Former President Bill Clinton Joins Ross Perot In Claiming GOP Threats

I just saw a video clip (see below) where former President Bill Clinton says that in 1991 he got a threatening call from the White House telling him not to run for the presidency. Former President Clinton then says the whole affair of his dealings in Arkansas then became public when he did not back […]

President Obama Calls For Mandatory Voting: Good Idea

Hey President Obama finally did something to really push for the Progressive Agenda. In a recent speech he advocated  mandatory voting. This is an excellent idea. And as you know I have been critical of Obama for not pushing the Progressive agenda but always playing “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of his corporate […]

Opportunity To Separate Corporation And State

In this article I will propose a constitutional amendment for the separation of corporation and state. Furthermore I believe we have a window of opportunity here to enlist mainstream Republicans. Below John McCain aruges that both political parties are disappearing in the face of Super-PACS As wacky as the recent Tea Party hissy fit government […]

Get The Money Out Of Political Decision Making

I agree with Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC who is advocating a Constitutional Amendment to get the money out of politics. I suggest you check his site and sign his petition at which is also co-sponsored by The Huffington Post. This issue threatens the very nature of our democratic political institutions! President Franklin Delano Roosevelt […]

The Audacity Of Impotence – Charge Of The Castrati Brigade

Barrack Obama cared more about the support of Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson then the progressive base that elected him. The Democrats could really show up the Republicans now by forcing a vote on the Middle Class Tax Cut but all we hear is their pathetic “MEOW”! Now we are supposed to save him and Harry Reid. […]

Ed Schultz Doesn't Realize Why Base Is Mad

Below is a video featuring Ed Schultz. He is pushing for Democrats to come out and support Democrats in the House and Senate. I like Ed Schultz but he just does not get it. Why should progressives support candidates who don’t stand for “Change We Can Believe In”. Ok what can happen if the Republicans […]

How Obama Can Break Out Of The Corporate Sandbox

As a liberal I am fed up with Obama and his appeasement of the Republicans and their fellow travelers in corporate America. But what upsets me even more is that my fellow Democrats are “playing liberal” inside the confines of the “Corporate Sandbox”. When are we to have “change we can believe in”? When we […]

November Election Loss – Loose The House?

President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, being the “Troika Of Impotence” in advancing the progressive agenda, are now beginning to realize we may loose control of the House! Maybe they can take a break from singing Komb Bye Yah and making nicey with the Republicans to actually listen to the Democratic Party base. Reid is […]

Supreme Court Rules – Power To The Bullies

Today the Supreme Court ruled that corporations can engage in “Taxation Without Representation” by unrestricted funding of political ads for or against candidates and issues of their choice! Guess where their funding is going to come from? It is bad enough that these effete snobs of privilege earn more in one day then many earn […]

The Public Option And Corporate Power: One Dollar – One Vote

The Public Option does not stand a chance! Not because the American people don’t want it but because of the power of Corporate Lobbyists! Where are the “Tea Baggers” with their pompous slogans of “No Taxation Without Representation”? We Middle Class Americans are being taxed by these corporations to support their self interest against our […]

Class Warfare Against Obama And The Middle Class

The issue is not just Universal Health Care nor the increasing use of racist language against our President. The issue is the CLASS WARFARE being waged against the Middle Class by the effete snobs of privilege who want to keep Americans dependant upon them. Yes they do “use” racists but the issue of the rhetoric […]

Licentious Compensation To Corporate Executives

Licentious Compensation
To Corporate Failing
Corporate Executives
Remember when Nancy
Pelosi wanted to have use
of Air Force jets to fly
around the country and
she was denied! Yet these
effete snobs of corporate
America cite “security
reasons” that they have
private corporate jets to
fly them each in
separately! While I feel
Nancy Pelosi has not been
activist enough I believe
she has more of right to a
private jet for security
reasons then these effete
snobs of corporate
America! For that matter I
would accord the same
right even to a Republican
Speaker of the House.
Perhaps “our social
betters” don’t see
the elected officials of a
free society as deserving
the same benefits

Camelot Rising – Camelot Rising

Camelot Rising Camelot
Rising Well it is one week
after the election and the
future of America is looking
up! I am happy as heck but
never believed this would
happen. The time has come
to roll back the evils of the
Bush era! Hell let’s
not only roll back the Bush
tax cuts but the Reagan
tax cuts also! I love the
bull that the bleeding
hearts of the Republican
Party whine out that we
Democrats want to engage
in a “Wealth Redistribution
Program. Excuse me that is
what has been going on
since Bush took office.

