Hooray Obama Won: But Did Progressives?

As I mentioned in my last post I am PROUD that I did NOT vote for Obama but instead for Dr. Jill Stein the Green Party presidential candidate. Wow Obama won! Mark my words when Barrack Obama goes on his “apology tour to the Tea Party” and attempts to create a “grand compromise” that will […]

Vote Green And Say NO To Obama’s Apology Of Progressive Values

I found it impossible to post updates here to my site because I resent being caught up in the “Drama of Obama”. Yes even I fell victim to it a month back when I posted an article supporting Obama. In my previous article  I have retracted my support for Obama and listed some of my […]

Florida Wages War On Voters: Where Is Obama – MEOW

Obama’s refusal to defend the voters in Florida is my last straw! I said several weeks ago that I would vote for Obama but I retract that. I am voting Green! As a Progressive I am sick and tired of making excuses for Barrack Obama! I refuse to get caught up in the “Drama of Obama“! […]

Joe Biden Won The Debate And I Wish He Was President

I am proud to say that in 2008 I was for Joe Biden as my first choice. The Vice President did not let Paul Ryan get away with lies as Barrack Obama did. Let’s hope Barrack Obama will learn from this. Joe Biden made some excellent Rhetorical Points In The Debate The Vice President reminded […]

Obama, the debates, the polls and POTENCY

Mitt Romney has smelled blood and attacked President Obama in a speech at the Virginia Military Institute. Mitt Romney tried to be perceived as being the advocate of a strong America while portraying Obama as advocating weakness. The problem is that while Obama is not weak in his foreign policy,  he is weak rhetorically. This rhetorical weakness in […]

Is Obama Possessed By A “Sissy Meme”?

Barrack Obama had the chance to confront Mitt Romney and his flip flops. Instead Barrack Obama continued as the embodiment of the “sissy meme” by celebrating the testosterone free advocacy style. As a Progressive Democrat I found a particular statement by President Obama to be very offensive and I don’t believe any one in the […]

Romney Wins Debate With Perception Of Being A Pragmatist

Even though I am to the left of Obama I have to hand it to Mitt Romney! He won the first debate hands down! Here are the reasons: He constantly echoed the theme of being a pragmatist even though a Republican. He stated that we do need regulations. Some are wrongful regulations. He did not disavow Romney […]

Legacy Of Democrats Playing Progressive In Corp Sandbox

There is a price to pay when Democrats do not aggressively follow the lessons of history and compromise the legacy of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Most political observers believe the Congress will be the same after the election. Some say the Republicans could even take the Senate. Barrack Obama will mostly likely squeak by. However according to the Huffington Post the […]

Romney: We Are Entitled To Dividends Of Gain From Your Pain

Mitt Romney’s recent statement is not being addressed aggressively enough by Barrack Obama! The issue is not simply that the 47% pay other taxes. The issue is that they work full time and yet do not earn enough to pay taxes or are retired on low incomes. The issue is when we as a nation […]

Romney Says: Submit To Your Employer Or Be A 47% Looser

Mitt Romney will make even the most devout Republican employee  “dependent” on the “Corporate Collectivists“. Your boss can make you one of the “moochers” at their slightest whim. Democrats need to draw attention to that fact so that more than 47% have a stake in this! In Mitt Romney’s dream for America competition is good when […]

Ok Romney: Now This Social Democrat Supports Obama

RETRACTED: I AM VOTING GREEN. I explain why! As a liberal I have been very critical of Barrack Obama for not being aggressive enough. I was even going to vote for the Green Party candidate. But thank you Mitt Romney and your fellow travelers as your behavior has now pushed me over the line to […]

Liberal To MoveOn.org: Lay off Mitt Romney’s Wife

As a member of MoveOn.org I am enraged that they would post a video that makes fun of Mitt Romney’s wife! I have inserted the video in this post so you my reader’s can view it and judge for yourself. I have always believed that Progressives should become more aggressive and use the class warfare […]

