Elizabeth Warren: Why Conservatives Hate Her

I was pleased to hear that Elizabeth Warren is going to run for Senator from Massachusetts. I wish Obama had the guts to appoint her as Consumer Secretary but then again what would you expect from Barrack Obama? He would not want to make the Republicans angry at him. The Republicans hate her guts because […]


I was a John Edwards supporter then switched when Senator Edwards dropped out of the race. Ann Coulter called John Edwards a fag! Well at least we know that is not true! I would vote for John Edwards again say in eight years as he needs some time to rebuild his image. I feel we […]

Hillary Clinton: The “Come-back Chick”

She did it! “The TEARFUL BABE THAT COULD”! No folks before you tell me to go “onk onk” like a male chauvinist pig, I am only being humorous! We cannot call her the “Come Back Kid” as her hubby already has that title. I prefer John Edwards with Barrack Obama a close second choice! I […]

John Edwards: The Best Candidate Against CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS

I used to be for Hillary “Our Lady Of Nafta” Clinton, but when she supported the H1-b Visa program that undermines not only all Computer Programmers but every college graduate trying to win the American Dream, I turned against her. John Edwards may scare some people but I believe that the American Middle Class is […]

Where Have All The Construction Blue Collar Jobs Gone – Long Time A Passing

Conservatives have no loyality! Just look at how the Republicans and their fellow travelers in Corporate America have betrayed their former hacks in the blue collar trades. During the Vietnam War construction workers would literally “beat up” college students and others who demonstrated against the war. Some construction workers even told me they did not […]

Ann Coulter: Short Skirt – Old Hag

While I am against “political correctness”, Ann Coulter, with her ever short skirts, is really using every effort to sell her books! I wonder is it wrong to call someone her age with miniskirts so thin that they qualify as a belt, an old “hag”? Gee that’s only one letter difference from what she called […]