News Media Biases Tarnishes Election

News Media Biases
Tarnishes Election God can
you imagine the Republican
reaction if the news media
suppressed information
about Barrack Obama
being associated with an
African – American
Independence movement?
Yet where is the
Democratic Party outrage
as the news media
suppress the connection
between Sarah Palin and
the Alaskan Independence
Party. This rabid group of
secessionists wants to
pluck a star from the flag
of our nation! Yet the news
media marches like lame
little wimps afraid to say
anything after they asked
poor Sarah Palin a “trick”
question. “What is your
opinion of the Bush
Doctrine”! Many will try to
pooh pooh the connection
between Sarah Palin and
the Alaskan Independence
Party by stating

Happy Halloween From Sarah Palin

Happy Halloween From
Sarah Palin Well the wicked
witch of the north is alive
and well! It seems Sarah
Palin received the “laying
on of hands” from a
preacher who back in his
home country of Kenya
drove some poor old
woman out of her home for
being a witch. This comes
from the respected
Christian Science Monitor!
Here in America we are
more sophisticated ways to
drive the elderly from their
homes! We do it with it
with predatory lending
institutions! Let’s be
clear here! The issue is not
Sarah Palin’s
Pentecostalism! The issue
on this Halloween is
terrorism of an alternative
religion – Wicca! If

Not Only Palin But McCain Don'T Understand The Bush Doctrine

Not Only Palin But McCain
Doesn’t Understand
Bush Doctrine John McCain
has demonstrated that he
also does not understand
the “Bush Doctrine”. As
with the “Monroe Doctrine”
a contingency is being
made public by the US
Government. If a foreign
power does X we will
respond with military
action! In the case of the
Monroe Doctrine if a nation
involves itself in the
western hemisphere we will
attack! This is public
knowledge and the fact
that it is public is what
gives the doctrine its
deterrent capability! With
the “Bush Doctrine” if a
nation is preparing to harm
us or allows others to use
their territory to harm us
then we will attack first.

Biden And That “S” Word: STANDING Up For America

Biden And That “S” Word:
STANDING Up For America
Oh the bleeding hearts in
the Republican Party want
us to weep for the poor
upper 5% who make out
like bandits while we the
Silent Majority –
America’s great
Middle Class work our butts
off every day to stay
afloat. Their sense of
“entitlement is beyond
imagination! No I
don’t deny the right
of some to become
millionaires! But the word
“socialism” does not send
fear down my spine.
Unemployment and lack of
heath care do! I want to
become an computer
programmer and do
become a self employed
consultant! I need
universal health care to do
this and for my pay scale

More News Media Biases Against Democrats

News Media Biases Against
Democrats It drives me
crazy the way the news
media can be judged to be
pro-conservative yet the
Republicans get away with
their endless whining that
the news media is pro-
liberal! Bin Laden has
endorsed John McCain for
President! Yet you hardly
hear about this in the news
media! ß—— Why would
they endorse McCain
instead of Obama? Well
McCain would continue the
vast wild eyed Republican
Social Engineering
Experiment in Iraq that is
wasting our troops and
money rather than
attacking the Al Qaeda
homeland in the Pakistani –
Afghan border region! One
can also ask why the
Democrats are not
screaming foul play at the
news media! There are

Biden Should Move Aside For Hillary Clinton

Biden Should Move Aside
For Hillary Clinton Ok I was
for Joe Biden to be
President as my first
choice. Then John
Edwards! When John
Edwards dropped out I
went for Barrack Obama! I
think Obama will make a
good President. But for the
good of the party I believe
my favorite, Joe Biden,
should now step aside and
Obama should pick Hillary
Clinton! This Palin thing is
going to far out of hand!
The news media have not
questioned her connections
to the Alaskan
Independence Party as I
mentioned in a prior post.
Many American are for two
things: Change! That
includes symbolic change
that Sarah Palin provides!

