Schema Of Alienation And The Democrats

Schema Of Alienation And
The Democrats Dr. Jeffrey
Young created a form of
Cognitive Therapy that
utilizes a concept called
“Schema”. This is in my
opinion a sort of “VIRUS OF
THE SOUL”. Now you may
be asking what does this
have to do with the political
process we are facing
today! Dr. Young lists
about a dozen schemas but
the one that is relevant to
us today is the
“Alienation/Social Isolation”
Schema. Like a virus the
“schema” hijacks the
individual’s libido
and mind to perpetuate
itself. Similar to what some
other therapists termed
“Behavioral Trans-
generational Migration
Patterns”. My own
Democratic Party
“sometimes” becomes a
festering ground for this
Virus of the

If This Blogger Could Give Senator Obama Some Advice

If This Blogger Could Give
Senator Obama Some
Advice Remember back
before the New Hampshire
Primary when Barrack
Obama gave his talking
points to the “NY Times”
saying that he was going
to have to ask Hillary
Clinton some tough
questions! He was criticized
as to why he was even
telling his strategy up
front. Like to criticize poor
sweet Hillary Clinton was
vicious! If this humble
blogger could talk to
Senator Obama I would
urge him to go at some of
Hillary Clinton’s
weak points! My first
advice would be to quote
John Edwards who really
pointed out how Hillary
Clinton is to cozy with
lobbyists and the
Washington establishment.
(See Video Below) If

Ann Coulter For Hillary: Fear of “Middle Class Consciousness”

Fear of “Middle Class
Consciousness” Drives Ann
Coulter To Place Hillary
Clinton Over McCain
Recently Ann Coulter has
stated that she would not
only endorse Hillary Clinton
over John McCain but she
would even campaign for
her if McCain received the
Republican Party
nomination! While Ann
Coulter has some weird
ideas I believe both she
and Rush Limbaugh are
aware that John McCain,
no matter how
conservative he is in some
areas, none the less
constitutes a threat to the
status of the Corporate
Class over the Silent
Majority! Can anyone deny
that without massive
financial contributions from
K Street both the
Democratic and Republican
Parties would be far more
populist in their agendas?
Just listen

The Blob – Rush Limbaugh Delights In Democratic Party Rift

The Blob – Rush Limbaugh
Delights In Democratic
Party Rift Oh the joys in
right wing land as Barack
Obama and Hillary Clinton
go at each other. Rush
Limbaugh aka “The Blob” is
seen below frolicking at the
prospect of the Democratic
Party having a civil war.
But that is ok as the
Republicans are not doing
so badly at fratricide! While
none of the Republicans
have economic policies that
really help the middle class,
I do hope Senator McCain
wins the nomination! In
2000 Senator McCain
raised the issue of K –
Street and the extreme
influence that big money
has on our government!
Just look at the
pontifications of the news
media concerning

The “Blooming” Of A Third Party?

While all the chatter is about Michael Bloomberg turning independent and his potential as a third party candidate, I would love to see Lou Dobbs run for president. (Hey maybe we can DRAFT LOU DOBBS on My views, and I believe the majority of Americans, are reflected every night on the Lou Dobbs show. […]

Perky Pelosi: Where Have All The Values Gone – Long Time A Passing?

Well let me start this post with some humor. The new Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, was so upset that fellow Democrats where not sticking to their stated goal of working five days per week in Congress that she called for an immediate “Retreat” to rest and recuperate! The Democrats will be flown on […]

Could The Republicans Be So Low As To Use Democratic Senator's Stroke As An Excuse To Overturn The Will Of The People?

Well folks let me give you a hint. Remember the 2000 Presidential election? No I am not referring to the hanging chads controversy. Forget about Florida, Al Gore was the uncontested popular vote winner nation wide. This even if we concede Florida. Ok Bush is the legal winner but I would not want to win […]

John Murtha: Just Say NO!

Thank God Murtha has lost his bid to become majority leader for the House Democrats. What the hell was Nancy Pelosi thinking when she nominated him. I saw the video on TV of him in the FBI probe. While I did not believe he committed a crime he damn well came close to the edge. […]


Bush seems to believe that by spreading democracy we can end Islamic Terrorism. Ask the Israeli’s that with Gaza next door to them. Hamas got elected to office not necessarily because the Palestinian’s wanted war with Israel but because the Palestinian electorate wanted to punish the P.L.O. for allowing corruption. Now Hamas runs Gaza. Next […]