view the video below. The Tobacco industry is running rampant in Indonesia and so is the cancer rate! This […]

Right Wing Fears #Occupy Wall Street Movement

I agree with the “Huffington Post” writer Lincoln Mitchell that the Occupy Wall Street movement is not a moment to soon! Every day the patriots of the Occupy Wall Street movement are undermining the whiny self righteousness of the so called Tea Party movement. I am sick of the Tea Party and their self indulgence […]

Republicans Whine That Occupy Wall Street Is A Hate Protest

Recently Eric Cantor whined that the #Occupy Wall Street Movement is attempting to sow hate and set Americans against each other! Yes this from the party that thrives on hate and dividing Americans against each other. At the same time Herman Cain attacked the unemployed saying it is their fault. The issue is not simply […]

#Occupy Wall Street Movement Supports Hope

Where the hell is Barrack Obama as the Occupy Wall Street Movement is spreading all over the country? Why doesn’t he address the crowds? Yes I understand that he did make some sympathetic statements. But how about giving the Silent Majority who are behind the Occupy Wall Street movement a visit and talk to them […]

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Denied Free Speech

Why aren’t the patriots who are attending the #Occupy Wall Street protests around this nation allowed to use electronic equipment like microphones? I guess the free speech of our new citizens called “Corporations” are more important than those who have to work for a living! Just take a short look at this video where Deepak […]

Cantaloupe Listeria: The Fruit Of Deregulation

Eleven people have died from Cantaloupe Listeria and yet the Republican philosophers of permissiveness whine for more government deregulation of the market place! Innocent people are dying from disease because we don’t spend enough money on regulatory agencies! I am sick of these attacks on our government by the advocates of one dollar – one […]

Job Creators Fail To Provide Decent Jobs

The Republicans are on a new crusade this time. No it’s not to send your kids to fight in Iraq looking for nonexistent WMD while Al Qaeda was over in Afghanistan profiting from the high production of opium crops! This time the Republicans are whining that to many Americans don’t pay income tax just because […]