Response To Robert Reich’s Call To Mobilize

I would like to respond to a video clip by Robert Reich that was made in conjunction with MoveOn.Org! You can view the clip below. I like Robert Reich and I also make contributions to MoveOn.Org. But what scares me is that Robert Reich is now becoming a victim of “trickle down Obama testosterone deficiency […]

Harry Reid: How To Celebrate Your Inner Wimp

The year is 2013 and Democrats are still trying to make kum-bye-yah with Republicans. Well perhaps I am being unfair. The real reason is they don’t want to scare of their corporate ┬ádonors. Can you believe Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid! He is “finally” talking about a nuclear option and ending the filibuster! Don’t Blame […]

Have Progressive Groups Gone Soft?

As a proud Progressive Social Democrat I am sick and tired of defending the wimp we have leading our Democratic Party, Barrack Obama. While I realize my own Democratic Party has degenerated into a group of organized pussies I was hoping for more fight from Progressive Organizations! Our party lacks the testosterone to break out […]