Affluenza Teen Verus Hero Teen In A Culture Of Entitlement For Effete Snobs Of Privilege

Many Americans (this blogger included) believe the rich “Affluenza Teen” who fled to Mexico with his mommy should receive “treatment” for his “affluenza“! There are treatment facilities in Singapore that could handle his disease of “affluenza”. The treatment is called “canning“. This teen killed four people in a drunk driving spree and claimed in his defense […]

Justice For Zemir Begic: Where Is The News Media?

Not far from Ferguson MO a White male was murdered by a predominantly Black teenage mob. There may have also been a Hispanic youth in the mob. Witnesses say the Black youths yelled racist statements as they killed Zemir Begic. Now for those of my fellow liberals who are self loathing Whites here is your […]

Michael Brown Vs Trevon Martin

I am a European style Social Democrat to the left of Obama but I have to disagree with the slanted views of AlterNet concerning Michael Brown. Are we Progressives all to be like children in a Sunday catechism class and bow to rote dogma? I love AlterNet and similar left leaning websites. But I disagree […]

Michael Moore On Gun Control And Wimpy Democrats

Yes once again the Democratic Party is being a role model for the “Testosterone Free Political Lifestyle”! Harry Reid would not stand up to the Republicans and modify the filibuster rule in the Senate. Now he whines that he cannot get 60 votes to get a vote! Yet more Americans have died from domestic gun violence since […]

Republicans Do Not Defend Our Flag

As i mentioned in a prior post the Conservatives don’t seem to care that CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS have no problem in tearing down the flag of our nation from their merchant ships in order to avoid paying their fair share of taxes to the nation that gave them birth, succor, protection and yes PROFITS! […]

Elliot Spitzer Does A Bubba

Elliot Spitzer Does A Bubba
I personally don’t
like Spitzer as Governor
though he did a good job
as Attorney General
investigating Wall Street.
Unless he used state
money I believe he should
not be forced to resign.
Putting this on the nightly
news was appropriate but
he did not do anything that
Bill “Bubba” Clinton did not
do. Well Bill Clinton did
balance the budget and
this frugality even touched
his sex life! He did not let
sex interfere from him
doing his job in the oval
office even if an intern was
doing a “FREE” job on him!
Elliot “John” Spitzer
apparently spent
thousands on his extra-
marital flings! But then
again he

The Killer At Virginia Tech: A Theory

We are all saddened by the horrible tragedy at Virginia Technical Institute. Most of us have wondered about the two hour lag time between the first and second killing spree. I also wonder if the second tragedy could have been prevented or at least made less. But I have some additional reasons. Follow with me […]

Man Convicted As Teen Of Rape and Murder Vindicated

Normally I am for the death penalty but here is yet another case where we can thank God the person accused was allowed to live and eventually see justice! Jeffrey Deskovic is a living example of what can happen to American justice when we look for the “feels good” solution. You know the conservative hang […]

Karr Case Dropped! Strange Defendent, Strange Case, Strange DA!

As I mentioned in a prior post concerning the Karr – Ramsey case, liberals have a point in terms of letting the judicial process play out before accepting a “defendant’s” guilt or innocence. From the right wing we hear language such as “the rights of the victim vs. the rights of the criminal”. The problem […]


I am a Non-politically correct liberal democrat. Through out this blog I have been attacking both liberals and conservatives. In this post I want to focus on a valid point of liberals when it comes to the court system. During the early stages of the Ramsey case the parents had been the prime suspects. Regardless […]

G. I. JOE RAGE SYNDROME: Lessons for the PC Crowd

WARNING WARNING WARNING! While this blog is run by a Liberal Democrat I am rabidly anti-PC. No I like personal computers but I loathe “political correctness” and the dogmatism of both conservatives AND liberals. Why are my fellow liberals whining and moaning about land mines but yet when our troops in Iraq are the victim […]