San Bernardino: More Questions For Both Right And Left

There is a tendency by some to only look at events through their own ideological framework. Well, I am a maverick even though I am a Bernie Sanders Social Democrat. Let me point out some interesting tidbits concerning the massacre at San Bernadino that are not directly related to the crime but to cultural factors. […]

Responding To ISIS: A Nation Or A Stateless Organization?

The world is in mourning for the horrible attacks in Paris. The issue for both France and the West is how to respond. ISIS is playing a game of psychological warfare with these attacks. The problem is that ISIS is not really a nation even though it controls some territory. This is a very important […]

Putin Takes A Gamble: How Will It Play With The Arab Spring And Street?

I think our nation should stay out of Syria as there is no one to back. It is ISIS vs. Assad vs. so-called moderates. But I recall that when ISIS was beheading Amerian and European captives ISIS did not capture them. Instead, they were purchased by ISIS from the so-called moderates. But regardless why this […]

Sean Hannity Attacks Iran Deal While Silent On Cut And Run Corporations

I am concerned about any nation getting nuclear weapons. But if Sean Hannity is so concerned then maybe he should not have undermined our one “ally” in the region that stood up to Iran. No I am not talking about Israel I am talking about Iraq under Saddam Hussein. Then there is the factor of […]

ISIS Close To Baghdad And Kobani

ISIS is closing in on Baghdad with their dream of restoring the Caliphate. Shiite Iran will not allow this to happen. However the claim by ISIS leader to be the new Caliph is even heresy to Sunni Muslims. So where are the Muslim armies lining up to stop all this from occurring? Not to mention […]

Scotland: The Referendum Is Important To Americans Pt 1

What is occurring in Scotland is of vital importance and relevance to American Progressives! First a confession. I am of of Scottish background! I am proud of my heritage!  But I believe Americans with Scot roots have made their choice to live here and should respect those who have are closer to the facts and […]

Ukraine Vs Russia: Bush Vs Obama

I am amazed at the devotion by the West to Russian intervention in Crimea. What about Tibet? Well if we got involved seriously in that issue we would be breaking up the songfest in Beijing! What songfest is that? Why the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS and their fellow travelers the Chinese Communists singing the “GLOBALIZATION INTERNATIONALE“! […]

Ukraine Vs Russia: Some Thoughts

The crisis in Crimea is very sad. I honestly believe both sides have some valid points. In this the first of two articles I will examine the situation and give my two cents. In the follow up article we will examine the situation from the view point of American politics. Who was Putin’s enabler: Obama […]

Dick Cheney Criticizes Obama On Ukraine

Chris Matthews on his MSNBC Show “Hardball” did a report on the right wing nuts who criticized President Obama for his handling of the crisis in Ukraine. One of the featured nut cases was former Vice President Dick Cheney who criticized President Obama yet again. Chris Matthews did an excellent rebuke of former Vice President […]

Lindsey Graham And John McCain Vs Obama On Ukraine

Republicans Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Sarah Palin  and Rudy Giuliani have just released a detailed solution to the crisis in Ukraine. They have accused President Barrack Obama of being weak, soft and indecisive when we have a golden opportunity to have a new war. They have declared Putin to be decisive while Obama to be […]

President Putin, American Exceptionalism And Russian Exceptionalism

Recently Russia’s President Putin wrote an article in the NY Times concerning the crisis in Syria and warned us of the danger of believing in “American exceptionalism”. I have discussed the Syrian crisis in a prior post and so I will not deal with that here. So let’s focus on the belief of being “exceptional”. […]

Libya: Case Study Of Republican Biases

The Republicans are using the murder of our Ambassador to Libya for political purposes. The problem is that Barrack Obama, ever the testosterone challenged, will not stand up to them. The issue is not when the President declared it an act of Al Qaeda. Doing so does not change the fact that murders took place. […]

Libya: To The Halls Of Tripoli?

Not with our troops! As I write this our nation is again involved in a new crisis – Libya! Strange isn’t it that hundreds of thousands died in the Darfur genocide but we did not do anything like we are doing in Libya or for that matter in Iraq! While Darfur is calming down there […]