Ah The Karma Of Political Correctness

Ah The Karma Of Political
Correctness While I am a
Liberal Democrat and fully
support Barrack Obama, I
am somewhat amused that
John McCain has
“harnessed” the winds of
“Political Correctness” to
reduce Barrack
Obama’s lead in the
polls! For years we have
had to learn the lexicon of
Political Correctness, now
the Democrats are reaping
their Karma! We cannot
disagree with a woman else
we are sexist pigs! Barrack
Obama while Black is part
of a minority group that is
only 10% of the population
while woman make up over
50 percent! John McCain
with one stroke has made
the Democrats sink in their
own quicksand! The time
has come for Barrack

John McCain Waging Psychological Operations against Obama

John McCain Waging
Psychological Operations
against Obama I believe
Democrats have missed the
deadly aim of
McCain’s Britney
Spear ad! By “tagging”
Britney Spears, and Paris
Hilton to Barrack Obama
they are trying to label
Barrack Obama as a soft
wispy feminine “hair head”
who lacks “TESTICULAR
FORTITUDE” ! It is not just
the “celebrity” tag but the
underlying linking of
Senator Obama as
“impotent” when the
American public respects
Please don’t take
this as an insult to Britney
Spears! She is every red
blooded American
man’s dream
fantasy. (Just got back to
my computer as I had to
take a cold shower). But
the contest is not

Yet More Pro-Conservative News Media Biases!

Yet More Pro-Conservative
News Media Biases! It
seems that CBS that great
bastion of liberal news
media biases if you were to
believe the ever whining
Republican right, has
edited their coverage of
John McCain so as to not
reveal perhaps one of his
“senior moments”! Senator
McCain seems to have
misplaced the time line of
the “surge” and a political
deal with an Iraqi Sheik!
What is worst is that CBS
seems to have covered it
up. (See Video Below).
What I find even more
troubling is that Democrats
have repeatedly pointed
out that much of the
reduction in violence is due
to political wheeling and
dealing with the various
Sunni Sheiks and even

Will The Democrats Be Wimps While The RNC Smears Obama?

Will The Democrats Be
Wimps Will The RNC
Smears Obama? The
Republican Party is once
again going to run a smear
campaign and “straight
talking” John McCain says
he doesn’t have
any control of the
Republican National
Committee. When will the
Democratic Party get the
guts to fight back and stop
believing that negative
campaigns don’t
work? They do work just
ask John Kerry! Now we
hear that the Republican
National Committee is going
to go negative and Barrack
Obama is setting up a
website to counter act the
smears! Wow I am
impressed – yeah right! The
Democrats have got to get
in the dirt and fight back
hard! But then

Say Good Night Hillary H1-b Clinton

Say Good Night Hillary H1-b
Clinton Isn’t it
amazing that Hillary Clinton
has yet to apologize to
Barrack Obama concerning
her assassination
comments! What next is
she going to whine that the
media is against her and
start to cry? Well if she
cannot stand this how is
she going to compete with
the Republicans and John
McCain? But then taking
the heat was supposed to
be why the super
delegates should vote for
her! Perhaps we owe her
the Presidency because
she is a woman? But then
Obama could say the same
because he is Black! I
would like to believe a
kinder view of Hillary
Clinton’s RFK
remarks. When I

Obama Would Accept Super-delegates Overruling Popular Vote

Obama Would Accept
Super-delegates Overruling
Popular Vote Yesterday I
got involved in a heated
discussion with a friend
concerning the scenario of
Barrack Obama being
denied the nomination by
the super-delegates. As
you most likely know the
scenario runs this way.
Neither Barrack Obama nor
Hillary Clinton receives the
majority vote but Obama
has the majority of elected
delegates from the
primaries and caucuses
that occurred in states
under the Democratic Party
rules. However Hillary
Clinton is a close second
and convinces the
unelected super-delegates
to vote for her thus
winning the nomination.
While I believe Obama
should win if he has the
majority of elected
delegates from the
primaries and caucuses, he
has stated on