Paul Ryan As VP: Corporate Collectivism Or Individual Freedom

Mitt Romney has not only placed his presidential dreams on an “austerity plan” but may have actually assisted Barrack Obama to finally get some testosterone!   President Obama and many Democrats have been to “polite” in not addressing the issue of wealth redistribution from the middle class to the top 1%. Furthermore in recent years those […]

Progressive Arise: Say NO To The Romney – Obama Drama

I was away from my home for over a week on vacation. No big deal the issues are still the same! Republicans are the party of the rich and Democrats have been purchased by the corporations! Spare me the bull! You want to get all excited about Obama yet again? No I am not saying […]

Jobs: Both Romney And Obama Are Corporate Shrills

Mitt Romney loves to portray himself as a businessman who knows how to create jobs! Wrong he knows how to create investor gain on middle class pain! Even Mitt Romney’s fellow travelers in the Republican Party called him a “Vulture Capitalist”. Hey that wasn’t a term thrown at him by the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators but […]

Imagine If John Boehner Were A Democrat And Pelosi A Republican?

John Boehner is ready again to shut down the Government if the GOP does not get it’s way on the national debt. Now here is a fantasy of mine! Imagine if John Boehner was a Democrat and Nancy Pelosi was a Republican! Let’s remember that Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House two years before […]

Bill Maher: Re-elect Obama Because He Is Black

As a social democrat I just cannot wait till Barrack Obama gets re-elected so we can cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and continue Barrack Obama’s testosterone challenged response to the Tea Party driven GOP! Bill Maher seems to feel that if we do not re-elect Barrack Obama then it would mean that Blacks are not […]

Why Obama Does Not Want To Paint Romney As A Flip Floper

Chris Matthews reported that former President Clinton advised President Barrack Obama to drop the flip flop attack against Mitt Romney and instead to portray Mitt Romney as a hard core conservative. The idea being that Romeny has painted himself into a corner that now will alienate him with the center and with woman. I believe […]

Obama or Romney: Who Can Bring Out Their Base?

As a progressive I am afraid the 2012 election is going to be about “damage control” rather than advancing the progressive agenda. By now, if you were to believe my conservative co-workers, Barrack Obama should have turned this nation hard left! I should be toasting our new and ever glorious euro-socialist motherland! President Franklin Delano […]

What Progressives Can Do

I am very disappointed that Senator Bernie Sanders has not decided to run against Barrack Obama in the Democratic Primary or better still as a third party candidate. Yes Obama is starting to act and talk like the man I voted for in 2008 but I don’t believe it for a moment. As a Progressive […]

Wacko Romney Supporter and Trickle Down Identity

Yesterday I watched on the news a heavy set elderly woman “demand” that Romney promise her unequivocally that he would end “Obamacare”! Romney replied “absolutely”! This wacko Romney supporter is probably a member of the Tea Party and works at Walmart for minimum wage! Hey but she wants to “show dem damn socialists we aren’t […]

Mitt Romney And Gingrich On Class Warfare

As you already know Mitt Romney made a stupid remark about the poor. I believe Republicans actually would have loved his remark after the primary! His remarks were a perfect set up for a Richard Nixon “silent majority” strategy that would pit the middle class against the poor. The idea being to alienate middle class […]

Obama Questions If Republicans Have Amnesia

While we are all happy that President Obama finally found “some” testosterone he just does not want to take responsibility for his lack of mojo over the last three years! Obama seems to have amnesia when it comes to the progressive agenda. Well until now! Recently he gave a speech (see video below) where he […]

Why Progressives Should Not Underestimate Newt Gingrich

Among my fellow Progressives there is an undercurrent of glee now that Newt Gingrich has won the South Carolina primary. There are two reasons for this. First it means that the Republican circular firing squad will continue and provide more video clips for Democratic Party ads this fall!  The second reason is that many Democrats […]

Robert Reich To Obama: Screw Us Progressives Again Please

MoveOn.org released a short new video (see below) of Robert Reich! In this video economist Robert Reich likes a recent Obama speech that shows a bit of testosterone. I fear this is what is going to be the future of the progressive movement in America. We are going to be like a naive high school […]